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  1. Red Castle

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    That depends how they expends on these characters outside the movies. Han, Luke and Leia had 40 years of other stories in novels and comic books. For a very long time, they were the only Star Wars characters and the only ones we grew up with. That builds an attachment to those characters. We'll be in a better position to judge after the 9th episode. Let's say episode 9 starts right after the 8 and that Rey dies at the end of episode 9. That would means that episode 7-8-9 would be the only stories including Rey (except for the short story of Before the Awakening). Seeing as Disney is now pushing one Star Wars movie per year, plus the animated series and live one coming on, if they don't expend on those characters, they'll never have the impact Han, Luke and Leia had on our childhood, because they'll be characters from a plethora of Star Wars stories. Same goes for Jyn Erso or Chirrut. As for their appeal, I personnally prefer Rey over Luke and find Kylo Ren a more interesting villain than Darth Vader.
  2. Red Castle

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    V (Since I grew up with the OT, Empire Strike Back will always have a special place for me and maybe because of nostalgia, but I can't possibly imagine how a new movie could top it) VIII (I fell in love with it the first time, and the more I watch it, the more I love it. Luke Skywalker is just perfect) VII (I really love all the new characters the new trilogy is bringing and that Kylo Ren is not just the villain/antagonist but a character himself) IV (The movie that started it all) VI (The throne room scene, the battle of Endor (in space), Jabba's palace... there is a lot of iconic scene that define what is Star wars in his movie) R1 (it was good. Never really felt for the characters though... Except K2SO... found it better the second time) III (It could have been so much better. I never believed in the fall of Anakin. Clone Wars cartoons help a lot in this direction) I (Let's face it.... who didn't love Darth Maul combats the first time we saw it.... but I think the story would have been more believable if Anakin would have been a late teenager (16-17 years old) instead of a little kid) II (I tried to like it, I watched it a couple time, but I couldn't. The basis is good, but I didn't like the execution and the dialogues) EDIT: Forgot to include Rogue One
  3. Red Castle

    Top Four X-Wing Pilots?

    Great news!... Because all those ships are so iconic....
  4. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    I don't think it's ruining the symbolism. That Ahch-To has two suns or not, that scene still make us all think back to the scene where a young farmer boy was dreaming of adventures while looking at two setting sun on Tatooine. I still think that Luke was thinking about his home planet at his end.
  5. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    Not sure how it is linked to what I said. But yeah, I remember. I also remember that it meant nothing (regarding Rey's parentage) since trailers often put lines out of real context to make fans speculate. After seeing Episode 7, you realise that this line was meant for Kylo. Vader has it, Luke have it, Leia has it, and now her son have it too. I'm really glad that Rey's parents are some nobodies, and I hope that it was not just a lie by Ben to lure Rey to the dark side. I love that it went back to the Force being one mysterious energy that binds us all and not something genetic that pass on from generation to generation. It does pass on as a receptivity to it, just like Faith, but it is not tied to one particular bloodline. After the failure of the Jedi and then Anakin killing the Emperor to restore balance, I feel like the Force took the control back to maintain it. Snoke was 'created' to balance Luke, and then Rey was 'created' to balance Ben.
  6. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    Kinda reminds me of the relation of Luke with Obi-Wan in Episode 4. Find him in the desert, go with him to Mos Eisley then Alderaan to split ways on the Death Star. And yet, even after witnessing the destruction of her entire planet (with all her family and friends on it), it's Leia that comforts Luke, not the other way around, because he lost Ben... poor Luke.
  7. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    Yes. But at that moment we don't know yet that she took them so it's easy to interpret it that there is nothing else she could learn from them. I know a friend of mine was shocked to see Yoda burn the books, seeing it as a regression and a message that it's okay to burn books, even if we learn later that there was no book in there. I quite liked this scene, seeing it as a critique of our own religions. There is a distinction between the Force and the Jedi Order, just like there is a distinction between having the Faith and believing in the Church: the Faith is not between walls.
  8. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    I thought it was pretty obvious that those are the Jedi books. And if I remember correctly, we see it a second time in another scene.
  9. Red Castle

    What is your favorite "Theme" list to fly?

    Kylo Ren with PtL, Advanced Sensor, Advanced Optics, Autothrusters, First Order Vanguard 2x Zeta Specialist with Special Force title and Fire Control System (or Accuracy corrector if I feel like giving up on the initiative bid, but FCS is better to trigger Kylo's ability) Didn't got to try it against the big mean meta list, but I like how it fly and that's all that matters. I don't really care about the meta and only fly thematic list that I have fun with. Before the Silencer was out, I played a lot with 4 Zeta with FCS and had good success with it. Switching 2 SF for Kylo is interesting because it gives me a weapon against other aces. It also reminds me of the time when I flew Soontir, only now he's on steroids. And with Harpoon missiles everywhere, dropping 2 Zeta is not a bad choice.
  10. Red Castle

    [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    I'm pretty sure that he'll be back as a Force ghost in Episode 9, and 2 lines makes me think that he'll appear to Ben and not Rey. During their duel, Luke says to Kylo: ''Strike me down in anger and I'll always be with you''. Then, right before disapearing he says: ''See you around, kid''. It could be nice to see Luke haunt Kylo as his conscience and ultimatly help in turning him back to the light side. But even if he was not part of Episode 9, that last duel with Kylo and then the image with the Twin Sun was a very good end for him. It's one of my personal favorite Star Wars scene and one of the best duel.
  11. Red Castle

    What is your favorite "Theme" list to fly?

    My current favorite list is Kylo Ren escorted by 2 Tie SF. That's what I wanted to try when the Silencer was spoiled and I was happy to see this exact trio fly in the Last Jedi. Kylo Ren with PtL, Advanced Sensor, Advanced Optics, Autothrusters, First Order Vanguard 2x Zeta Specialist with Special Force title and Fire Control System (or Accuracy corrector if I feel like giving up on the initiative bid)
  12. Red Castle

    Why do people hate TLJ? (Spoilers)

    For my part, I grew up with Star Wars. Han, Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewie, etc were my childhood heroes. I played the West End Games RPG a lot with my friends (both as a player and a DM) and read everything Star Wars starting with the Thrawn Trilogy when it was the only books available. I was even a member of the Star Wars fan club (still has my old membership card in my wallet ). I really can't count the number of time I watched the Original Trilogy movies, enough that my family members can't stand them anymore. As for the prequel, I don't like them. I think the general story is good, but I don't like the dialogue and the execution of it. I personally think that the Phantom Menace would be a better movie (and more believable) if Anakin was a teenager (around 15-16 years old) instead of a kid. Now come the sequel trilogy, and I can say that I really really love it! First time I saw it, I wasn't sure about Force Awaken, I left the theater wondering if I liked it or not. Then I went back with my girlfriend the next day and it started to grew on me. Once it came out in Blu-Ray, I watched it again and I loved it. Aand since then, with each viewing, I love it more, enough so that now Force Awaken is my second best Star Wars movie (second only to Empire Strike Back, and inside of me, I think that I prefer Episode 5 only because of Nostalgia and because I grew up with it). As for The Last Jedi... I loved it! I mean, I really really loved it! I could not stop smiling during the entire movie. It felt really Star Wars to me. Then I saw all the hate and went back with my girlfriend and I still loved it! I'm going to see it for a third time with my girlfriend tonight and I can't wait. It's currently in my top 3 as best Star Wars movie and I can't wait for Episode 9!
  13. Red Castle

    Best of the Silencer Pilots

    Yea, forgot that part about Tactical Jammer...
  14. Red Castle

    Best of the Silencer Pilots

    I have yet to try it, but here's what I've been thinking of playing: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/782868/tactical-blackout The idea is to stay behind the Upsilon Shuttle while she use coordinate to give Blackout a Focus; he then use advanced Sensor to take a target lock before bumping into the shuttle. Meanwhile, I try to flank with Omega Leader. If Omega Leader is close enough, I will use coordinate to give him a focus (instead of giving it to Blackout, which should have one already anyway because of Advanced Optics) the same turn he takes his Target Lock.
  15. It would definetly be better on a tablet, but it runs smoothly on my iphone7 and I don't have any trouble reading the texts.