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  1. this pretty much sums it up all but one of the lightsaber spacs have a technique talent in the 10xp row that allow a different characteristic to be used ataru- agility soresu- intellect niman- willpower shien- cunning and makashi- presence
  2. plague marine and warpsmith are obvious. a churgeon and/or a poison based assassin seem likely, most likely something specific to a world in the screaming vortex. i like the idea of a character with the obliterator virus and going through the nine stages from infection to full on oblit hood
  3. my s.wolves assault marine has had so many epic deeds at this point its hard to keep track he's taken down 2 ork battle wagons solo brought down an underground mek factory (having to chainsaw off his own hand to escape) wrangled a gargantuan squiggoth with a deathstrike missle duct taped to it and rode it through an evil sunz air base killed a storm boss by shooting his rokkit pack, sending him flying to his doom out ran the explosion of the deathstrike missile and consistently has the highest kill count despite the fact that i've gone the last five sessions without a left hand (finally getting one next session)
  4. our group as of the end of last session is my character, a sorcerer of tzeentch and of the alpha legion with a plasma pistol and staff of change, a slightly used suit of terminator armour and a storm bolter a chosen of khorne with a pair of chain axes and acts as one would expect a khorne berserker to a champion of slaanesh with a power sword and melta gun and who is going to need some serious medical attention and reconstructive surgery and a forsaken of nurgle with m32 heavy stubber and who is as sharp as a bag of wet napkins though we are only a few sessions in at this point here is the play by play took over the chain of judgment and a rogue trader vessle fought off genestealers fought through more bugs planetside looking for an artefact while racing a blood angels librarian to said artefact killed him with a single backstab w/ force sword (I'm really proud of that one) took his terminator armour, weapons, and the artefact (said staff of change that acts kinda like the staff of Ra) and I got to watch as the champion blew up a land raider with his melta gun while surfing on it (did not end well for him as he was planing on claiming the raider and the armour of the terminators inside as a prize) i then stablized him leaving him a message in his mind "don't die until i tell you to" took the wreckage back to the ships… along with the remains of the land raider
  5. the rules state that its as if blocked by a power weapon (which means 75%) it makes sense against primitive and chain weapons as the chains get caught in the teeth of the chainsword or simply shatter a mundane sword
  6. deathwatch is hands down my favorite of the four systems, the characters in my group are quit developed and varied. its a mix of whats iconic and epic in 40k and our group knows that marines aren't "cookie cutter". dark heresy was fun but it, for me, was only a diversion 'til deathwatch came out. my party never got into rogue trader and we haven't played black crusade, yet, though i've read through and look forward to playing i've been playing an assault space wolf who does not use a jump pack. we just recently found an ork mech factory deep within a mine and brought the house down.
  7. I'm kinda undecided on this one. on the one hand if 'crons are the main focus it becomes a session of "all flesh must be eaten" using the 40k rpg system. and on the other I'd like more than the tomb guardian and harbinger from "The emperor protects".
  8. Wolftemplar


    role:player, gm, group of 3 type: face to face looking for: player, gm region: Baltimore, md style: equal combat, story, action time: varies (chaotic schedule) game specifics: one session in having just completed extraction. have a space wolf assault marine, iron hand tech marine, and dark angels devistator comment: looking for a new RP group member in the parkville, middle river, essex, white marsh, or dundalk area. games including, but not limited to, DW, RT, DH, exalted, scion, d and d, and all flesh must be eaten. if interested contact me at thechaplain1987@yahoo.com
  9. nakano said: SomVone said: They also deal more damage for each DoS, I've heard. +2 dmg per degree, IIRC yep
  10. dmg 1d10+6 pen 8 special: power field, special, tearing
  11. Kanluwen said: I'm just of the opinion that for Chapters like the Salamanders, Blood Angels, and Raven Guard(off the top of my head)"mutations" are too strong of a word for the Gene-seed flaws. I'm far happier with aberrations or "whoopsies". A thirst for blood and haunting genetic memory of their primarch's death that send them into a psychopathic frenzy are not serious mutations?
  12. Urikanu said: I know for certain that my group will be playing all three games. DH for the gritty, down to earth rooting out of heretics and burning them. RT for exploration, money, sex and power xD And DW for epic stories of the Emperor's finest facing the vilest of humanity's foes. Frankly, I see the three games as supporting each other, never replacing. My RT group has as much fun being Rogue Traders (acting like semi-legal pirates with -very- big guns) as they do playing their DH acolytes (Who act like the Shadow Police of the sector, more or less ). I imagine they will love bringing the Emperor's fury with blade and bolter and epicness just as much i agree 110%.
  13. Adunaphel said: I tend to lean towards the group that maintains that there are NO female SM's. But, I would be surprised if Deathwatch doesn't come with an Inquisitor Xenos character that could be either. Also, I wouldn't argue with the idea that the Adeptus Astartes are androgynous enough for a good female roleplayer to easily pull off a Deathwatch character. there are no female marines due to the fact that the implants given to them are geared towards male hormones, all the primarchs were male, and the implants grown from one of their dna combined with dna collected from the 18th implant given. though i wont argue that its possible that maybe chaos marines such as the emperor's children may have messed around with the idea or even attempted it (or in this case be given "gifts" by their androgynous god)
  14. back when Black Industries was publishing these game they had the idea for a trilogy of rpgs that were completely inter-compatable. so if FFG kept to this idea, which I'm sure they did, the answer is yes.
  15. i'm hoping to run a spacewolves campaign ending with a Spacehulk mission
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