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  1. From the demo on Youtube: 1) with the maximum possible dice roles (6 hits from 3 red dice) the VSD failed to do serious damage to a corvette. 2) The smaller rebel ships have twice the speed & 3 times the turning rate of a VSD. 3) with two "ships" to 1 VSD the turn sequence guarentees that their 2nd ship moves after it knows the final position of the VSD. Hence I'd expect the rebels to be able to get one or both ships into the rear arc of a VSD and keep them there. I doubt that's a favourable tactical positions for the VSD:)
  2. dvang said: You really think it is OK for world powers to invade an "innocent" country as a stepping stone to invade a "problem" country? And, you really think the world powers would actually allow something like that to happen? You do remeber that the invasion of Afghanistan wasn't about 30 milion Afghans or even the Taliban. It was to attack Asama bin Landen & Al'quida. Perhaps the UN is not listening to you… And no, I don't think it's OK, so their clearly not listening to me either.
  3. 1) Seems OK to me, Star players are the mercenaries of the bloodbowl teams. Anyone who pays their fee, as long as they don't activly hate them. 2) So ignore the rules & roll a dice. 3) A good idea, when playing a tournament, I find the opposite "odd" a tie too close to call is still listed as a full win for one of the players. Personally i think the idea that eveyone can loose is better. 4) "Fans", "VPs" - "fans" is more thematic. 5) If they had designed BBTM as a single game. It would have to be two player. I prefer multiplayer, which makes an entire season more appropriate.
  4. Trump said: That is a tough one. You need two guards at the same matchup to pull it off, but then you only have to do it once since you can replace that Team card when it works. So the best thing you can say about the card is you can replace it with a different one after one use. (which is really hard to manage) Trump said: Generally though, Guard IS a useful skill in that it forces your opponent to try to tackle someone who's not the ball carrier. "Generally", Yes, If by "generally" you mean for every team except the dwarves. The dwarves have ball carriers who cannot be tackled at all if they have the ball. So the dwarves have no use for guards to protect the ball carier.
  5. Dark Bunny Lord said: ....so I really don't see the problem. Sure you didn't really "use" the guard, but the end result was the same. I think the problem is the dwarves have a "team card" which is virtually unusable. If might as well be a blank card. The end result would only be the same if that team skill ability could not be activated, when the guard is the target of the tackle.
  6. local wholesaler has delivery now, so I guess in flgs by Oct 4th.
  7. So when can we buy this...? For those of us who didn't get it at gencon.
  8. Steve-O said: I suppose Oceania is the official name of the "continent" including Australia and all those little island nations, you're right about that. But that's still only six if the Americas are one. I thought "Oceania" is the name in "1984" for the aliance of USA and "Airstrip-One" a.k.a. Britain.
  9. Steve-O said: I concur with Sigma, this game has nothing substantial in common with Runewars. It has a fantasy theme and it has four factions, that's it. I don't even see any great similarity between these factions and Runewars'. I'm sure there's a human faction in there somewhere, which may even have foot soldiers, archers and possibly even seige engines, but that's pretty generic stuff for fantasy, really. Humans; tick. Elves: tick. Undead: tick. Ok no barbarian/demons, CoN has Orcs instead. So 3 out of 4 on races. Heroes who complete quests for magic items & victory points - Heroes who raid dungeons for magic items and victory points. tick. Runestones (aka. Victory points) more important than conquest: tick. CoN looks a lot like runewars to me. Differences: Heroes who both explore & fight as part of the armies - looks a bit like the new runewars expansion to me. Rune wars has action cards which you choose for the turn, no equivalent in CoN.. But they can always do an expansion, right...? Combat system, with the units attacking in a carefully chereographed seqeunce (oh no, CoN has wizards, that's another tick)
  10. Kushiel said: I can't argue with your experience. In my own, cylon players who have picked a character who doesn't have anything to offer the cylon team while hidden (like Cain), but can only offer "not helping the humans," aren't as good as characters who can actively hurt the humans with their abilities. The reason for this is simple: if I play Cain and am a cylon, the only way I can use my OPG to hurt the humans (most of the time) is not to use it. Try using Cain's jump, just prior to the cylon fleet arriving. That resets the human jump prep to zero, just at the point when they needed to jump. I have seen Galactica explode within one round when Cain does that. Of course smart human opponents will consider that jump as proof your a Cylon. But since galactica is not likly to survive. Whatever the humans think is now moot. This action by Cain can leave the humans in a position so desperate, that that can't even afford the action to brig/shoot Cain.
  11. Skowza hsa expressed my opionion accurately. It's based on about 50 games of BSG, about half with Laura and half with some other president. Initially I tried this strategy just to stop one player who "always" played Baltar, from messing us up as president. But the results shifted way in favour of the humans. Playing Laura becomes an exercise in finding something constructive to do. Other president's just don't have that incentive, with nothing "urgent" to do they get lazy, stop looking for a strong action and draw quorum cards. Laura's strength is she prevents anyone else from doing it. If someone else tries to become president just after the sleeper phase, it's almost certain they have just drawn a "you are a cylon" card. Even when it's a human who replaces Laura, it usually ends badly for the humans. If your playing with pegasus, there is always something stronger to do than drawing quorum cards. If your playing without Pegasus, There is (very very)rarely no useful action, so drawing a quorum card is only a small loss. Testing this strategy is easy, play Laura for one game, you don't need to even tell the other -players that your testing an "unorthodox" strategy. As Laura, you will be president & you obviously won't draw quorum cards... Note: Pre-Exodus, It's requires extreem circumstances for Humans to loose with Laura as President. Exodus is much better balenced.
  12. TheFlatline said: I'm waiting to hear what this perfect, infallible strategy is. Iv'e stated it elsewhere on these forums, never, ever, under any conditions. waste an action drawing a quorum card.
  13. Ellen's card draw is relaible, 2 extra per round. The problem with Tory's card draw is that it's dependant on drawing quorum cards that are worth the action to play. Many of them just arn't. And enoungh are activly bad that it's a net liability to draw them. Remember when the president draws quorum cards, that you don't actually know if the president will be human or cylon when they play them. And since you don't know that, drawing quorum cards becomes very much like loading a pistol, just before playing russian roulette It works fine. if the cylons end up being the target. But the humans are better off if they never load any ammunition. I didn't say Ellen + Kat were strong, I said they were better than Tory.
  14. We leave it in the game box. moving it is 5 seconds wasted each turn. And when (not if) you forget to move it it's worse than useless.
  15. Tier-1: President: Laura Roslin, Drawing 2 crisis cards makes her one of the strongest charcters. And her "liability" is an advantage to the president. Admiral: Cain, that umplotted jump can save the humans a lot of time & damage. CAG: Starbucket, Technically Appolo is a better pilot, but Starbuck also draws a blue card each turn, so she can repair the Galactica when there are no civilian ships to protect. And the double action when returning from a fighter can be awesome. Blue: Cally, shooting some toasters butt off is always good, or the reverse if Cally herself is a toaster. Tier-2: President; Ellen Tigh, her 2 extra skill cards are more reliable (every turn) than Tory's. Her "liability" of 1 treachery card can be used to "detect" covert cylons. And she can give high valued cards to Kat if she's in the game. Admiral: Helo, rerolling nukes is clearly an advantage. CAG; Kat, Galtica or Pegausus main guns are a big part of the fleets defense. And Kat is the best "Gunner" in the fleet. She is however the worst pilot. Blue: Chief Tyrol Tier-3: President: None, if anyone else tries to become president, "shoot the fraking toaster" Admiral: Lt.Gatea. he does draw a blue card each turn & can make himself admiral while getting out of the brig. CAG; Appolo, sure, he's the best pilot, but discarding random cards can hurt a lot. And he's worthless at anything except CAG. Blue: If your really, seriously desperate, then Baltar might be considered the 3rd best at this. But I'd advise you not to trust any player who chooses Baltar further than you can throw a basestar.
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