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  1. Used a cardboard tube, some hotglue for bigger texture, then sneezing tissues with watered down pva glue for smaller texure. Roots were made with clay. Then some paints.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged in in a while, I was away on other projects. For the Stormtroopers (and all my other miniatures) I only use brushes with paint. For the very small details (like the eyes for exemple), I use a 10/0 brush. Other than that, I usully use a 1 size brush. The more important thing when painting minitautres is the tip of the brush. There is usually no point in taking a smaller brush. It's all about the tip. For the Ewoks, I took them here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/YAUY6ZFMA/1-47-6x-ewok-warriors?etId=191304512&option=83180292&utm_campaign=payment-received&utm_content=7&utm_medium=email&utm_source=automated-contact For the gunners, I took them here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/K7BD2JB4X/imperial-ordance-bundle?optionId=75325220&li=shops
  3. Wow, been a while since I painted some Legion figures! But with Iden finally out, I had to get back at it! Loved to paint the model, the details are great, especially the face. Now to get back out of confinement and play some game with her.
  4. Been painting a lot this week, painted the Guardians of the Galaxy for the Marvel Crisis Protocol game. Now I just need to paint Captain america, Marvel and Hulk and I'll start working on some terrain pieces and a board.
  5. I agree. I took a long pause from both games the last two years (mainly to focus on Destiny first then Legion) and then replayed both before the last holidays. X-Wing left me with a 'meh' feeling. It was fun, but I didn't feel like playing another game. Armada left me with a 'Oh my God, I forgot how much this game is brilliant!' feeling. Then went out to buy everything I was missing (except the SSD because... 200$+).
  6. You don't say... I recently got yet another 'Armada isn't dead?' comment by a fellow x-wing player when I bought my Onager and Starhawk... naw man... it never died....
  7. It's sad to hear that you hate the game so much that you would prefer it to be discontinued instead on continuing for everybody else that do love it. You can't please everyone I guess. For my part, since I've been playing X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Edge of the Empire, Rebellion, Outer Rim, Destiny and Legion, I think FFG has been doing a wonderful job with the Star Wars liscense and would be very sadden if it would be given to another company because I am still currently playing X-Wing, Armada and Legion. Not me, Arkham Horror the Card Game is one of my all-time favorite game, I'm having a blast playing Journey of Middle Earth with other friends and can't wait for the next expension, and soon we'll start playing Mansion of Madness 2nd edition (I know, I'm late to the party). Great times for tabletop gaming!
  8. It reminds me that prior to episode 9, me and some friends decided to rewatch all the movies. For the prequels, we decided to try to focus on the positive. We had to find at least 5 things that we liked about each movie and discuss after watching it. Let’s just say that there was not a lot of discussion after watching Episode 2... pretty much revolved around world building and that’s pretty much it.
  9. I havn’t played Solo yet and both campaign I’ve played was with 3 friends. Maybe I should give it a try solo with 2-3 characters.
  10. We just started playing the second campaign, but since it’s multi-path, I was thinking about starting a new one after that with Legolas Pathfinder, Aragorn Guardian and Gimli Hunter. Not sure who should be the fourth one.
  11. Pathfinder Legolas is another thing I want to try. Sprint 1, gain inspiration for sprinting, use inspiration to move 1 space. Sounds pretty fast... but I fear it would lack in offense.
  12. I will be curious to try the knife with Legolas and hunter. With Agility 4, all those Strike and Lethal, it could be very deadly.
  13. Now with the inclusion of corruption, it should not be long before we get Boromir And while I was also hoping to get him in this expension, Dis is actually the character that interest me the most. That miniature will be very fun to paint and we are getting closer to a full dwarf fellowship!
  14. Worst offense of the Special Editions was the removal of Yub Nub...
  15. At work too so I won’t watch the video, but I’ll follow this thread!
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