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  1. Hi, as a long time player since first edition came out I would like to point out that in my opinion the state of the game right now is at its worse ever, that including some dark periods of 1st edition (see masters or guess who ? martell recursion ). I remember distinctly when 3 or 4 Martell cards hit the restricted list in one call and still.... here we are again..... You started with meaningful purpose of limiting economy and power creep and then, after 3 years here we are where 2 houses break every possible rule of the game. Events costing 1 that score potentially 8- 9 -10 power, unlimited draw, unlimited economy , unlimited strenght, tons of resets and challenge phase (in my opinion central to the game) that becomes meaningless. This only after 3 years from core. Maybe you have in mind another massive reset with a little apology like it happened before . But I don't see much of a future in this game right now.
  2. Hi, can Bran cancel the part of event where is being retrieved back to hand by paying one gold ? thanks
  3. Hi, Now that the Warhammer licence is gone, FFG should seriously reconsider this fantastic game. I did like the Warhammer world, but I do like this system more. FFG owns already several fantasy licenses, such as Terrinoth, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Ring. So why not ? Let's FFG hear us.
  4. Actually, you can look over to Imperial Assault to see a change that made a card redundant. In an Imperial Assault skirmish game, players take turns activating units. Some units have multiple figures. Since you can activate units in any order you wish, there is usually an advantage to activate your most powerful units last. This gave a sizeable advantage to squads with a large number of units because they would be able activate several units after an opponent with a smaller squad had finished activating all of his and was done for the round.To address this, FFG added a rule that allows a player to pass when it is his turn to activate a unit if his opponent has more unactivated units than he does. It was a good change that had a positive effect, making squads that used expensive units more viable than they had been before. However, this new pass rule essentially made a card with a similar effect redundant. The card does permit you to pass when you have the same number of unactivated units as your opponent. While there is a corner case where this card isn't redundant, it is competeing for a slot in a deck of 15 cards that are all single use and drawn at random. I have no problem with FFG sacrificing a cars to the gods of redundancy to address a balance issue or to make and entire class of cards worthwhile. The difference is that some ordinance not being useful is not a fundemental balance flaw within X-wing. Where as the activation advantage in IA was. That game could never move forward with activation advantage, so they had to be willing to make that change. Is this game held back in a fundemental way by some ordinance not being Worlds caliber? I'd say no. I'm not saying it's a bad game. I love it. Still, the flaw is there and I think it should be addressed to make it even better.
  5. Hi, I was running through the list of top 32 at worlds 2015 https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/192577-2015-worlds-results/ and one thing hit me. Out of 32 players, only number 18 was using a ion bomb. None was using torpedos or missiles or mines. It seems evident that those ammos are less than useful right now, Which means that a big chunk of the game is not being played despite the number of cards being released. I think that there are many possible solutions to this. The most obvious and in theme that I can think of, is that those ammos don't need Line of Sight once target lock is acquired. They should be able to chase target around the map like they do in movies. Other solutions might be that they dont need an action to be shot. Or maybe some limitations on defence dices being rolled. Afterall, they are "one shot" powerful weapons. Right now they are not. Solutions ?
  6. Looking for the above mentioned Alternate art promo cards. I can trade or buy. I'm also looking for anything being released at gencon next month. I also have one power of blood, 2 melisandre for trade, and various other material.
  7. I wish they fixed the penny / laughing storm interaction. Penny should be able to kneel TLS, imo.
  8. ; Interested in lannister tokens. You can mail me at michelesommiathotmail.com
  9. Rather than a house I would say any deck that put powers on house card rather than on chars. If I have to name a house i would say Gj.
  10. Hi, I'm also interested in the CCG collection. E mail me at michelesommi(at)hotmail.com with offer. Thx
  11. I have a simple but great solution for this agenda since it seems that it has no real drawback and that aggro decks (mainly stark, GJ and Targ) are getting too easy draw thus overpowering the meta. Rather than restrict it or ban it or make it unplayable, let's make it Baratheon house only. It could see use in some lord rush or asshai decks and have a real drawback in the form of reducing chances of finding that Stannis or Melisandre that you need badly. Problem solved. What do you think FFG ?
  12. "As a martel player, on more than one occasion i've lost the vipers bannermen and very shortly after watched them give my opponent card advantage and a very formidable character i had little defense for". If you think that bannermen could give too much card advantage to kindly man players… then stop playing htem . : ) : )
  13. I don't find RBD particularly hurting. The combo with threat from the east was truly devastating but 6 cards are usually good enough for me to get going. Draw engines is the answer to RBD.
  14. widowmaker93 said: Congrats Brett. I can hear the outcry now…"OH NO! A GOOD PLAYER WON WITH TARG KOTHH AGAIN?!?! WE NEED ERATTA/RESTRICTION! NOW!!!! *sigh* No, the exact outcry is : "OH NO! ANOTHER GOOD PLAYER WON WITH TARG KOTHH AND THERE ARE ONLY KOTHH AND MAESTERS IN TOP AGAIN ?!?! WE NEED ERATTA/RESTRICTION "PRONTO" !!!! Looks like HOD didn't shift the meta at all. Or maybe just top players didn't take the risk.
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