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  1. I just got an email asking to confirm all my details.
  2. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2020809388198702/
  3. I'm free every Wednesday. And I'm cool with forming a group. The only issue is I can't host.
  4. Define what you mean by Central, NJ? I'm in Woodbridge Township.
  5. Their customer service is above par. I had lost one card (one of rita young's personal story cards) and they sent me both cards and in a timely manner and with a hand written note apologizing for the delay.
  6. That doesn't sound good, then a brigged Cylon who draws the proper colors to pass the skill check can make the Humans waste all their cards to keep him/her contained. Doesn't that effectively make the brig useless? We, in our last game, fix this house rule to demise of the humans.
  7. A house rule my group uses is that the person in the brig can use as many cards they want to pass the brig check but can ONLY put one card in for crisis checks.
  8. The ffg forum for Arkham horror is the one true Guardian you will ever need and use.
  9. Team Wrong: NYC is maybe an 40 minute train ride from my house. If you want to exchange info send me a private message. Everyone: Thank you all for your input. It sounds like a truly epic and fun game. Unfortunatly I am in the process of moving and also the length of play/setup time has most of my group scared. So for now I will not be getting it. Maybe next year when my life is a little more settled. But again thanks for all the input.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. Team Wrong, I live on the other side of the country in New Jersey. My group doesn't care about the comeptive or co-op aspect, we like a great epic story and fun. I'll be honest the length of play is what has me worried cause my group normally can't meet till after noon and some of the guys have short attention spans (they like food). One more question, compared to AH, how much free space do you need for the "board"?
  11. My group I play with only has tried Arkham Horror and Battlestar Galatica. We have all expansions for both and love both games. I am thinking of asking for TI3 for my birthday this year but I have some questions about it. 1) How vital are the expansions? 2) how complicated is TI3 compared to AH & BSG? 3) how easily can the components be condensed and stored? 4 and final) if you had to rank TI3, AH, and BSG in order of which is more fun for a group of four, what would it be? Thanks in advance and happy gaming.
  12. you could always photocopy the page if you are like me and will not deface a book. So is the book really on sale or is Amazon.com playing with the thin thread that is my sanity.
  13. Since the old version is now basically out of date and not compatible with Miskatonic Horror I wonder what we should do with it. I suggested to FFG that if we return a complete copy of the old version we should receive a coupon discounting the new version. If they don't do that I don't know what to do since we wont be able to get anything for it anywhere else and it won't work in any "epic" games. What do you, my fellow inmates, think?
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