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  1. before they put out extra terrain I think it would be kinda cool if they put out a new box/carry box to fit everything plus the extra peaces that are out and the elves when they show up lol
  2. Thanks so much for that help I'm teaching family member how to play and didn't want to jump to conclusions with the "other" units and self topic with him but even I was a little hesitant to think the mages ment themself too lol thanks again that info helps Oh and sorry I did just find that spot about blight sorry rtfr right lol
  3. 1. Battlemages runic sheild/healing hands, can they target themself or is it only "other" friendly units 2. Blight - if a large figure can not be weak do they only suffer the movement penalty from blight Again sorry if they have been asked I looked for a while on this form before asking
  4. There is a way for it to be 4 players in a weird sort of a way that I have...... Once the Elves are out as well we will have the 4 basic factions from RuneWars. So you get 4 players and start a game of RuneWars and when a "fight" happens in RW you really "fight" it out in BattleLore. Now yes its still not really 4 players but beggers cant be chosers here I'm just trying to give you guys opptions lol NOW THAT WOULD BE A GAME DAY!!!!
  5. This is an amzing game you should go check out a video of play or two. I do hate to be the one to say that the 'human' faction dose not have any cannons but they did just get a big crossbow of sorts with the Sege Golem troop in the expanion pack that was just put on the shelfs. They have a range of 2-6 the longet range in the game so far and have the ablity to hit targets that are next to the target unit. I do hope you give this game a try man its a well worth it.
  6. Hey thanks guys. That is what I thought just wanted to see what everyone's take on them may be. I can see that explanation of how large and slow they are to be why they would not get a counter that is a good one. Thanks again
  7. You know what dose suck though is the cost. It will cost the same price as the base game for the 2 packs of one army expantion and I WILL STILL PAY LOL
  8. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ok so the fun has started with the expantions finnaly making it to the shelf. One thing I have noticed so far as a question just as a what if (it has yet to happen in game) is would a Siege Golem get a counter attack? its range is "2-6" and in the counter section it clearly staits that you have to follow normal attacking rules thus am I right in think they would NOT be getting any counters ever because it can not attack 1. This to me would not be a bad thing I was just thinking to my self and noticed it was not here in the forms yet. Thanks
  10. Here are my 2 cents we need to stop thinking so big at the moment and just finish the basic 4 factons for now. Then get 4 good friends togeher and start a game of RuneWars so when a fight happens settle it though BattleLore. Why because you can that's why and who cares if it would take a few extra hours or days that would be the best part.
  11. I am sorry with the lot of you exept for Sigmazero13 I back him up 100%. Yes the decks are a good part of the game and are different and should be different BUT this game is about your army and how you use it not how you use your Lore cards. I'm sure I will get just tons of haters for that remark but so be it this is a war game you guys and you can not put so much of the balance of power on just one part of the game play. I really think Sig hit the nail on the head with how he already explaned it you have to focuse on all aspects of a war game to see if its balanced not just one. The balance of the game as I have seen and played has been in the use of the army and cards as a whole not just as one part you cant use just one and see the win.
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