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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I think I will come along to the demo at Mind Games, and then see how it plays out from there and decide... Might even try to get some friends to come along if I can get anyone interested. I might also try to con my friends into starting a Anima RPG campaign because the system looks awesome. It's not like I am inexperienced because I have played rifts and even DnD before, just wanted something more my style. And yeah, I really like the look of the models as well xP... Haha ^^. -Jo
  2. Well both this, the card game and the RPG, all look amazing. I have a tough problem, I am not sure which one I want to get into the most XD. I really like the look of the figures, but I don't know too much about the information and mechanics behind the game, so I was thinking of coming along to the demo session this saturday or, maybe the next one if I can't make this one. Is there anything I need to buy or bring, if I do come? Or can I just sit and watch. Also. How popular is the game? I got into Warhammer a year or so ago, and have quite a big army, I just never know where to find other people to play with casually or where to go... So it makes me a bit shy haha . Also, again, how popular is the RPG? Is it hard to find groups of people to join, or would I be better for starting my own campaign? Thanks for all the help guys =). -Jo
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