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  1. I've been trying to build these things for a couple days now and I'm starting to get frustrated with them. I can't find any posts of anyone else struggling with them so I thought I'd give it a post. The rolling Droideka leg is far too thin to keep it glued to the base, and it's too thin to drill to pin to the base with a paperclip. How have other people solved this problem? How do you get your rolling droideka to stay on its base? I apologize if this ended up in the wrong place.
  2. I have seen the question of why not clone wars pop up a few times in the forums here and, rather than start a whole new topic on someone else's thread, I decided to post my thoughts here. I doubt we will see clone wars support for a long time. Right now, the focus seems to be original trilogy to lead us into next December, when episode VII is due for release. Very likely, this will be followed by episode VII stuff. Finally, after that has run it's course, then we might see a return to clone wars. Why would they leave that era untouched? First off, clone wars is not a focus of disneys campaign for advertisement. Their games would stand alone. Second, the prequel trilogy is generally disliked by fans and casual moviegoers alike. It is true that the clone wars series was better liked, but nothing like original trilogy stuff. Finally, there is nothing motivating such a radical change. The original trilogy stuff is selling great and has very positive reviews. On the other hand, they might be launching all of this stuff to build off each other's popularity and, once they have run their course, they will launch another, mutually supported, series of game systems. Maybe that's why they timed the RPGs like they did. But that's just my thoughts on the matter.
  3. Obviously the gm will be playing the npcs, but the opening scene starts as the group is sitting down to play an rpg. Because the gm is there, there has to be an excuse as to why the gm isn't running with the group. My question is what does the game actually have in mind. I like that. It means the players don't need to worry about victimization. The player presents an idea and the group tweaks it.
  4. I'm very interested in Revolt of the Machines. It makes me wonder if there's going to be drones and stuff attacking us, or if our own toasters and iPods are out to get us. Wouldn't that make the world look sinister? If every electronic device wanted to kill you and had the means to do so. Wrath of the Gods is a close second, because I'm interested in how directly the supernatural forces behind reality are trying to kill you. Do you have to worry about Thor kicking in your door, or are they going to operate through natural disasters like flooding and fire raining from the skies? And I'm pretty sure H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos is open source. He's been dead since, what, the thirties? And he wasn't very popular til the 80's. For that reason, I doubt there's any foundation that is keeping his copyrights alive.
  5. As a game master, i'm kind of curious as to our role in this game. Are we simply missing from the opening scene? Are we the first to die? Do we play as an NPC? Without knowing... well.. Anything about the system, I had a few ideas for things I could try. First, I am late home from work when the attack starts and I am stranded elsewhere and I send text messages to the group. Second, I thought that taking the group on "field trips" to help them plot their actions might be a good way to draw them in. When I pointed out that we'd look and sound a little strange talking about how to avoid the zombie invasion in public like that, one of my group responded (bless her heart) "Even if we were, we'd still be far from the craziest people in that Wal-Mart" I also wonder how the stats will work. It kind of sounds like a form of Tri-Stat, but how would you keep the players honest? Maybe have the rest of the group decide on what the stats for the one player are and the player remains silent, and so on to each player in turn.
  6. I think that a lack of guns might be a boon as well as a curse. While it's true your characters can't raid the local Wal-Mart (yes, my friends already decided that will be their first target in the game) at the same time, the rioters will probably also be more poorly equipped. In a US game, you have to wonder if any human you come across is packing. Check that, you should COUNT on any human you come across is packing. Just something to think about.
  7. Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide would be a must for most GMs. Chainsaws make tiring weapons, their usefulness is limited to gas supply, they're noisy and they're almost as dangerous to the user as the target. Swords are all well and good, but in inexperienced hands, they're no better than a baseball bat and much more dangerous to the user. Similarly, guns run out of ammunition and are really noisy. I think the people who will do best are the ones who have canned goods, camping gear and survival tools on hand. People who can survive without cars, phones, grocery stores ect. My point is, it would be hard to break the game with what you have on hand. In fact, one of my gaming group raised the point that the lack of resources is part of the fun.
  8. When this was announced, I immediately did a mental checklist to see what my character would be equipped with. About the best weapon I could come up was a tire iron in my car, I have very limited non-perishable food in my house, but I do have a first aid kit. Obviously, my character would not be very well prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse. I wonder if the idea is to make you have to reconsider the way that you play RPGs. Rather than relying on a combat background or buying firearms, you have to make do with what you have. In my case, most of the game would be based on avoiding and hiding from the zombies rather than fighting them. I'd imagine it would take a lot of humility for players to frankly decide what their advantages and disadvantages are.
  9. Mara Jade is considered the most popular Expanded Universe character for Star Wars (in fact, there was an article that LucasArts wrote some time ago listing the top ten fan favorite Star Wars characters. Mara Jade was the only EU character that made the list). Fantasy Flight made it clear early on in the Card Game that they were interested in using her in the game (Hand's Blessing) and now we have two versions of her and a lot of support. I imagine we'll see Dash Rendar, Jeric, Xizor and others. Heck, Jodo Kast would be a lot of fun to see. But I think Mara Jade is a given.
  10. My guess is that the Force will closely mirror magical abilities from Descent. The characters have built in abilities rather than a spellbook. I wonder if the cards are for the Imperial player as overlord-esque abilities.
  11. We all know that the only reason it isn't called Rebel Assault is because that name was already taken.
  12. It was truly said that Descent requires a certain kind of group to play it. When, as the Overlord, I would tear apart the players, they would have intense post-game discussions. The next time, they would be fighting more coherently and countering my moves more efficiently. At first I felt bad for pulverizing them, but after a few games, I was barely hanging on by my fingernails, strategizing heavily against their tactics. I'm going to expect that SW:IA will be similar. A knowledgable Imperial player grinds the Rebels into dust a couple times before they understand the game and their characters and start fighting back.
  13. I agree that this is probably an exception to the rule, due to its primary vehicle being miniatures. It also pairs up well with the X-Wing system, so doesn't really seem that unusual in their development strategy. I think we might expect more games based on other systems, but probably not one entirely board game driven, like Twilight Imperium (as Starcraft was). I do doubt, however, that FFG is "pumping out games" in response to an impending licence expiration. More likely, they are part of the multi platform promotional campaign being undertaken for Episode VII that I've been hearing about. As the gamer demographic, we're being fed on RPGs, two variations of card games, dogfighting miniatures, naval combat miniatures and ground warfare miniatures. We are being drawn into a fascinating universe, and being prepared for the ground shaking release winter of next year. From what I hear the comic book enthusiasts are being similarly drawn in. Additionally, X-Wing is FFG's best selling game OF ALL TIME. Do you seriously think they aren't going to capitalize on that now that its established that X-Wing wasn't just a fad?
  14. Some of you might have seen a couple of my posts about stuff related to the Dark Forces games (Kyle Katarn, the Moldy Crow, Jan Ors, Dark Troopers, Jerec, ect.) and I started thinking "Hey, Dark Forces ITSELF was kind of like Imperial Assault." I realize that this might be a touch of wishlisting here, but, man, would it be cool if one of the FFG releases was actually the Mission to Danuta, where Kyle assaults an Imperial base and steals the Death Star plans. Or when Kyle extracts Crix Madine from an Imperial prison. Or the final showdown against Rhom Moc aboard the Arc Hammer. But then, that might be the draw of Imperial Assault. We've all played games like that, and that's how the movies were written: a few brave souls going up against hopeless odds to fight for a cause bigger than themselves.
  15. Dang it. It seems like I'm always sitting outside the bubble with those WotC SW minis. Either i missed the game entirely or I saw them going for 10 cents a crack and was all like "Nah, i've got plenty of dead collectible miniature games sitting around my house without adding that to the list." I was badly tempted to collect all the miniatures related to Dark Forces, though.
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