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  1. About 2-3 months ago, I was beginning to fear this myself. Everything was BO from our distributor and there was nothing showing on the upcoming page, except for Heart of the Empire. Then about a month ago, everything was back in stock and in good quantities. So, don't ask me why, but maybe that FFG doesn't list their Imperial Assault reprints on their upcoming page.
  2. I agree with Vitalis on this one, you never reroll with Plpatine, unless it's a blank or you are sure that your opponent won't be able to mitigate your dice (Force Speed special here). You resolve his dice as you roll them, hitting a damage side is a bonus. And now that Vibroknife as been nerfed a little, I'll be glad to get those 2 shields now. Thing is with Palpatine, you need to resolve your dice as fast as possible so that your opponent doesn't have a chance to control them. You need to claim and first action you should always do is roll in your dice. Equip yourself only when you have no more dice on the table.
  3. That's also what I think, I have a lot of faith in Jeremy. EaW is my favorite set so far and I like every errata he made. I just didn't want to sound like a fanboy so I tamed my enthousiasm a little. Most of the problematic cards were from Spirit of Rebellion and now that they're handled, I see a bright futur ahead. Can't wait to see more cards from Legacies.
  4. Seeing that the list is currently only half a page after one year, we can expect that it will be maybe one full page next year. That's assuming that FFG didn't learn from their early mistake (which sadly is quite possible). At that point, we might start to see a rotation which will erase half a page of errata and so on and so on. So I personally expect the relevant errata list to not be much longer than a page or two.
  5. If this particular scenario would happen, I would tell the guy to immediatly go buy a lottery ticket... or have some doubt that he's just trolling me. (to be fair though, errata's currently takes half a page, not 30) Thing is, I will trade this very very very unlikely scenario to the one that I saw in a tournament that I participated in about a month ago. A new player come in, wanting to play some Destiny. Since he's new, he's playing a deck with Rey, Finn and a Rebel Trooper, very suboptimal, but he made a deck with the cards he had to be able to play some game. He then had a wonderful gaming day getting destroyed and Choked by decks like Kylo/FN, Thrawnkar and Poe/Maz without being able to play the game himself because he had time to do nothing. He said afterward that maybe this game is not for him. So, from my point of view, I prefer that they make some errata to the game early instead of leaving some broken combo in the game that will produce NPE for new players (and old ones, I saw a couple of players leave already because they were tired to always go against Poe/Maz or FN+X). Now, maybe it's because I've been a TO for X-Wing and Armada for 4 years now, but I have a really hard time believing that someone would go to a tournament without taking the time to at least take a look at the RRG and then getting pissed because something in it changed what he is playing. Reading the Rulebook of a game seems like the basic thing to do before attending a tournament. I mean, I never played Netrunner, but I would never just buy the Core Set, make myself a deck, go to a tournament and then get pissed because a card I have is invalid.
  6. And if the TO did a good job while advertising the tournament, players should be aware that there is a FAQ to read prior to entering the tournament.
  7. They could, but the good thing about just changing the cost of the character and not altering his/her stats and ability is that you don't need a reference sheet to play with it. Character cost is only relevent during deck building, once the game start, you can continue to refer to the cards for effects, it can prevents some confusion.
  8. Heh. I play almost exclusively Hero Blue and vibroknife doesn't bother me. There's a lot of way to use shields even when your opponent has a vibroknife and melee damage. You can Heroism one of his die one your shield, same with guardian. You can use them with Riposte. Shields are still useful against damage coming from something else than melee (range, special, Kylo ability, soon to be indirect damage, etc). There is Qui-Gon and Rey (2p) that use them for damage. If it really bothers you, it's also pretty easy to remove it from play. Quite frankly, I don't even autoinclude it in my decks anymore and like I said earlier, I play almost exclusively Hero Blue. It's a great upgrade, but not as powerful and gamebreaking as some seems to think.
  9. On the other hand, If you're the kind of guy/girl that gets no card of value in your packs while the person sitting next to you opens 2 legendary, you'll be glad that you will still come out with something of value at the end of the day. Our group was aware of the price distribution and just opening the packs were fun since it was kinda like opening a box all together, everyone was happy when a player opened a Mace Windu or Sabine. In the end, everyone was happy, came out with something of value or cards that they wanted and we all had a blast.
  10. When we made our draft tournament, all cards were put in a pool at the end of the tournament and drafted by players according to their final standing in the tournament, going first to last then last to first, etc. It's a good way to fill up your collection and everybody agreed to do it again when the next set will come out.
  11. The card reads: After you play this upgrade, you may remove an opponent's character die and place it here. The rule says: A die cannot be removed unless it is in a player’s dice pool. And the you have the Golden rule: If the text of a card directly contradicts the rules of the game, the text of the card takes precedence. If you can follow both the rules of the game and the text of the card, do so. So you have to follow the rules of the game to be able to remove the die, but place the die on Prized Possession instead of the matching card because the text of the card takes precedence.
  12. page 21 of the RRG: • A die cannot be removed unless it is in a player’s dice pool.
  13. Me and some friends made a draft tournament when EaW came out. Only difference with those rules were that you had to bring 2 non-unique character of your choice instead of the draft pack and we drafted 9 boosters instead of 6. What happened is that everyone played 3+characters, nobody elite. It was really fun and a good change from constructed.
  14. I would not take a chance... I say burn him and investigate later... just like in the good ol' times...
  15. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the action granted by the 'Ambush' of the first 'My ally is the Force' should have been taken after Obi-Wan died, not before. The free action goes after the queue. So he should not have been able to use 'Noble Sacrifice' to play a second 'My ally is the Force' and then resolving his dice with a second ambush. The way it should have played is: -You kill Obi -Before he dies, he plays 'My ally is the Force' and resolve one of his dice -Obi-Wan dies -Opponent plays the free action granted by 'My ally is the Force'