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  1. I have a worldly ronin concept brewing. I love how they are so adaptable that all of us could be worldly ronin and still be distinct. You've already stated that the lack of shugenja wouldn't be an issue and access to rituals still allows supernatural shinanagns. Even more so if someone goes forbidden knowledge to grab a single useful spell Should we start our 20 questions or are we going to wait a few more days for maximum interest?
  2. Things are starting to shape up, getting excited! Just a few questions while brainstorming character ideas Will we be an established band or will plot bring us together? If we are established, do you want one of us to be the leader, or will you have an NPC leader to manage plot hooks? What region/time period are we operating in? That will likely effect which clans people may have fallen from as well as attitudes and traditions of the band
  3. I'd be most interested in just the base campaign style, but beggers can't be choosers so I'll be happy either way. In past editions I've had most fun with investigation and political centric games. Seems like avoiding as much combat as possible will also help with the slower pace.
  4. Sounds good to me! Take your time, I'm in no hurry. I tell my clients all the time that you can't rush perfection Void, are you interested? We'll probably need a few extra players to make a real go of it!
  5. Both the core book and the quick start rules have a little chart for using normal D6 and D12 The big question is who is willing to run it? If you're offering, maybe we could migrate here? https://www.rpgcrossing.com/showthread.php?t=188070 That way we don't clog things up here with shinanagns. Dedicated threads and dicerollers are also a plus! After searching high and low, this is the only dedicated play by post site I could find with active L5R interest. They too seem to be having trouble finding a GM.
  6. Thanks for your prompt responses Magnus and Void I'm not comfortable running a game myself. All I know about the system and the setting is what I've read from the core book. I was really hoping to join a game so I could soak it all in from more experienced players The hunt continues!
  7. Evening fellow samurai, I've been dying to play some L5R since I received the core book for Christmas but I've had no luck locally. A friend suggested I try play by post, but I'm having trouble finding sites with active L5R games. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!
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