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  1. I give up... I've tried four ways of postings images.
  2. Some pics I've finally uploaded. Overhead of test tiles " target="_blank"> Close up of floor tiles with red Rune door " target="_blank"> Treasures in the dead ends. " target="_blank"> Door " target="_blank"> Hope you like 'em! mooks out
  3. I've a thread running on BGG detailing the Hirst Tile conversion I'm doing. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/524200/hirst-tile-conversions mooks out
  4. Still doesn't look like a zero !! anyhoo... i] Once I've "Monkey-God" ed a hero, can the monkey/hero (if its within his movement points) use a glyph to transport to town? 2] How long can a hero (and a monkey) stay in town ? Can he stay there until his monkey form has worn off (Start of his third turn). ? 3] Can the OL place an AIM card on a Melee attack ? Then if he rolled "zeros" (or "X") he would have missed ? 4] When the OL plays a DODGE or AIM card, are these cards subject to normal Dodge and Aim rules ? On the card it sayeth "...DODGES the attack" but doesn't mention re-rolling dice? 5] If a "monster" obscures a line of sight to "monsters" behind it, is it possible for the OL to spawn "monsters" behind ? Example being a long corridor, two spaces wide. If a Bane Spider is in front of my hero can the OL spawn new creatures behind the Bane Spider as the hero has no line of sight to those spaces ? 6[ An open door still counts as an obstacle when the OL lays traps doesn't it ? An OL trap card that can't be placed next to an obstacle can't be placed in any square adjacent to the space where a door would close, though the door is open ? As I read it, no trap on the spaces where a door would close and no traps in any square adjacent to those squares. Cheers in advance.
  5. Well thank you for your brilliant advice, I read it all and I pleased to report that William (49), Craig (26) and Carol Anne (21) (with Andrew 912) jumping around they table helping) found the red Rune key and came so close to killing Narthak tough they have said they want to play again. Craig drew Plate Mail as a teasure giving him armour of 5 early on and his base speed was already 3. Carol Anne used Kara and Mata very well, opening doors, sending them into to grab something, closing the door and then calling the back to her the next turn. Even with the familiars and the "all the bits" they got their heads round it pretty quick. At one point Craig inventively used "Telekenisis" to move a Beastman into a pit which I thought was brilliant play. I allowed it to happen though a rule clarification would be nice. Having the painted miniatures helped a lot as well. They're big video gamers all three of them and I think they enjoyed the social aspect of it as much as the game play. I have no doubt they'll set sail on the Sea of Blood one day. mooks out
  6. Hi Love playing Descent, painted minis are looking good. I'm attempting to teach new players how to play the game. Some have experience of this type of game, some have experience of Monopoly. I've started by letting them choose their characters, issued their health and fatigue tokens and explained their use. Let them select their skills and then let them shop. I then run a small battle to let them get to grip with the battle system. I then set up the board and kick off. Generally I'm met with blank faces until they open the first door. Then the players just seem to become lost. Too many pieces, cards and stuff to keep track off seems to be the feed back. Does anyone have a good method for teaching the game to novice players ?
  7. shnar said: Familiars, except for Boggs the Rat, don't have LOS where spawning is concerned. In fact, that's Boggs' only special ability, if they can all do it, why ever get Boggs? -shnar Thanks shnar. Believe or not I've read the rules many times and not been spawning monsters in LOS of Kata and Mata. I won't now. Oh dear...poor Gaz is never gonna get to face Narthak.
  8. Antistone said: As familiars, they do NOT: Prevent monsters from spawning in their LOS Wooooah! I thought the rule was monsters CANNOT spawn within LOS of familiars. All familiars.
  9. I'd love to play Descent with 3-d floor tiles. Any ideas if there are UK sellers of such items ? If not...what do you think the chances of them arriving from the US intact are?
  10. Cheers Anitstone. One more. Can Glyphs be used to transport yourself around a dungeon, if two or more are active?
  11. A few questions from this afternoon;'s session. Q1. If a hero places an AIM order on himself, and doesn't use it, it stay with the Hero until te start of their next turn. If I play the "Dark Charm" card can I use the AIM order to attack another ero, essentially rerolling the result if I want too ? Q2. Potions can be passed between players, as can weapons. Can armour be passed between players ? Q3. When re-equipping is the hero allowed to re-equip more than one item (providing he has the movement points to do so), could he re-equip both weapon / armour and potions ? Q4. Is there a limit to the amount of potions that can be consumed in a hero's turn ? Q5. There seems to be mutiple ways of restoring fatigue points, but apart from Healing potions are there any additional ways to restore health? Q6. Figure question. I prep the figures before painting them, and I've painted one of the Ogre's but the base as warped again. ANy suggestions as to sorting the base out without damaging the paint job ? Fanx in advance ! mooks out
  12. Thanks for the quick reply Corbon.
  13. Some of the named monsters have different stats from the master monsters on the reference cards though a player may be planning a move/action on the reference card stats. Q1. - At what point should I inform the player of the "changed" stats ? I have too say I feel I wouldn't reveal it until the named monster takes it's first wound. My mate Gaz is going to have his third attempt at the first dungeon and instead of controlling two heroes he wants to control four. According to the rules I have to use the "two player" stats on the reference cards. Q2. - Isn't that going to make the dungeon a bit a breeze for him ? Can I use the three player stats instead ? I think this forum is an excellent resource BTW!
  14. It's a zero ?!? So I'm firing at hero six squares away. I roll three dice, on the blue a four, on the black a one and on the green a zero. So I miss the hero due to not having the range. What's the difference if I roll a blank on the green dice ? I can't see that iit makes a difference ?
  15. Been asked to start my own thread. On the green dice, what does this symbol mean? Not the "surge" or the "hearts for damage", the rectangle shape ?
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