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  1. I'm guessing the path mechanic will be for the Woodland expansion only. You step into it, choose a path, and once you get your destiny you "step off" the path so to speak. I agree, I don't think the mechanic include the other boards. But it would be cool, to see a future expansion updating the "Adventure" cards from the main board and the previous expansions. Maybe some kind of expansion the link all the previous expansions together (like the one they made for Arkham Horror).
  2. My 12 years old son met Ithaqua once and get devoured. He was so upset!
  3. It kinda sad. Was expecting a revised Nyarlathotep! Arkham is, in my humble opinion, the game that drives all the others in the Arkham series. So why... Boohoohoo. :-(
  4. I'm happy there is a Arkham Night again this year. It seems that there is no gift for the Arkham Horror game though. Sad. No revised Great Old One. Was so expecting to maybe see a new version of Nyarlathotep this year! Very Sad! Anyway, it still a good news but...
  5. Julia said: I've always felt this as the only weak point of Arkham: you should be rewarded by PS passed, rumors passed and so on. I guess it's very easy to adjust this with house rules; nonetheless, I wish something official was said Always thought the same thing too. The way to score Arkham should be revised. Many things have been added since the core game has been released. Each extra board should be counted. As should Heralds & Guardians, personal stories, closing rifts, filling the Feds track, killing the Dunwich Horror, and as mentionned, "solving" a rumor. Maybe hem… in the next updated… FAQ… P.S. Would be nice to have a nice official scoring sheet too!
  6. Hi, just wonder if anybody else think that it's sad that the MoM line is sold with the figurines included. I think it's cool to have the figurine to play with but I don't understand why they are sold included. Since they make the game more expansive to buy, and I think the game should be sold with only the tokens. It should be the customer's choice if he wants the figurines or not. More, if you already own the Arkham Horror boardgame then it becomes well… bad. I want them all and I'm ready to pay for them. But, if I buy all the monsters from the waves, then I would have them in double if I bought a MoM expansion. And I don't wanna wait many years collecting them through the MoM line to be able to play with them at AH since they're already available in waves. I can't also plans buying only the ones that won't be available with MoM since I don't know if they're be release throught MoM or not. And if, for any reasons, I choose to not buy a specific MoM expansion which included figurines, then I'll be also screwed. And what if I wait for MoM and FFG decide to stop the line before completion. Maybe at that time the monsters waves wont be available anymore. See the problem? Any thought? P.S. Sorry if the text isn't very clear. English isn't my native tongue so…
  7. Hi, just wondering if someone have any news for the next wave of monsters figurines. They were on a roll, but now it's been a long time since the last one. I thought they would have release them for x-mas. Obviously I was wrong.
  8. FFG can publish new AH books or expansions almost every year but they can't make a FAQ in PDF available on their web site!?! Maybe I'm stupid, but something is wrong here! The FAQ doesn't have to be complete to be available. Just give us what is done right now, and update it when it's complete. And, if it's money that drive them, then they could sell a complete manual of the rules. Not only with the rules and the FAQ, but with rules updated from the FAQ. Add to it a few GOO and other cards and a lot of people would probably buy it (some are ready to pay for a single card from the novels!). No?
  9. No more boards please! What we need is an expansion for all expansions! A box containing stuffs that bind all the expansions together like: - Rift tokens of all the stable locations other than Kingsport (this way, they could change the original rules about rift openning and make it more like the excellent variant proposed by TIBS which rules that the rift open on the last location token drawn). - New allies, skills, items, spells, and relationship cards (for the items they could add cars as a Ford-T and changed rules about the allies in a way we could use all of them). - New encounters cards for DH, KH, IH (a good occasion to bind all the boards!) - A new rules book with all the rules from the previous expansions and including the updated official FAQ. (are you tired of searching! - Cards, caracters sheets and AO sheets with corrected erratas or updated stats (clarified text about locationareas; Upgraded AO, caracters starting in other towns). - More tasks and missions cards (cards asking to go to other towns). - Mythos cards to correct the dilution effect (more next act cards, maybe one the story continue card). - More monsters tokens (maybe zombies or deep ones to be able to create a scenario; more aquatic) - Stickers for the unidentified aquatics locations. - More sanity and stamina tokens (I like to keep them on my caracters sheets for counting their maximum, don't you?). - Maybe some kind of roulette to keep track of the monsters, outskirt, and gates limits would be cool. - An official score sheet adapted to the multiboards situation (we need revisited scores rules) This is only examples of course. I'm sure everyone around here can comes with their own bundle of ideas. Including FFG
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