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  1. Don't worry about the mythosaur being on the opposite shoulder. Due to a costume mix-up, he was wearing it on the right in the Episode IV special edition. It's still technically screen accurate! 

  2. On the topic of differentiating units, if I have multiples of the same type of unit I put dots on the bottoms of the bases. No dots for the first, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc. Helps me keep the model itself "clean" and if I need to sort things out I can tip up the base and check.

  3. On 1/31/2019 at 10:58 AM, KommanderKeldoth said:

    I use Vallejo primarily, but also a few Citadel colors

    Army Painter is also a good brand

    If you're just starting out I would recommend getting a starter pack sold by any of these companies. Comes with a bunch of basic colors and brushes. It's pretty economical if you compare it to buying things individually.

    This. The starter sets are all very good values from each company. I use primarily Citadel but Vallejo and Army painter are also good. The only thing I truly recommend is getting a bottle of Nuln Oil and/or Agrax Earthshade. Yes, you *can* mix your own washes but the Citadel shades are magic in a bottle and dry matte. One bottle should last quite a while too. 

    And I don't really recommend using craft paints if you can avoid it. Yes, you can get a lot of paint for cheap but often craft paints have colors with some really low pigment counts that take a LOT of work to get layered on evenly. Reds, yelllows, browns, etc. This is coming from someone who loves Delta Ceramcoat white. Doing half the coats with better quality paint will make you happier in the long run. 

    A Warhammer 40,000 Citadel Essentials set is $40, gives you 13 full size size paints, a brush and you get bonus clippers and plastic glue (not for Legion use). Not a bad way to start, but you may find Vallejo or Army Painter starters have a better range of colors for your purposes.

    And I also recommend using color spray primer. For Imperials you can stick with black and white pretty easily, but rebels can vary wildly with color scheme so you can grab a color of your choice that the majority of the model will be and use that. I will say again, don't go too cheap. Army Painter sprays, for example, may cost more than a can of Walmart spray paint but you'll get color match options and a surface actually suitable for painting on.

  4. 1 hour ago, srMontresor said:

    If you need hyperbole to justify preferring an art piece over a sculpt, more power to you.

    Given this plastic is re-posable under a stream of hot water, I'm not even sure why you felt like ranting.

    First, I don't have to justify liking one over the other. Just like you don't have to defend liking it.

    Second, I've already tried reposing with a simple hot water treatment. It creates an unnatural angle with the shoulder. 

    Third, I don't understand the need to come in and white knight the figure with an antagonistically dismissive tone when all I said to begin with is that I wished the mini looked more like the art because the art is awesome, IMO.

  5. 2 hours ago, devin.pike.1989 said:

    It would be a pretty simple conversion.


    You're not wrong. I've considered trying to fix it. My greenstuff work isn't fabulous, however and the arm/shoulder connection would have to be resculpted some to get a proper anatomical connection. The rest would be taking some of the roundness out of the face and fixing the hair, which might also necessitate some sculpting. Widening the stance some would also probably need some putty.

    All in all not a lot, I just have some concerns as to whether I have the skill to fix it and would have preferred not having to go through the bother in the first place.


  6. 1 hour ago, srMontresor said:

    Given this is all subjective, it's not really that relevant. Personally, I prefer the mini as sculpted, as I have more than enough commander miniatures with their pistol arms fully outstretched, and I think the model pose is much colder and, to me at least, more interesting. It looks like she's about to execute a POW, or is perhaps a little more at ease somewhere in the backlines.

    Well if a person standing around lazily making a phone call instead of cooly calling in troop movements while returning fire does it for you, more power to you. If there was an included POW for her to be executing, I actually would be fine with the pose. I just think the art on the box provides a more exciting scenario and would rather have that. YMMV.

  7. 7 hours ago, TallGiraffe said:

    Does it matter when your gonna be looking at it from 3 feet away?

    It matters to me because I'm going to paint it. I'm going to show it off. I'd like to display it. That model is not one I I look forward to displaying. I'll paint it, but it'll go in the bag until I need it for a game. If it looked like the art, I'd probably even buy 2, one specifically to display. 

  8. 6 hours ago, Deathseed said:

    That seems like a LOT of splitting hairs.

    Seldom, if ever, do minis look identical to concept art. She seems close enough to me to represent a decent recreation of the concept. Who and what she is translates reasonably.

    It's a miniature, not a date.


    I suppose if you are looking at it from a purely game piece concept it works just fine. I find the artwork for the imperial officer to be inspiring. I find the miniature to be not.  Just because you don't care if it's better doesn't mean it couldn't have been better. I'm just saying I'd rather have the officer on the box if possible and it would have been possible if the sculptor had put more effort into the sculpt. 

  9. 30 minutes ago, Deathseed said:

    She seems nearly identical from the box I have.

    The only thing in their picture that I see as different is the paint job they gave her compared to the box art.

    Her sculpt seems a reasonable recreation of her art.

    She's *similar* to the art but there are lots of differences in the art. Hair pulled up tight under the cap, face slimmer, gun aimed instead of pointed down, determined glare, wider and more confident stance, etc.

    The model we got was serviceable but it could have been so much better.

  10. 3 hours ago, TauntaunScout said:

    3) It's possible to hit 3 colors on stormtroopers without going down a rabbit hole. A grey drybrushed highlight on their gun is a 3rd color.

    That would still fall under #1

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