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  1. Niqvah said: I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Clerics. They make excellent close combatants, not least because they're tough enough to take the punishment you expose yourself to being out front (and no characteristic is expensive, so you can also be a strong all-rounder). I'd put a Cleric with a two-handed Great Sword on the table. You'll have to wait a while for Swift and Lightning Attack, but you'll be pretty commanding in combat, put out a lot of damage per hit, and prove less fragile than an Assassin. Oh yes, absolutely! Who needs extra attacks anyway when you panic your enemies with your wrist mounted hand flamer before cleaving them in twain with your eviscerator Clerics also have access to an enviable amount of varied skills and talents!
  2. In my experience, the assassin isn't particularly versatile. You may get the melee stuff earlier, but that also means that you'll be very tempted in dumping all your XP into melee skills right away, which will reduce your versatility. I would pick the class based on any lacks in your group ~ If there's no smooth talker, go with a scum. If there's no pilot or tactician, go with a guardsman. If there's no sneaky infiltrator, go with an assassin. If there's no psyker, go with a Jedi Calix, errh, Templar Calix
  3. I suppose a CSM could portray a minion of his if on an infiltration mission, with the CSM himself hanging in the background if backup is suddenly needed. Actually, it could be pretty fun to have a full group of CSMs playing their minions of questionable ability from time to time
  4. I would either make a houserule making the two powers mutually exclusive, or simply take the player aside and tell him that his advanced state of cheesiness is a problem. Alternatively, a shift from combat to investigation might highlight the character's seemingly inability to do anything put pummel stuff to death.
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