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  1. Now this I would disagree with. Quality is determined when purchasing, I look on this as more of a ship upgrade such as those found in Hostile Aquisitions pg. 76-78. Something done to personalize the ship.
  2. Nice, shows imagination that I can't seem to come up with on my own.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I would definitely not bump up any ballistics. But I do like reassigning (a bit) of the crew. I find the the ideas for depresserization/ fire/ damage to be inspired.
  4. In "Lure of the Expanse" adventure, pg 64-65 tell of making a deal in order to get autoloader tech for macroweapons. How do various people game this? My way (which players don't like) is to say that any macroweapon armed with a an auto-loader has no need for 100 crew per spaqce weapon takes up. If a player wishes to they may either use that crew for replacements or use half the number saved for additional armsmen. My players seem to think that if I let them have additional armsmen, I should let them have a morale boost as well due to tighter disipline. Thoughts?
  5. Has anybody come up with any new ones to add? As far as I know FFG only came up with the 10 in the core book. Even the histories have gotten some additions.
  6. Should be soon, it is advertised in the latest issue of White Dwarf and is usually out within a month of that.
  7. Upon further reflection you are right about intimidate. It is listed as a common skill for all Dark Eldar on page 97 but not as a starting skill on page 102. (I wish they would either put all or none of the common skills in class descriptions.) Voidfarer shows up at level 2 for warriors upgraded +10 at level 5. For the Wych it only appears as +10 at level 5 with no previous mention. So unless modified, the only way to get it is to become a Skyterror. Maybe the extra Wrangling at level 2 was supposed to be Voidfarer even if the cost is different. Pity the weak appears at rank 4 for warriors, crap! going over stats again I finally found it at rank 3 for the Wych. It is also available for the Flesh Crafter but not the Skyterror and the Incubus. Thanks for your help!
  8. Some things I haven't seen come up yet in this thread. 1) Intimidate- Both the Kabalite Warrior and the Wych get upgrades but I can't find where it says either starts with or gains the skill. Notice though it appears as a trained skill on the Character Sheet. 2) Voidfarer for the Wych- Again get upgrades but don't see basic skill anywhere. 3)Cruelty for Wych- I would think this is a shoo-in but apparently they can't get it. 4) Wrangling for Wych- listed twice at level 2 (pg.4) 5) Pity the Weak- Something I think that every True Dark Eldar should have is not available to PC's even though they are to all NPC Wych and Bloodbrides. 6) Lack of Description of Incubus items especially Bloodstone- I have a Codex so I know what they are and can look up for easy reference but this should have been included. Things I've seen talked about- 1) Incubus armor- Should have been included. Agree with proven All-8, suggested weight seems a bit light, don't think it's enviro-sealed but not sure. 2) Trueborn for Wych- Their fellowship costs are lower that Kabalite Warrior costs so even if it was an option it would probably be a different cost. Just my thrones worth.
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