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  1. Dream scenario with Kanan and Ben or Luke is to use Kanan's focus to get Melee3 on Ben/Luke die and then use My Ally is the force for minimum 6 damages. As for Destiny, I already been using it a lot in my Qui-Gon/Rey deck and I'll continue to do so with Qui-Gon/Kanan. Perfect scenario first round is to give an upgrade to Kanan, roll him in, then use Destiny to give an upgrade to Qui-Gon. That gives you an early edge and hopefully the upgrade you gave Qui-Gon will compensate for the Kanan dice you removed to use Destiny. It's even easier to pull off now with Lightsaber Pull, although you ideally want to keep those to get an Ancient Lightsaber back after use.
  2. I only play Blue, so I'll give my opinion only on those cards: Villain Blue: -Seventh Sister. What is great about her is that she can be a 2 dice, 10 health character for only 11 points. That's actually pretty great. If you can get a second (so third) droid on her, she become a good controller/support. Damage is good, but hitting the discard/disrupt 3 can really mess with your opponent turn, or the 3 shield can save your life to face another turn. Villain blue doesn't have a lot of way to regenerate shields. -Temptation. I like this upgrade. For only 1 ressource, it's a good way to ramp. Rend might be pretty commun in a lot of deck, so running Sith Holocron might not be a good idea. Temptation gives you a cheap dice that can be overwritten later on by a better upgrade. While you have it, the special either gives you 2 ressources or draw 2 cards. -It will all be Mine. It cost a lot. But if you have the occasion to play it, it's pretty much game over for your opponent. Hero Blue: -Kannan Jarrus. Wow. This character is quickly becoming my favorite character of the game. So much potencial! And he's priced perfectly. You can run him single with Luke or Ben. Or Elite with Qui-Gon or Chirrut. He's also cheap enough that you can run him Elite in a 3 character deck. Hitting the Focus with Kanan is fantastic, letting you change one die to the face you need at the moment. Hitting the Ressource let you take it without giving the chance to your opponent to disrupt it, making it easy to play a 3 ressource upgrade first turn if you want. Definetly my MVP. -Fearless. I like to draw cards. Gives me more control. Then there's the obvious synergy with Qui-Gon ability, and you can add Luke's Protection to get 3 shields a turn. Really not bad... unless you want to claim fast... -Funeral Pyre/Reaping the Crystal. Not sure here between the 2. I like Funeral Pyre because in a blue deck, ressource is always short so keeping one upgrade is nice, it might even keep Luke Lightsaber playable. But Reaping the Crystal has a lot of potencial. It can be a Lightsaber that cost only 1 on a Padawan. It can be a Decisive Blow that cost 2 instead of 3. It can be a Master of the Council that cost only 2 if you combine it with It Binds all Things.... Again, it helps with your economy, which is always a good thing. Neutral Blue: -Ancient Lightsaber. Pretty obvious. Fair die. 2 black face can bring consistancy to character with mods like Rey or Quinlan. Healing 2 can change the momentum. Looping it with Lightsaber Pull. It Binds all things to make it cost only 1 (like a Field Medic). If you run a blue melee deck, there's no reason not to take one (unless you don't have it). -Shoto Lightsaber. Might be because I play a lot with Qui-Gon, but I really love this lightsaber. This set gave us two cheap saber. Unless going against Imperial Inspection, it means you can get fully equiped pretty fast. So don't forget to bring your Rend card. Love the free shield too, or removing one from your opponent, pairs well with Inner Strength special. -Lightsaber Pull. Of course to pair with Ancient Lightsaber, but it can be good if you don't pull a weapon early.
  3. It's also time to put Abandon all hope in other decks than Palp.
  4. I want a Gungan and a Ewok faction.... just because I want to see those two races battle against each other. There will be blood!
  5. the 2 melee side could bring some consistency though. It makes it easier to use your melee modifier side. The removal is nice, but I quite like those two sides too.
  6. Takes money to make money...
  7. Shhhh.... don't spoil my build!
  8. My personal favorite that I played a lot is the 4th option, except that Omega Leader doesn't have a Hull Upgrade and I take Expertise on Quickdraw instead of Crackshot. Very fun list to fly. A friend of mine has some success with Quickdraw/Backdraft/Inquisitor. Inquisitor bring an arc dodger to the list that is also good against turrets, since he can take Autothrusters.
  9. The reason why I'll start playing the game is if they're doing a Separatist Army. I want to field a droid army led by Grievous and Asajj! Until they release it, I'll stick with Imperial Assault.
  10. A matter of taste. For me it's the opposite. I'm not really invested in the Rebels characters (except for Kanan and Hera, read the comic book series about Kanan past and I just ordered the book New Dawn) but Clone Wars made me discover, or rediscover, some great characters. -It made me like Anakin, which is an incredible feats after watching the prequels. Enough so that it is now one of my favorite character. Clone Wars really built it as the war hero and great warrior he was supposed to be. And it actually makes us believe that he'll turn to the dark side. -It also build up General Grievous from more than just an antagonist in Episode 3. -Clone Wars is in a way the story of Ahsoka Tono. It's nice to see all her story in the Jedi order, from her introduction as Anakin padawan to the moment she decides to quit the order. It's nice to see the maturity she gets over time and it makes us believe how powerful she gets in Rebels. -The story of Asajj Ventress... I cared enough for the character that I read Dark Disciple. Book that I recommend to every fan of Clone Wars and Asajj. -Captain Rex, and all the clone troopers for that matter. The episodes that centered around the Clone Troopers were from my point of view, some of the best episodes of the showed. It actually made me care about them, instead of just seeing them as clones of Jango Fett. -And Cad Bane... it's just too bad that we never got to see the episode where Cad Bane and Boba duel. Probably the moment Boba became the most feared bounty hunter of the galaxy. -And the Jedi Order... all those jedi that becomes more than just figurants. It actually made me sad seeing some of them die in Episode 3 after watching Clone Wars, while I didn't care before. Yeah... I miss Clone wars... except for the droid episodes... urgh....
  11. I find it's a hit and miss show. There is some GREAT moments (Ahsoka/Vader) and some very BAD (sabercopter). But those great moments overshadows the bad enough for me to continue watching. If you're a fan of Star wars, it's worth your time. If not, you can skip it. I found the Clone Wars much better though.
  12. Because, like some other company does, they use their Starter/Core Sets as an introductions for new players into the game. Then, if the player like what they see, they can expend however they like. As for the new Destiny 2 player-game set, if a new player wanted to go to a tournament with a limited investment, I would suggest to buy a second core set and they can now make 2 tournament legal deck. 60$ for 2 tournament ready deck is cheaper than most game I play, and the same price as many boardgame that I play too. If budget is very limited, buy both starter with a friend and split it: 1 player keep the villain decks, the other the hero decks; both will have a set of token. That's 30$ for a tournament ready deck... you just have to find a friend that is willing to buy into the game at the same time as you. Of course I would love that you didn't have to buy 2 Set to have a tournament ready deck, but that would also means that they would have to double every dice, not just the characters or I would still need to buy a second one just for 1 or 2 dice (like they did with Force Throw or Mind Probe in the first starters, in that case I prefer how they did it this time). So that would mean it cost more. Or they could have split them into 2 Starter like they did at first, to lower the price. But then new players that buy it at a Target and that doesn't care about tournament legal deck would have to buy 2 Starter so they can try it with their friend at home. Entry price tag is something they have to be careful with, or players won't bother buying it. They are not just aiming at tournament players here, they want gamers to buy this game to just play at home too. For someone that doesn't care about the tournament scene, I think this starter has more value than their X-Wing or Armada one. So, that's 30$ to try the game and get a good feeling of it. If you like it and want to play in a tournament, you can expend in 2 ways: -pay another 30$ and buy a second Starter Set. Congratulations, you now have 2 tournament legal decks. -Buy boosters to expend your collection and build your own deck if you don't like the characters from the Starter game.
  13. Another player walks into a store and sees that a Star Wars miniature game is being played regularly every (let's say) Friday night. So, wanting to be a part of this for next Friday they buy a Core Set! They rush home to learn to play only to find out they need a couple more ships. You can play and have fun with the 2-player game set, I know I had a lot of fun with only the first starters, you just can't go in a tournament with it.
  14. I might start getting into Legion if they decide to have Clone Wars era armies. Don't know if I'll play it, but I would at least collect and buid a droid army led by Grievous and Asajj. Either way, I have no intention to stop playing Imperial Assault, especially with the app coming.
  15. Yup. That's why I called it that way in my first post in this thread regarding it. It will always be Anakin's Lightsaber first.