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  1. This is my WR thus far, I was wondering if people can offer suggestions/amendments to improve this deck Player card: Sora lvl 1 (merman promo) Friends: Winnie lvl 0 x2 Tidus lvl 0 x2 Ariel lvl 1 x2 Jack Skellington lvl 1 x2 Phil lvl 1 x2 Peter Pan lvl 1 x2 Triton lvl 2 (set 4) Fairy Godmother lvl 2 Jack Skellington lvl 2 Donald Duck lvl 2 Hercules lvl 3 x2 Beast lvl 3 x2 Cloud lvl 4 Leon lvl4 (or Auron lvl4) Magic Friends: Tink lvl 1 (promo) Tink lvl 2 x2 Simba lvl 2 Bambi lvl 3 x2 Attack: Oblivion Oathkeeper x2 Dark/Heartless: Stealth Sneak x2 Behemoth Gargoyle Cerberus Worlds: Disney Castle lvl 1 x2 Destiny Islands lvl 1 Hollow Bastion lvl 3 Olympus Colliseum lvl 3 x3 Total: 43 (plus player) Any help is appreciated, much thanks ^.^
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