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  1. Pretty much what I’m planning to do. With the Shoretroopers coming, I don’t think I’ll run more than 3-4 Stormtrooper squad and I plan to buy 2 Heavy packs so it’s gonna be 2 RTs and 1-2 DLTs.
  2. I heard that the reason why the Empire lost to them in RotJ is because they are broken... Those **** power creep Ewoks!
  3. AI: Attack is meant to be a drawback, it’s not meant to be a benefit. You have to issue them a faceup order token to play around it. Now luckily, Droid Troopers also has coordinate: droid trooper. With only one order token assigned to a droid trooper, you can potentially issue an order to all your droid trooper. It’s a very powerful hability. As far as combat efficiency, I compare them to z6 rebel trooper, both doesn’t surge in attack. A droid squad with heavy weapon and one more droid cost 60 pts; a rebel trooper squad with z6 cost 62. Offensively speaking, the droid throw 7white/3black, the trooper 6white/4black. Difference is each droid killed remove 1white, each trooper killed remove 1black. Defensively speaking, while the droid doesn’t surge, they have 8 health vs 5 for the troopers. Having poor defense and counting more on number, the droids are good versus pierce units and low dicepool attacker (looking at you snipers). They will also be good to contest objective.
  4. I could see Ketsu Onyo being a possible bounty hunter for the Rebellion. But there is so many more characters that I would like to see before her that I hope she’s not coming soon.
  5. It’s quite funny to see the reaction of rebel players when Sabine blanks out, as if they suddenly realise that red dice are not the guarantee of success they seems to think they are!
  6. Ship shot down by Jar Jar Binks... ****...
  7. Because Power!... Uuuunnnnlimited Poweeeerrrr!!!!!
  8. Bossk's done (One in many done during this weekend). Might revisit him later to do the shoulder patchs, not sure yet.
  9. Oh absolutely! It's the step that makes it looks from 'right out of the factory' to 'already spent a couple years on the battlefield'. Not sure we can see it from the pictures of my AT-ST, but I used Typhus Corrosion only on the feet and legs and not on the head. That way the head looks cleaner.
  10. I don't think that's true. If I take Destiny as an exemple, in the second wave we got Asajj and Quinlan as new characters while we waited 4 waves to finally get Maul, and it was the Rebels version instead of the movie version. And that's just one exemple. So I don't think they count the prequel movies higher than the animated series. And the Clone Wars extension for X-Wing and Legion was announced in conjunction with the 10 years anniversary of the Clone Wars series. So if I was to guess, I would say that they'll first use the Clone Wars animated series for inspiration before using the movies.
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