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  1. You can try out Gitzman's Gallery here: http://www.gitzmansgallery.com/wfrp-resources.html There are a few resources which have the actions all on one card. But the one you are specifically asking for i do know of but for some reason dont have on the site. I'll get it up there, i have a few printed out so i must have the source file around here somewehre. -Gitzman
  2. Now hold on a sec, because i'm consufed here too. The two bodies which turn up in on days 1 and 3 have wounds that make them victims of the antagonist. However, when the PCs raid the lair of the antagonists, the victims have had their hearts taken out as part of the ritual 13 deaths, the two victims that are discovered do not have this. So are the two discovered victems part of the 13? Why have their hearts not been removed? Gitzman
  3. I love highlighting the books. Here is what i have found works for me. I highlight in a light blue (because i like blue) all the text that is safe to read to the PCs. I do this for two reasons. First, it lest me know what is safe to read without giving away any important secrets, but more importantly, second, it gives me a very select chunk of text i can read to quickly reveiw a session, or upcomign event without worrying about missing important components or reading every word. I also go back in and use a red ballpoint or felt pen and underline NPC names, Locations and the occasional other bit that is important for me to know. Often this results in unerlining a person in most blue highlighted paragraphs which makes is SUPER easy at a skimming glance to know who the subject matter of a certain paragraph is, or what location it takes place in. I find the above method to be particularly effective in non-linear adventures where the GM might be called to run an encounter at varying locations within the campaign book. I posted a picture of my Enemy Within Book on our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=600011150015761&set=a.280877578595788.91775.221753911174822&type=1&theater Gitzman
  4. @Beren, yea you might be right. But I'm still thrilled with this release. It opens all the doors we were hoping for in regards to PODs. Access to printed content the size of career cards is perfect, opens the opportunity for Maps, Handouts, Careers, Mounts, etc. I am also quite happy to see them do something other than the Wizard and Priest expansions. As much as i like them, they were lacking variety and were only interesting to a very select group of people. If i had it my way, I'd like to see more content that a GM can use, like Locations, Mutations, Maps, Handouts, Cheat Sheets, etc. Gitzman
  5. Lets also not forget that an army to gain access to the rivers of the Empire would either have to come from within the Empire, or break though Marienburg, which houses the bulk of the Imperial fleet. Large scale river combat should be few and far between with the exception of river pirates and the like.
  6. Yes RDP is running The Enemy Within. We did character creation and backgrounds last week (availabel to listen to at RecklessDice.com) and are doing session one tonight. This was the primary drive behind getting some kind of Averheim map up and running, i needed it for our campaign. Gitzman
  7. Okay so my post was kinda wonky, the link to the source file is here: http://www.gitzmansgallery.com/maps/Map-City-Averheim-1.jpg
  8. So i've been wanting a map of Averheim for The Enemy Within game we are starting this week. There wasnt one, so i took a stab at making one. Here is what i have so far. If you guys have any suggestions for locations to add to it, please let me know.
  9. Hey gang… I wonder, how do you handle distributing experience points to your players? I find it difficult to follow written adventure XP by the book since most adventures run shorter/longer than written, or hand other tangents involved. What we have done so far is give 1 XP per session, and 2 XP for the finale of the adventure. How do you handle it? Do you think this is too little? Too much? Given that most adventures are 3-5 sessions long, that would require a tremendous amount of adventuring to reach Tier 3 or greater. Gitzman
  10. Hey gang, need help here: So i've got a game going and several of the group are Dwarves. I am about to deal with some daemons, taint and mutation content in our upcoming adventure and need to know how Dwarves react to Chaos. I know Dwarves have a resistance to Chaos, but would you guys please help me with the following? Can a Dwarf suffer from a mutation or is it only Insanities? Can a Daemon still talk to Dwarves in their head, corrupt them, lure them, etc? Can a Dwarf suffer/benefit the effects of Khorne? Can a Dwarf get a Mark of Chaos? Timely help would be greatly appriciated, we are playing later tonight. Gitzman
  11. C, very good point, i neglected to notice that. Perhaps the catalog is pushing the baord games more than anything else. So maybe i'm not as concerned as i was a few minutes ago lol =) Gitz
  12. Like the title says, i just got it in the mail and WFRP3 is not in the catalog at all. This isnt a good sign in my humble opinion. Gitzman
  13. Well one thing is for sure, the group is really looking forward to something with a lot of crazy combat in it after Mirror of Desire. They had fun talking, now they want to smash. And when smashing is involved, Thorin loses limbs.
  14. I suppose it is possible, but my passion lies with Warhammer. Chris did a great job with this adventure, i didnt trust myself to run it and he volunteered =) I'm looking to do Blood Rain or Hero's Call next with the group, Should be fun. Gitzman
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