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  1. Er gaat een store championship Conquest door in Outpost Gent op 8 februari om 12u.
  2. Een post / oproep gezet op Bordspelmania en Thunderbolts forum. @Killax: Een Conquest Benelux facebook pagina zou hulpvol kunnen zijn, werkt momenteel zeer goed voor Netrunner Belgium. @Eladamri : wie organiseert dat event ?
  3. Ik probeer zelf wat spelers te vinden in Outpost Gent. Tussen de Netrunner spelers zit er 1 iemand die 2 core sets heeft van Conquest en er was de initiële interesse vanuit Thunderbolts Gent, waar er enkelen het spel aangeschaft hebben, / Worlds End Comics om het te spelen.
  4. Hello Vendredi , I enjoyed reading your strategy very much ! I think it is very capable of putting Lannister in a bargaining position or even cripple the Greyjoys if they attack Riverrun. This strategy counters his house cards : even a Victarion that has support from his ships will not be able to defend against the counterattack. Balon and Euron won't be enough if you attack with a siege tower. With Clegane, Tywin and Kevan, the Lannisters have good options to make a strong attack. One less attack / movement order for Greyjoy hurts him tactically . And he might loose the Valyrian sword if he starts bidding on the Raven to get more star orders. One remark : would it not be better to place/switch in a defence +1 on the ship in the Golden Sound if Greyjoy puts an attack order on his ship at Iron Bay. You could play the hound for a total strength of 4 , while Greyjoy would need to play at least a + 2 house card but will probably spend his Aeron due to uncertainty, which is good since he loses a good house card and two power while you only lose the Hound and retreat your ship.
  5. Akodostef said: The dispatching of troops from Stony Sept, keeping a knight there for long-time support is a very clever idea, of which I had'nt thought of, so thank you for this one ! On the other hand, having Footmen (or anything else, by the way) in Lannisport isn't going to help a battle occurring in Riverrun, right ? or am I missing something ? And also, if the Greyjoy player sees that the Lannister has planned this tricky counterattack, a single Defense Order or a Raid to blast the Support order will make the counterattack impossible, wasting all the Lannister's orders for Turn 2 (after a Turn 1 all spent on preparing the Turn 2). Regarding the overall discussion, I understand each side's points. My personnal view is that playing Lannister and knowing that on the first turn you can do nothing to counter your neighbour, and even getting promises of help from anyone on the board cannot change the fact that Greyjoy will, without any cost, possibly be mustering from 4 Cities and Strongholds on turn 2 while you will only be mustering from two (and these units will remain even if you get to make them retreat, while the units YOU didn't muster will not be generated ever, leaving you with a 1 turn delay over all your opponents), is a real balance issue. And I am not taking the idea that the Greyjoy will be weakened after they lost their best House cards as a serious argument, since a) it is the same for all Houses b) they have 3 powerful cards which will make them win battles, and one (Aeron Damphair) that gets discarded either for a powerful strategic effect (getting to choose the right card for the right battle), or simply for a quicker recycling of the powerful cards effect House Greyjoy starts with one more unit than its neighbours, more accessible areas, more accessible strongholds. It already was so in the First Edition of the game. The problem is that what was added in this 2nd edition, instead of a reajustment in favor of the Lannisters, is a set of Greyjoy cards which are MORE powerful than any of the previous ones... Balon Greyjoy himself means that your opponents must be prepared to face only defeats until they manage to mount an army which will have more than 3 Force more than the Greyjoy's ; which, considering that the Greyjoy will have more Strongholds than the Lannister, seems pretty impossible to achieve. And also, the Lannister player will want to keep a higher position on the Iron Throne track AND a good position on the King's Court's... while not being able to spend a single order to gain Power token, whilst the Greyjoy can gain at least one per turn through the Ship in Pyke's Port. It is a bit too much to bear, I think, for an enjoyable game for a Lannister House player, diplomacy fun or not. You can protect the support from Stoney Sept with a raid order against the Greyjoy raid order (from your fleet at the Golden sound or from Lannisport). Or you can raid the defense order (although it will likely be nothing more then a +1). You can do all this if you have the Raven. Keeping an infantry in Lannisport is useful if there isn't a mustering card. So you can place a mustering order there in the next round. Also this gives you extra defense supported again by the Stoney Sept horse. Greyjoy could be mustering from four castles but will he have enough supply. And then he will become a threat for Moat Cailin (Stark) and be regarded as a threat by all players. This could be a good moment to make an alliance with Stark. In a first counterattack when playing Balon, Greyjoy can only reduce the one strenght on Kevan, but the latter will have a lot more strength from the infantry (including any supporting infantry). It all depends on the situation of course. Will Greyjoy fear an attack from Moat Cailin and put a defense order instead of a support order in Greywater watch. Will you be able to raid a support or defense order with your fleet and the Raven. I'ld go for the Raven when a bidding occurs, since it gives you star orders which Greyjoy doesn't have. Then it depends if Greyjoy has used two power tokens to play Aeron , will he go for the sword rather then the raven... etc. I agree that Balon is very strong. The most annoying about him is that you loose a house card without having had the chance to use it's strength. Victarion is powerful on the sea and when supporting with his ships. You'll loose a fight against him. Greyjoy knows this and thus this can become a mind game in which Greyjoy wants to spare Victarion for later use (or use Aeron). So perhaps you could gamble on this one. (not the most sound strategy but if it works you could do some damage, or have your opponent burn two power tokens) The rest of the house cards are decent but not super. Aeron is balanced by his cost to play. An alliance between Tyrell and Greyjoy in which both attack you would be devastating indeed. But would Tyrell gain much from this ? There are more juicier targets in the south. And if they still do that Martel will be lurking over Tyrell land. I think Lannister is very challenging to play, while the Greyjoy player has a more straight brutal path to victory early on. The way to victory is not paved for the Lannisters and requires diplomacy, strategy, tactics, bluff, insight and experience. I'ld definitely not give Lannister to a new or timid player. Perhaps the problem lies with this. I'm thinking about giving an extra infantry to a Lannister player that is inexperienced and switching a horse with an infantry on Greyjoy's side if Greyjoy is more experienced.
  6. cadleo said: cadleo said: The Lannisters should be one of the most powerful factions as it is in the books. "Possibly one of the hardest to win with", you say? You have lost the arguement with that statement, ser. You gave three examples of someone who is new or does not know how to play as the Greyjoys. If you played against someone who knew what they were doing, the Greyjoys would spank the Lannisters every time unless they got seriously lucky with tide of battle cards and somehow a mustering card never comes up. Your navy was going to make a crushing attack!? Dude, if I was playing Greyjoy you would never have a navy. Its unbalanced, simple as that. What argument are you talking about ? You say playing the Lannisters is impossible, I say they can do well if played tactically and diplomatically and that what's this game is all about. The Lannisters are not an easy faction to play , so that makes them harder. But it's not impossible to win. cadleo said: cadleo said: You gave three examples of someone who is new or does not know how to play as the Greyjoys. If you played against someone who knew what they were doing, the Greyjoys would spank the Lannisters every time unless they got seriously lucky with tide of battle cards and somehow a mustering card never comes up. Well maybe you should play with a better Lannister player then. Or share with us your invincible tactics. Also I don't use the tide of battle cards since they are to random. cadleo said: cadleo said: Dude, if I was playing Greyjoy you would never have a navy. I don't think so, you'd first have to take Lannisport since Lannister can always build a fleet in the port or hide inside the port until a counterattack is possible. I played a new six player game in the mean time. I provoked Greyjoy to concentrate his force against me. He was very strong at first taking Riverrun and the Golden Sound. But I reconquered Riverrun easily . Then he wanted to take Lannisport, but couldn't because I had already a lot of support towards it. He did invade south of Lannisport, to threaten my support from Stoney Sept, but could not hold on to it. He then went for Moat Cailin, which was not defended well at the time, since Stark thought Greyjoy and Lannisters were too busy with each other, taking it for 1.5 rounds until Stark came down on him supported from the valley, his ships and Winterfell. When Greyjoy used his Victarion card, I made a counterattack in the next round to free the Golden sound. We played the game until round 8 were my Lannisters took Seaguard as 4th castle . We stopped at the end of that round since it was too late, but it was clear that Greyjoy would not win the game. He only had two castles left although his fleet remained strong, but he didnt have enough land units to take and hold on to other castles. Greyjoy is very strong at the start of the game, but once he has used up certain house cards or power tokens he becomes vulnerable to a counterattack. The only two housecards that were really fearful were the Victarion card (a guaranteed naval victory) and the Balon card (basically giving +2 str in any battle, while the enemy gets +0 str) . Damphear seems like he is powerful at first but has a high cost to play. The 4 str Euron card isn't very special either. So when Victarion and/or Euron/Balon are in the discard pile Greyjoy is vulnerable to counterattacks. His biggest strenght lies in the support his ships give him and his mobility. Lannister has to defend Lannisport against Greyjoy using support from Stoney Sept and/or Riverrun. I think the battle between Greyjoy and Lannisport is pretty well balanced. Greyjoy starts strong, but is vulnerable to counterattacks and Lannister grows stronger in the following rounds. From there it all depends which alliances you make. You can have Stark put pressure on the Greyjoys from the north. Also I don't find the Lannister house cards that bad , like you describe, on the contrary. Gregor Clegane and Kevan Lannister are really very powerful in land combat. The game seems pretty balanced this way. Greyjoys and Lannisters keep each other in check /stalemate. This weakens them both obviously. If Greyjoy concentrates his attacks against Lannister, the game becomes hard to win for both. Only if Greyjoy finds a way to hold on to his conquered castles he has a good chance to win. But this is not easy if the Lannister player defends himself well. Now if they would make an alliance between themselves somehow Lannister could use the resources for an attack towards the south or east over land. And Greyjoy could threaten Stark and Tyrell by sea. Perhaps working together would make both stronger. Since you refer to the books. If Greyjoys would have attacked the Lannisters in the books, the Lannisters would not have stood strong either, they had their hands full with the Starks. Though the Greyjoys would not have been able to beat the Lannisters in full scale land battles either. But they were certainly strong at sea. Lastly if you still feel that Greyjoys are too strong you could try this and let us know : passionis said: Joe Dizzy said: Is there anyone who has tried to exchange Greyjoys knight for a third footman?
  7. I agree that I would have liked to see more flavour on the Lannister house cards. I don't think it's impossible for the Lannisters to do well, and they are certainly not weaker then Greyjoys although I think they are possibly one of the hardest to win with. They start with the Raven token while Greyjoy can't even use a star order in a 6 player game. They also start high on the iron throne track. They have a very good supporting area being Stony sept. Also there are very good Lannister cards : * Kevan Lannister : boosts infantry * Gregor Clegane : three swords Not fantastic, but ok : * Tyrion : situational but it can be good * Tywin : extra power tokens are ok but a little bit boring * The hound : two towers are ok * Jaime : only one sword is a little boring for him bad : * Cersei : very situational I played two 5player games as Lannister recently. In the first one I succesfully took Riverrun, Harrenhall and Blackwater then expanded into searoad marches. But Tyrell was too quick to conquer 7 cities, since Baratheon was an inexperienced player. My strategy in this game was to talk Greyjoy into a war with the Starks. Both fought hard against each other and Winterfell switched sides two times, leaving both very weakened. I hesitated to go south, because I was preying upon the north and preparing myself to crush the weakened Greyjoys and Starks. The second game I again took Harrenhall ,Riverrun and Blackwater, supported by the Stony Sept. My navy was just about to make a crushing attack against the Greyjoy navy, before Tyrell conquered 7 cities again due to Baratheon playing bad (also a new player) There was another game by another group that evening in which I saw the Lannisters crush the Greyjoys and march north. Greyjoy got obliterated by the Lannisters and an opportunistic Stark. Since it was already late they stopped the game prematurely. That's three games in which Greyjoy did poorer than the Lannisters.
  8. The Greyjoys have very strong character cards and may seem to overpower the Lannisters at first look. But I don't agree that it is a hopeless battle for the Lannisters. Maybe the following strategy might help. You should leave Riverrun open for Greyjoy in the first round, since it's impossible to defend it if Greyjoy wants it. Instead go for Harrenhal. Move your 1 infantry and 1 cavalry into Stoney Sept. (has now 3 unit army) Then move two infantry from Stoney Sept into Harrenhal. Leave a cavalry in Stoney Sept for support. Next round if a muster has happened : you buy another infantry at Harrenhal and two infantry at Lannisport. The greyjoy will likely have bought a cavalry in Riverrun and units in Seaguard if he took that one. If a bidding for the tracks occurs, try to remain high on the iron throne track, so you can attack before greyjoy does. Also Try to hold on to the Raven token for the special orders and hope for the greyjoy to loose the Valyrian sword. Place a raid token on your boat to counter a raid or support on the Greyjoy boat, a support in Lannisport , a support +1 in Stoney Sept, a march +1 in Harrenhal. You'll now be trying to attack Riverrun with Kevan Lannister. This will give 6 str for the 3 infantry, 1 from Kevan, 1 from your march order, 1 from your support in Stoney Sept and 2 from your Cavalry in Stoney sept. Also give a support to Lannisport for the two infantry units over there they add another 4 from Kevan. This will be an attack worth 15 . Greyjoy can get 15 theoretically but this will be very difficult for him : 5 from units in Riverrun, 1 from the sword, 2 from defence (if he even has this or if it isn't raided by your boat) , 1 support from his boat (if not raided) , 1or 2 support from the infantry in the territory north of Riverrun, 4 being his highest card. Kevan is your friend, use him
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