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  1. James McMurray said: No. Per the FAQ an attack must hit a hero for the overlord to get a threat by spending 2 surges. Sorry for hijacking this thread but what exactly means: "overlord spending 2 surges"?. I understand the concept for heroes but am totally cluless how an OL can spend surges. I understand that the surges come from power dices but most monsters do not have power dices and even if they have (master monsters) they only have one which will not net 2 surges. I guess I am missing an important rule somewhere but can not find it. So can someone please explain this to me? Thanks!
  2. Ok, thx! Another question that I could not find an answer in the rulebook. Namely in the vanilla Descent opening a chest sometimes had a curse on it that generated threat for the OL. I could not find any reference to it in SoB. I guess that in SoB chests are not cursed but I want to have a confirmation. Regards.
  3. Hi guys, In the rulebook there is a rule that during encounters OL can use threat as follows: move a monster one additional space for 2 threats add a black power die or upgrade an existing power die by one level for 2 threats Does this work also in dungeon levels or only in sea encounters?
  4. Thanks for the link. I checked it and the discussion there has no explanation at all. Corbon says there that it appears that a cannon can be fired multiple times per turn but at the same time he does not refer to any rules. I cannot take this as a serious argument as this is clearly his personal assumption without backing of any quotations from the rulebook. Moveover in the same thread there is a forum user James McMurray who contradicts Corbon with the same rules quotation as I have used in this current thread.
  5. yakumoran said: maamets said: I think that heroes will always have the first turn on any dungeon level. I have seem FAQ about this: 19. Once the last of the heroes have entered the portal in a dungeon, does the OL receive a turn, or does he immediately begin constructing the next dungeon level? The overlord immediately begins constructing the next dungeon level. So it shuldn't be true. I think you misunderstood. True, that OL will build the new dungeon level but heroes still receive the first turn in it. In the rulebook at page 19 in section "Running the Dungeon Level": Once setup is complete, play begins normally, starting with the heroes. PS! at least this is so in SoB.
  6. Hi Parathion, Thanks for clearing this up. I totaly missed the rule that I can flip the reinforcement token back for 15 threat. Now it makes more sense.
  7. gran_orco said: maamets said: Now tell me your opinion why would the heroes EVER want to upgrade from coldsteel cannon and why would the heroes EVER would want to buy more than the starting single cannon? Clearly they have enough firepower per round already now. I remember you that there are 65% of people that thinks like me, so this rule should be added to the FAQ, clearly.. If only Corbon could give you the important points you could understand me, I cannot. Only one answer (translating my opinions to you in your language is extenuating for me, really): My party of players buy a lot of cannons because they wan't suffer risk of a exploding cannon. Pretty obvious, if they have 3 cannons they can fire once with each of them without risks. If you have one cannon and fire it 3 times, you can lose it... and the hero. Even more, they buy more than the starting cannon because they want variety of attacks, and a good area of fire. A coldsteel cannon does not do much damage, and it can't cover the same area than 3 cannons together. If you think that one cannon is enough firepower, go for it So you can not counter my rule quotations in any way and will hide behind someone named Corbon who is supposed to be very smart and speak my language? I dont get it. I have quoted rules directly from rulebook, they add up and dont raise any questions. Your explanation raises a lot of questions and needs a specific FAQ clarification and you say that I am wrong? Maybe these 65% of people who think like you are wrong? Can you in any way explain your interpretation by quoting rulebook so that you dont leave anything out or intentionally misinterpret a whole sentence? One of the funniest explanations I have seen is telling that rulebook does not contain excplicitly a rule that prohibits a cannon from fireing more than once per turn. Come on: there is a specific rule that tells that you should use a fatigue token after fireing a cannon the same way as you would use a fatigue token on a station that was manned. And a station can not be used again if it has a fatigue token on it. If this is not a clear reference than 65% of people are blind or rather dont want to read and understand. I would love to see how Corbon will explain to me how the sentence "put a fatigue token on a fired cannon the same way as you put a token on a station that was MANNED" will be translated into simple "put a token on a cannon after fireing it". I would love to see how Corbon is going to explain that the technical writer of the rule book did not know what he was writing and your translation should be correct:).
  8. I think that heroes will always have the first turn on any dungeon level.
  9. gran_orco said: maamets said: Thanks for the rule clarification. These CT exceptions have slipped my attention. From your experience how often OL gets a player kill in SoB? My reasoning above was that to reach 30+ CT per dungeon the OL would need to get a kill almost each round or on each second round and this is unlikely (15 times to kill 2 valued heroes). Specifically because of the limitation of spawning in a dungeon level - one spawn per dungeon level. I think that you should play it, and later you can think about it The heroes can gain aprox. 5-6 points per level, and the OL can kill 2-4 times the heroes -or even more if the heroes have bad luck or play incorrectly!-. Hi, 5 or 6 CT per dungeon level for heroes makes total sense. But I can not image OL killing more than 2 players per level. The reason is that OL is limited to a number of monsters per level. Specifically OL is limited to what mosters are originally in that level and to one spwan. The only thing heroes have to do is massively use guard actions and virtually no monster can surprise them and OL will eventually run out of mosters because of the spawn limitation. Especially if the group constists of 2 mage types, one range type and one melee type character. The average dam output of the heroes is enough to easily one or twoshot regular monsters before they even get close. So this brings me to the question that if I actually have understood the spawning rule correctly: only one spawn per dungeon level if that level consists of only one area? Regards.
  10. Thanks for the rule clarification. These CT exceptions have slipped my attention. From your experience how often OL gets a player kill in SoB? My reasoning above was that to reach 30+ CT per dungeon the OL would need to get a kill almost each round or on each second round and this is unlikely (15 times to kill 2 valued heroes). Specifically because of the limitation of spawning in a dungeon level - one spawn per dungeon level.
  11. gran_orco said: a lot of righteous blablabla There is a plot where you can put 5 tokens on islands and says "Each binding token may be sieged and razed by the overlord's lieutenants as though they were cities with a defense of 3" I thought that those locations were cities because each token could be sieged AS A CITY. I learned through this forum that AS THOUGHT does not mean that it is a city. So, why do you say that the sentence "a token is placed like a ship's station" implies that it should be treated in the same manner? It implies that I PUT a token exactly like a ship station, not that I must treat it like a ship station in all aspects. See Corbon's aclaration. You for some reason try to explain the word "like" as it were "equals". It is not. It is beyond me why you thought that these tokens were cities. You can siege and raze them the same way as they were cities but they are not cities. I dont understand your original reasoning here. Here is a simple sentence exercise for you: "try to tell me that I should put a fork on the table". Here are some options how to do it: Say: "Put a fork on the table" Say: "Put a fork on the table like you would put a knife on the table" Does it become a bit more obvious now? And of course knife is not a fork - I am not going to argue with you here. My point here is that you do not need to say "put a token on the cannon the same way you put a token on a station" just to put a token on it. The rules specifically say that you should put the token on the cannon the same way as you put a token on a station that was manned. For me it is clear that rules are referring to the station limitation that it can not be used again while it has a fatigue token on it. No one says that cannon is a station. It says that the token has the same effect on cannon as it has on a station. Meaning - you cant use a cannon that has a token on it the same way as you can not use a station that has a token on it. Do you see the difference or you just dont want to see it? Moreover - lets assume for a brief second that you can fire a single cannon as many times as your party has attack actions per round. Now tell me your opinion why would the heroes EVER want to upgrade from coldsteel cannon and why would the heroes EVER would want to buy more than the starting single cannon? Clearly they have enough firepower per round already now.
  12. How do you peple compare SoB balance to RtL balance? My group is playing SoB campaing because our hobby shop did not have RtL in their store. Of course it is possible to bring a bit balance back to SoB game by introducing some house rules but this feels always a bit clanky.
  13. Thanks for the answers. Hellhounds are fine:). I did not notice burn abilities on other monsters so this is why I asked. I guess I totally missed the dragon monster card. If turning is not possible then how exaclty is ramming happening? I understand that on some encounters or locations the starting ship positions are predefined. If this is the case then ramming can only happen on some very specific areas? We have not had a see encounter yet, so this is why I am asking. If heroes can get CT from chests and glyphs then this is kind of overpowered - a general dungeon should generate about 27 CT/EXP for the heroes: 1 from exploring a new site 8=2+2+4 per dungeon level leader 9 because 3CT per each glyph activation 3 CT per chest and usually there is one chest on each level. That is a lot. Taking into consideration that our OL averages to 2 playerkills per dungeon level and that usually the lower threat cost heroes die then this averages to 12-16 CT for OL which is significantly lower than what players will get by default. Is this intentional? I dont see an OL killing high threat heroes every turn or every second turn - this is not possible. Of course I have to say that our group is very tactical and this brings the amount of playerkills down. In the original Descent players could get CT from chests only if the quest specifically said for the given chest marker identificator. In SoB there are no chest identificators used. instead you through 4 black power dices and players get a treasure item for each blank rolled - no CT for players or threat for the OL. Or did we misinterpet the rule? If I remember correctly the OL receives only threat from cycling his deck - no CT there. the whole CT affair is very poorly described in the SoB rulebook. Bits of information are thrown around articles.
  14. So your point is that you can make a stupid thing because the rules explicitly do not probihit it? Come on, and you are laughing at me? Do you also jump out of a 12th floor just because there is no rule that prohibits it? Of course not, you are using common sense that this action is wrong. In general at least my explanation does not create any ambiguity with the rules at all. It is fully in compliance with what the rules say. On the other hand your interpretation clearly and specifically creates a situation where you need to start questioning yourself: "Why this ftigue token is there at all? Oh, I know, lets ignore it! Lets make gazillion attacks with one cannon per turn because I dont undersand why the fatigue token is there" - this is called ignorance. Your comment on other unlogical or non-common sense stuff (abilities) in this game is totally out of place because we are talking about a fantasy game. It's a game and it's relation to real world is questionable at best. So in such cases you refer to game rules. If a situation or ability has a very clear and unambiguous rule you play exactly by it - does not matter how funny or illogical it seems. On the other hand when there is a rule that leaves room for uncertainity or is ambiguous then you have to make a decison about the interpretation and this is done by using common sense. If your common sense is that you can make gazillion attacks with one single cannon in one single turn by ignoring or rephrasing the rules at your leisure then... at best I can say that your interpretation feels wrong. But it's only my opinion. You are correct on one point though: you and me can play with any house rules we (or our groups are ok with) want. What I have gathered from the rules: Hero can spend one of its attack to fire a cannon (pg 26). Yes this in theory leaves room to interpret that other heroes also can operate the cannon. Once cannon is fired a fatigue token is placed on it like a ship's station that has been manned (pg 26) After a station has been manned during a turn place a fatigue token on it. That statin cannot be manned again that round. (pg24) How you can interpret this into making several attacks with one cannon per turn is beyond me. Altough cannon is not a station per se, the rules clearly say that the ftigue token has to be interpreted on cannon exactly the same way as it is interpreted on stations.
  15. An additional question: When heroes finish completely a dungeon by exiting the 3rd level by the teleportation tile then where do they appear? My logic sais that they appear at the dungeons location on the world map. But on the other hand I cant seem to find the rule in the rulebook that would specify this. Specifically I found in the rulebook a statement on pg 15: "Heroes returning to a town after exploring a dungeon or island during that week do not get to "visit" the town". The above would imply that whenever a dungeon is finished the heroes end up in their hometown instead where they actually were on the world map. Which is strange.
  16. Hi, me and my friends started a capmaign (our first, we are descent noobs) and couple of questions came up: Burn ability - Just to make sure: hellhounds breatch attack does not have the burn ability? From one side it would make sense as it does kind of fire damage. On the other hand the moster card does not say anything about burn ability. So how is it exactly? Steering of ships: from the rule book I dont see any way of actually turning of the ship (changin the direction of the ship, not just moving it right and left). Is this even possible? Gathering conquest tokens: Players get conquests only by exploring the map and by defeating the dungeon level master (encounter leader). They do not get conquest tokens from activating glyphs and such? Gathering conquest tokens: OL gets conquests only as a) week passes, b) razed cities per week; c) killing heros? Thanks in advance
  17. After reading through this thread I would say that Ispher's explanations make very much sense: turn1 - cannon is fired once and a fatigue token is placed on the cannon. A cannon with a fatigue token can not be fired again. turn2 - fatigue token is removed at the beginning of the turn from cannon. If cannon is overheated then it can explode when fired. If cannon is not overheated (like coldsteel), it can be fired without the fear of explosion turn3 - if there is no fatigue token on the cannnon at the beginning of the turn then an overheated cannon is flipped back to normal and can be safely fired again It does not make any sense to be able to fire a single cannon 16 times per turn. I think it is stupid and irresponsible to say "you can do something because the rules do not forbid it". This is not a serious argument. By using common sense it is clearly understandable that cannons are meant to be fired once per turn and that some of the cannons are prone to explode when fireing every turn (the overheating rule). Using the above there is nothing to doublecheck or re-read the rules or to be asked from FAQ. There is no ambiguity with the usage of the fatigue token. Everything works a per rules.
  18. Hi, This game plays OK with 3 people, IMHO best with 2. With four or more players this game just does not work - the 4th or 5th player will be eliminated before the turn reaches him/her.
  19. Are you sure that you can get a ship back from the warp before second encounter? I assumed that the regroup phase occurs only once in a players turn.
  20. When Macron is allied to a defender and defender wins then how many reward cards macron can take if he used his flare card that allows him to assist with 4 ships (16 attack value)?
  21. I would gladly see a compilation of fan made scenarios.
  22. De Raketman said: I'm gonna organise a 4-marine game as well tomorrow. 1 question for you though: did you add any weapons or ammo? I'm thinking of using the first scenario, with just default rules for 3 marines. We'll see how that goes... Hi, Actually I did add some additional ammo and even health pickups but I did not plan these addition in the beginning but rather I decided during the game. for example before revealing a new room I made a decision if one more health pickup or ammo crate should be added or not. For me Doom the BG is like a dnd like role playing game where the Game Master is not playing against the players but rather drives the scenario and story. For me (as the invader) there was no goal to win by slaughtering marines mercilessly but rather to present a cruel world and a tough mission and to "guide" marines through it. Aside from the usual rules that I used in my games presented in the beginning of this thread I also suggest the following: dont put double ammo crates on the map as then marines will practically never run out of ammo - instead give in the beginning of the game double amount to everyone consider allowing marines to use their default pistol (the one that everyone has from the beginning and they can not lose it) with unlimited ammo (in this case dont give double ammos at all) Aside from that the game plays very well with 4 marines. I would even say much better than with 3 marines.
  23. Plageman said: I'd say that a character under the influence of the Patmos Amulet may be fired on by another character set on Overwatch. Why ? Simply because acting under the effect of the amulet is considered this character activation for this turn... What if mind controlled character already had his/her activation during this turn?
  24. A clarification is needed for "playijng reinforcements cards question" - I understand that only participating players can play reinforcements cards but is it possible to play a reinforcements cards for the opposing force? For example attacking main/allie player places a reinforcements card for the defending player?
  25. Hi, Did I understand correctly that attacking player and attacking ally can both bring up to 4 ships from any of their colonies Is there a limit to how many allies attacker or defender can have in an encounter. i mean for example offender can have two allies helping? Defending player can not bring any ships to the defence of his planet/colony meaning that he has to do with the exisitng ships on the planet that is under attack? Defending ally can bring up to 4 ships from any of his colonies to defend? Who can play cards (any type of cards) in an encounter - only main participants (attacker/defener) or also allies or also bystanders? I understand that encounter cards can be played by attacker/defener only but what about reinforcements, artifacts and other cards that are in the cosmic deck? Thanks in advance
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