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  1. lol, yeah. Centerville should be a fun meet-up. I don't know about any of you guys, but I've never been to a regional (Or worlds/nationals for that matter) that ever started within 15 minutes of the start time. The YottaQuest one did. The only delay was working out the pairings to avoid meta mates playing each other round one. The local that showed up late had to miss the first round. We didn't wait for him at all. I thought byes were given to the lowest scoring player. Am I right on that one?
  2. With that nastiness out of the way, I'd like to say that I was really happy with the spread of decks. I was surprised to see only one other stark deck besides my own. I'm very excited that what I thought to be a more cute agenda than teir 1 just plain stomping (TLV). I only personally encountered a small handful of the decks at the tournament but enjoyed what I saw. A special shout out to Michael Pandorf and his Lani deck. Our game ended pretty quickly with some lucky stark answers to his lannister tomfoolery. But, I found the design really impressive! Game of Thrones continues to impress with it's deck diversity. Targ burn still exists too much. For that I am sad, but that's more of a personal vendetta than a reasonable distaste They do require skilled pilots.
  3. Indeed. I am now called upon by Yottaquest (I'm not even an employee of the store) because of this thread, to clear up the 'Conspiratory Events' of the tournament. This Xbox live style flaming is now threatening my favorite activity and something I care about very much. This is a game and a community I've dedicated the last 4 years of my life to pretty heavily and because of what can only be a misinterpretation of my friendly and engaging personality (Yes, sometimes twitchy), is very much at stake. So in Yottaquest's defense, they do care. I was asked by the store owner of the centerville game store to TO their regional in May. I accepted, but might have to decline at this point if I'm somehow under the acceptable par. I wish this could have been addressed personally. I hope that at least some appreciated what we put together here and Luigi is not speaking for everyone. It at least seemed as such.
  4. Wowzer! I thought you had some legitimate complaints but this is just hostile. I don't know what would be considered colluding in my behavior. I'd like to get some lessons if this is legit. I've been to several worlds and worked side by side with Nate and Ktom. I wouldn't consider myself a rules guru by far but I made a point to only have casual conversations after games and only ever answered rules questions when addressed. I did pop in and prevent a player from putting a "deciet" back in his hand after he played it on the final table. If you saw me giving advice at any time, I can't really answer to that. It simply didn't happen. I'm sorry that you drove so far and didn't place as well as you felt you should have. 1/3rd of my Meta would have been in top 8 if we would have cut to top 8, so we should be so salty. Sometimes ya just don't win. We placed: 6th (Me) 7th 9th 11th 13th 17th
  5. Hey there! Todd here. Myself and Skowza were the TOs of the event and agree that the 5 swiss, no lunch and cut to 4 unstead of 8 was poorly done. We all tried to petition it to no avail. Nonetheless, the tourney was a success and deserving players still came out on top. I would like to make a point to say that last year for regionals, when the tournament was run by the store owner, it was run very well with no complaints. Lunch break and top 8 included For this year's event the store owner was unfortunately sick. So, it was placed upon the two employees of the day with no real preparation for the LCG styles. And to be fair, they are only experienced in running the nightly MtG tournament events (Where being stern and brief is a must). It was a sad turn of events and is being addressed. In any case, I hope you change your mind and give us a shot again next year.
  6. In what way are Naval Enhancement characters affected by stealth? The Foxes Teeth? It is my assumption that because tehy cannot be 'declared' as defenders in these cases, that whether or not it is in the framework doesn't matter.
  7. Thank you. That's what I figured. One argument that I might get is that the dreadfort calls for you to play a card of 3 strength or higher. While the card has 3 str when the response window opens, I never 'played' a bolton card of 3 str or higher. Funny how these things work.
  8. I think I've heard this answered before but with Regionals coming up, I need confirmation. If I have winterfell castle in play and the dreadfort, does playing a bolton refugee trigger the Dreadfort's draw response?
  9. Chewbacca's ability might actually work on his way out. In Game of Thrones, designed and published by the much of the same team, reactions can be played off of Moribund cards(Those on the way out of play).
  10. At Yottaquest in the Mt.Healthy area, our LCG playground plays Star Wars and other FFG LCGs every Monday starting around 4 O'clock. We also meet up and play throughout the week when schedules meet up. If you are interested in exploring the Star Wars LCG and live close to Cincinatti, come on down on a Monday night! (You should also message me here on the forums)
  11. I'm excited to see the new, unbanned versions of Compelled by the Rock and Hagar! Any thoughts on what they might be?
  12. haha, thanks! I was looking all over profile options for this. I never thought to check the front page. I haven't seen that page in years.
  13. I suppose I could drop this in any forum, but because Agot is the #1 supreme awesome, I'll come to this community Is there a feature on the FFG forums to send an email alert when there is new News on the forum of your choice? Is this a feature you would/do utilize? Personally, I tire of constantly checking the forums for updates, especially since the FFG page is rather laggy much of the time. But, I need my fix of new spoiled cards and such so It would be very convenient in my opinion.
  14. I do like your idea, if that means anything to you. lol I think we all have card ideas floating around. The goal is to win a major tournament so you are called upon to design a champion card
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