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  1. Hi there FFG, Loving the App, very cool I would suggest a couple of things that would really improve the App experience... 1. Add a filter so we can turn OFF and turn ON certain parts of certain expansions eg: let us turn on HEROES and CLASSES from expansions but turn off tiles, maps, quests, enemies of them. This would be much better as having all your descent stuff on out in one big pile takes up a ton of room and ends up being just a mess. it would be nice if we could play with all of our heroes and classes but not have to pull out EVERY piece of EVERY expansion we own just so we have to find that one odd tile piece or one random enemy from some expansion. 2. Quests with LESS types of Monsters, Make a quest with just say two types of monsters this keeps the pacing going quickly, when you have to go through all your stuff just to pick out one monster for a one off battle it really is a pain 3. Put the reference cards for enemies on the app, again the less stuff we can pull out the better. If you could put the enemies cards on the "skul" where you press to see how an enemy spends Surges. It would be great to even just have what they roll, their attacks, numbers for 2,3,4 player or literally just a copy of their enemy card. This would help streamline things. 4. integrate the existing co-op expansions you guys made. Like forgotten souls. it would be perfect in this App! 5. integrate the conversion kit!, again like number 1, we should be able to filter things and turn on and turn off whatever heroes/enemies any part of any expansion we do or do not want in the APP.
  2. Love the co-op sets FFG, however they still take up a ton of room and a ton of time. Can you please look at releasing co-op adventures that can be completed in 2-3 hours max, with an emphasis on keeping simplicity? I would love to run through a dungeon that i can actually fully build on a smaller table, less tokens, less mess on the table, Release new co-op cards for the monsters and make them more streamlined, have no abilities and just straight attack with say one surge ability. I think its a great idea but Forgotten souls takes 5-6 hours plus prep. Would love a streamlined version of the dungeons nice and short, keep the monsters simple. move and basic attack
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