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  1. +1 for whatsup with descent. Specifically also wondering: If it is abandoned will the road to legend app remain available? If it is rebooted, will the 2nd edition road to legend app remain available? Will conversion kits for 2nd to 3rd be available? If it is continued as 2nd edition, will we see more digital content, physical content or both?
  2. I was not attempting to belittle you, merely to disagree with your point. I believe that's still allowed on a forum otherwise I don't really see the purpose of one. I wasn't even trying to be particularly witty or intelligent as far as I can tell but whatever. Anyway, if I came of as though I was in some way attacking you personally then I apologize. It certainly wasn't intended.
  3. Yes yes whatever, I get it. It was foolish of me to assume (apparently) that your posts, which I did in fact read, had anything to do with the OP. I don't take kindly to name calling and being attacked for imperfect usage of a language I don't speak natively though. Maybe that's just me. Carry on ...
  4. Sanjay said: Sloth, In my last post, I was not specifically referring to shooting two full auto pistols. In fact, I have no problem with that. My contention with respect to this thread WAS only that it seemed as though people were looking for a way to combine rules to produce a combat situation where the resulting character was unrealistically powerful. Actually, I'm pretty sure this thread is about dual wielding pistols in melee. If you'll check the OP that's all that's really being asked about. The rest is pretty much derailment. If you want to leave the original posters example behind and just spout tautologies that basically amount to saying "doing bad things is ... ehr ... bad!!" then that's fine with me. I was trying to respond within the original intent of the threat. Also, nagging about spelling on the interweb? Really?
  5. Sanctified melee weapons or ammunition says it makes the damage 'Holy' and that this has certain effects as dictated in creature entries. Does anybody know any examples of this?
  6. Sanjay said: But to those of you who are reading these posts looking for an angle on how to just be better than everyone else by bending rules and finding loopholes Shooting two full auto pistols in melee is hardly 'bending rules and finding loopholes'. Its more 'using rules that are explicitly stated in the rulebook'. Oh, that cheecky rascal. how dare he. Furthermore the impact of the double autopistol isn't that great. Yes Metallican gunslingers doing it at rank 1 are powerfull but you'll find that as ranks go up it becomes mostly a non-issue. By rank 4 I don't expect it would be an unbalancing factor at all. And especially at rank 5-6 when power weapons and lightning attack come into play, you'll see pistol melee becoming fairly poor in comparison. Any pistoleer running into melee with a power fist equipped melee-baddy is asking for a spanking. Ballistic based character builds do well at ranged, pistol melee is just a fallback so that theyre not 'completely' useless when they accidentally find themselves in melee. This is much like how a melee character might carry around an autopistol just because full-auto fire increases his chance to do some damage with his BS of 28 by boosting it to 48. He wont get the extra hits a purpose built ranged character will have, but at least he wont be completely useless. Its also important to note that, in general, its not necessarily bad that one character is a better fighter than the others, it all depends on overall party dynamic. If character Bob is a better martial character than some other character this is fine as long as that character has his own place to shine (investigative skills, face, tech use, ...) A party in Dark Heresy is supposed to cover all the bases, not just be '4 dudes with guns and swords'. Surely it would be bad for the player of the martial characters if the adept and the tech priest were as good as him at what he does while also contributing their own unique skills to the party ontop of that.
  7. Purely rules as written I'm pretty sure that semi/full is a single attack action (which can achieve multiple hits but is nonetheless a single attack). Rules as intended certainly seems like it would suggest only a single shot is allowed. Though at the same time you could take this to mean that you're not allowed to use two-weapon fighting if you are holding two pistols (which would in effect be 2 attacks instead of 1). The problem with rules as intended is that you dont know exactly what was intended. They probably should have worded it 'standard attack' instead of 'single attack'. Though it is true to say that in the rate of fire description in the beginning of chapter V the word 'singly' is used to describe the single shot firing mode of a gun. Still, it could be worded more clearly and purely RAW I think all fire modes would be allowed under the current wording of the relevant rules (though it is debatable, as we have seen in this and many an other thread .
  8. I do agree that it is relatively hard to actually properly break a character in dark heresy. Compared to the nigh-on godlike levels of power one can achieve in games like dnd, an optimized dark heresy character is not that gamebreaking. Arguably the strongest builds are melee psykers and they have a built in "the warp eats you eventually" clause.
  9. A lot of people (regardless of gaming system) seem to think that optimizing your characters numerically (or munchkining, powergaming, minmaxing, whatever) automatically also means that that player is a spotlight hog with no interest in roleplaying ... this is a fallacy. There are players who optimize characters and have a good attitude towards gaming, roleplaying and the overall enjoyment of everybody in the group. There are also players with bad attitudes and unuptimized characters. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other I try to optimize my characters because I like the mathematics and logic problems involved of finding the optimum outcome given a particular set of rules. This can be every rule in a book, a subsection of rules in a book as determined by the DM or additional rules to the book as provided by the DM. This is how I have fun with roleplaying when away from the table, thinking about my character. This involves writing a backstory for my character and thinking what his/her stance is on certain issues relevant to the gameworld but it also involves lots of numbercrunching and numerical optimizing. As such, you could label me a powergamer, I suppose. But that is just the away from the table portion of the game. When at the table I try my best to roleplay, stay in character and dont do stupid things. I am no thespian, but most people arent so im pretty sure I do about as well as most. I do not see why spending a couple of hours at home amusing myself by optimizing my character makes me, by default, a worse player at the table. Also: "This was the kind of person who went on and on about how after a certain point, there wasn't any point in taking anything but a Cleric in D&D3.5." Are you kidding? Wizards can be broken much more easily and with far scarier results (See, I'm a power gamer, bad little me
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