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  1. I agree with the original poster, I love the better quality boxes for carrying around extra bits especially when I don't have room to lug around the big boss which I use for storing the cards. Hopefully it won't continue as the quality of the components was always FFGs major selling point in my opinion, first boxes then the components.
  2. Hello, Was trying to find the answer to this on the forums but cant find it anywhere. Does the Support card The court of the Witch King cause the opponent to discard cards only when the last resource token is removed then does nothing after this, or does it work on each subsequent turn. I.e. I remove a token 0 -1 is -1 i.e. effectively 0, then since there are no more tokens on it the opponent must discard cards from his deck? Many thanks Noel
  3. Just home from the Bangor (UK) Kessel Run. Unfortunately there were only two people who turned up but had a great time nethertheless. As there was just the two of us we decided to play each side once to decide who played which side in the final, as we had both come with imperial builds initally and this would allow us to have a few more games. My lists were: Imperial : Darth Vader - Swarm Tactics Howlrunner Academy plot x4 Purposefully ran at -3 points to get initiative Rebel: Wedge Antilles- marksman, proton torpedoes, R2D2 Garvin Dreis Dutch Vander - ion cannon, R5K6, proton torpedoes Ended up one all in the end but with my Rebel game it took 6 turns to kill Wedge Antilles thanks to R2 and his little magic shield regen. All in had a great time at my first event , hope they do more in the future. Beat learning point of the day is to avoid traffic jams in the middle of the board with 6 ships all touching bases. Ps picked Slave one as my prize.
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