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  1. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    That's true. Hmm... I wonder if they'll end up changing sectors. I'd like to see a Jericho Sector book out there.
  2. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    I'm not sure about upping their armor any higher--for the same reason I'd like to avoid damage reduction. They already only take damage from Mars-pattern or equivalent macrobatteries on 3 hits or higher (assuming average rolls)--and if you're using Mathhammer, they only take macrobattery hits on a roll of 8 or higher! I think their current armor is pretty close to what "armor 6" (their equivalent in BFG) translates to for Imperial ships. Regeneration is tempting... though it is one of the rules most often forgotten by GMs mid-combat, and players tend to hate it. And it doesn't really map with the BFG stats. Still, it fits Necrons very well, and has some advantages--especially at keeping ships relevant in encounters. But if the PCs are only plinking at it, they may feel a little cheated. Think there's any chance FF will release a "Rogue Traders in the Jericho Reach" splatbook? I'd love to see some official Necron vessel stats.
  3. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    No story as of yet--I mostly built it as a "just in case they stir up a Necron hornets nest" in an upcoming campaign. They've already declared an interest in becoming "pirate hunters", so I set up a small arc where they pursue what turns out to be a Shroud class vessel, and encounter a few harvesters along the way. If they turn out to be really interested in Necron-related shenanigans, I thought having a Cairn class around as a boss battle would be a good way to stretch and wrap up that arc. This will be our third RT campaign (first one I've run), so I'm fairly certain these guys will come up with some ridiculously powerful ship designs.
  4. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    I'll agree that a strength 20 barrage is mostly wasted when you're not facing multiple ships. The Cairn is supposed to be a boss battle--one where multiple ships can be involved, and it will still take numerous hits to take down. It has several weapons for facing down individual ships with (Lightning Arc, Particle Whip, Pulse Generator/Sepulchre)... I'm not really sure it needs more than that. Remember: we want it to be possible for the players to win. We just want them to take a lot of damage first. DR 8 would only reduce the number of successful shots required to 70. That's still a lot of shots for any one encounter. I mean, we're not even factoring in how often the PCs will simply miss. And again, we're only counting lance shots here--macrobattery shots will have to get past both armor 22 and DR 8. If you're using Mathhammer, that's literally impossible. If you aren't, your total shots have to exceed a total of 30 DR just to damage them. If we assume average damage, NPC ships can't make enough successes to do that, unless they're elite crews and they rolled less than 10. PCs can do that... but we're back to a single ship slowly plinking the opposition. I dunno. DR isn't terrible, but I like the idea of giving the PCs the opportunity to get in a few hard hits a lot more than forcing them to slowly plink away at their opponent.
  5. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    I considered going with a "forcefield" setup first, but decided to avoid it, on the grounds that it adds "yet another roll" to every damage hit and would ultimately slow down combat. The reactive hull rules I posted here have the advantage of using an existing roll, and it would mean that a "really good" damage roll doesn't necessarily feel wasted. I could always use damage reduction instead, but since Armor already is damage reduction, that would be a little weird--and sure, it would affect lances too, but giving Necrons two armor scores (effectively) is going to make actually destroying a Necron vessel ridiculously hard--much harder than in BFG, where their typical save only provides them a percentage miss chance (I based the "reactive armor" numbers off that original miss chance. ...Also, to be fair, that 1d10+3 lance would only have a 30% chance of doing 1-3 damage, as opposed to the 50% chance it would have of doing decent damage in this case. The former would mean that combat would take an average of 50 hits, or about 150 successful shots, which would really make the combat drag. Armor and hull points are listed (22 and 100, respectively), but you're right, I missed the port/starboard weapons. ...Huh. Wait, I take that back. Necron Cairn-class tombships don't have broadsides--they only have weapons that fire in left/front/right or all around. I think Battleship-size prow weapons can fire in those arcs, but if I'm wrong, I'll change them to dorsal.
  6. Wizzardman

    Necron Vessels

    Hey, guys! This is my take on Necron ships; they're 80% based on the old BFG rules, but I've added a few weapon options to flesh out their capabilities and make space battles more fun. Let me know what you guys think, and feel free to use them as you wish.
  7. Wizzardman

    Tyranid Bioships

    I actually don't own the book--its something I plan on rectifying shortly. I did originally base these off of the BFG stats--that's where the spore cloud shields and special rules come from. I diverged rather rapidly when it came to the Tyranid cruiser and hive ship. The DM who requested these originally wanted to experiment more with fighter craft than with pre-existing weaponry... and to be honest, I always thought fighter craft fit Tyranid spaceships more. Tyranids are a hive species; they specialize in mass assault. Admittedly, imagining a swarm of Tyranids swarming through space is a bit weird, but Tyranid ships have always been a little weird in that regard.
  8. Wizzardman

    Tyranid Bioships

    k. Fair warning, they're a little nonstandard.
  9. Wizzardman

    Tyranid Bioships

    I've got an alternate set of rules for Tyranid Bioships. Anyone mind if I post them up?
  10. Wizzardman

    Tau Ships for Jericho Reach RTs

    The DM who requested these specifically asked for fewer Ion Cannons--he's not a big fan of lances, and often argues that macrobatteries are more effective (even for NPCs). Personally, I'm a little less biased, and they're fairly easy to add back in. I did change the Emissary a lot... but I didn't intend for "no gravitic hooks" to be part of that. That should be fixed now. And betraying the Tau is always fun. In our first encounter in a previous game, we dropped a space elevator on a Tau-indoctrinated Hive, killing millions of traitor Hiveworlders. The Tau were so sad when we blamed it on them.
  11. I built these rules a while ago for one of my group's primary DMs, and I want to see what the FFG community thinks. The rules are mostly based on the ForgeWorld BFG Tau ships; at the RT's request (and so they play a little differently than standard), I've modified them from the original ForgeWorld concepts to include more variety of weapons batteries. These were originally designed for a campaign that included the Mathhammer house rule, so I've included Mathhammer armor to the side of each entry's armor value. Let me know what you think!