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  1. Gah, thanks for pointing that out Mill, I can't believe I forgot about the Spyders. Huh, well....... I guess I should stop posting at 1am >.<. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to wing an explanation if its needed. maybe they're not fully powered up (they're still waking up?) or maybe they're the necron equivalent of pilots. Maybe I should work a different angle and the necrons. Oh well thanks for the help, even when it makes me look like a fool lol.
  2. Alright, first off, I'd like to thank everyone who's participated in this discussion so far. As far as designing the adventure I'm going to run it as a follow up so the local governor will have a reason to give the pc's some extra firepower. The first part of the adventure is a fairly basic investigation into the murder of the former governor. After they get through that there will be a disaster at the mine, or at least there will be no communication from the mine. Considering the miners rotate "shifts" every 2 days, and its been 3 or 4 days since anyone's been seen coming from there, the new governor will ask if the players would be willing to take a look. As an added incentive she'll be willing to loan them a few bolters and some ammunition (30 rounds/ pc) "in case there's some sort of trouble down there". The pc's will also be outfitted with blasting equipment (basic enough for no skill checks, "set down, get around the corner, push the detonator" type) in case of a collapse. There will also be 5 npc's to accompany them for heavy lifting, and as guides. When they arrive at the last planned blasting site they find the area littered with bodies, and the far wall is metalic (rather than white/beige, like the rest of the tunnel walls), reminiscent of a ships hull with a big gaping hole. The necrons I've decided to use are pretty much a powered down version of the warriors, and only a few actually have weapons. My idea for this is this ship was carrying a laborer type rather than actual warriors. When a warrior teleports out of battle, these are the guys who do any sort of welding that may be needed (i.e. if a warrior shows up in multiple pieces rather than just dented out of shape), they also do most of the welding, wireing and general maintenence any ship may need, to get it up to speed faster (and the emperor only knows what else an immortal race may need laborers for) . As such they are quite agile, but rather fragile as well. Their main weapons will be cutter torches, which are actually a part of their left hands (at the finger tips), with a couple of the disintegrator guns (litterally, 8 laborers only 2 have ranged weapons, and since these are "lower powered" I'm also ruling that they need a round to charge as well) . As far as anything else goes I may use a wraith, but more as a plot device to induce paranoia, rather than a planned encounter (though, it may be a "boss" type character). Ideally the characters will go in, find the necrons beginning to wake, take out what they can and seal the rest in with the explosives. I'll just have to hint at the whole "seal them back in" thing (possibly through vox communication with the governor).
  3. Brunswick, Maine at the local store in town generally. Mostly dnd unfortunately, on the upside the dm there is interested in someone else starting a game and knows a bit about 40k, so I just need to get him interested and see if he can bring a couple more players... I will convert as many as I can, for the glory of the Emperor! or at least I'll have a regular group for my adventure ideas rather than when I can get my friends on skype >.<
  4. While an actual connection is unlikely, you could always play through the video game when it comes out and use it (weather you use the plot, or it just has some sort of impact on the greater universe in general). hrmmmm..... this is looking like a great year or two for 40k enthusiasts however you look at it. also waiting patiently for the 40k mmo (I've been seeing rumors on the internets for years, I can wait for a little while yet.)
  5. Polaria said: John24 said: Just out of curiosity, how do the necrons repair/heal? Do they need a source of metal? Or do they just regenerate it from nothing? I still have an idea for lower powered versions, but I don't know enough of the details. The Necron bodies are made of "living metal", a stuff so advanced that it is impossible for even Tech Priests to create. Their regeneration works because the metal itself is practically indestructible and no matter what kind of weapons the necron is hit with the metal will only be bent or blown out of shape but not "destroyed", this metal "lives" and thus rearranges itself to correct any damaged functions. If enough of the "living metal" is blown away and scattered around that the necrons energy cores are shut down (as will happen if the necron is hit with hugely overwhelming firepower) the necron cannot produce enough energy tp rearrange itself and will phase-out to nearest tomb where the tombs will provide it with the energy needed to rearrange it. On some occasions necron units that are critically damaged to the point of eventual phase-out have succesfully repaired themselves. This is because of a device called "Resurrection Orb" which makes a fusion reaction like a miniature sun, and the Necrons feed off the solar radiation and enhancing their living metal's regenerative properties. Ok, good to know. The only question I have then is can the metal corrode?
  6. It all comes down to how you define "noble". I'm pretty sure I have a different idea of a noble ideology compared with someone from the middle ages, and their concept of nobility would vary from say, the samurai code. It all comes down to interpretation and culture. So you get a bunch of guys from radically different cultures and all act and react differently to the same situations and yet each sees his own actions as noble.
  7. Hey, thanks for the pdf, it'll help a lot. I think I may hold this idea for a little bit, until the characters have gained a few ranks. Just out of curiosity, how do the necrons repair/heal? Do they need a source of metal? Or do they just regenerate it from nothing? I still have an idea for lower powered versions, but I don't know enough of the details. As far as them being on dead worlds, yep I did understand that. The world I'm going to place them on is basically made of salt, sand and water and not much else. And I was going to use a single (rather small) tomb ship rather than having the characters discover a tomb world. The concept I had was this ship was heading away from a major battle, it and all its passengers (cargo?) were pretty heavily damaged. It entered orbit around a young star that still had a dust cloud around it (pretty much went into the cloud to hide) and was stuck there when the mass shutdown happened. Over time the small planet that had be building up crossed paths with the ship, by that I mean it pretty much ran into it more or less crashlanding the ship on the planet. The rest of the dust eventually was absorbed by the planet (or by one of the other 4 in the system). Fast forward 60 million years (give or take a few). Currently the world of Salara has a mining settlement on it. This settlement is around half a million people, as it was established only a few hundred years ago. Supposedly the original governor of the planet was a rogue trader who decided he'd had enough of space travel, so he gave his ship and charter to his eldest son and used his political clout (money) to gain a settlement charter and some equipment (an enviro dome, massive air purifiers, colonists, etc). His real reason for settling this rather barren somewhat toxic rock was due to a reading he'd had taken of the planet, which showed a large mass of heavy metal embedded in the planet. He figured it was something valuable, so he set up a settlement thinking to dig down to it in few decades at most, this was 400 years ago and now his great-great-great(etc) grandson rules as governor. The characters are originaly sent there because the governor has been assassinated, and while this may call for inquisitorial attention, the planet is such a backwater that the inquisitor doesn't feel its an important enough issue to take care of personally.
  8. MILLANDSON said: You don't get "invited" to join the Grey Knights, they are an entire chapter in their own right with their own geneseed and the like. Ahh, thanks I had forgotten that, it's been awhile since I'd read the books. Next time I'll be sure to do some more research before I post.
  9. Kanluwen said: I'm not quite sure what you're disagreeing with, considering you basically parroted what I said Johnwithout reading the "in addition to the normal role of slaughtering Xenos" bit it seems. But I'll field the statement anyways: Yes, the Grey Knights are SOMETIMES fielded in vast numbers to combat a threat(Armageddon II, Vraks, the 13th Black Crusade for example)I can't think of any time where the entirety of the Deathwatch has been pulled into one massive counterpush against a Xenos incursion. Because that's not how the Deathwatch operates. The Deathwatch is, much like the Grey Knights, about precision over brute force. Neither are ever fielded by themselves. They're used in (relatively) small numbers as part of an overarching plan. The Inquisition would allow entire Army Groups of Imperial Guard to be slaughtered just to give the Grey Knights or Deathwatch an opening to exploit. Ah, sorry bout that, seems I misunderstood what you were saying.... oh no, its too late for me to edit my post >.<. oh well. As far as generaly operations go, the biggest difference is that the Grey Knights recruit directly, while the Deathwatch is a temporary assignment. other than that the Deathwatch is to the Ordo Xenos what the Grey Knights are to the Ordo Malleus, more or less. ok, I'll stop talking now before I say something else equally dumb, or make more typos....
  10. Kanluwen said: Boneguard said: With the Deathwatch, I would like to see: 1) More Xenos (Hrud, Jakaero, Tarrelian, etc.) 2) Rules for Grey Knight. (maybe not in the main book, but as a sourcebook . they play a similar role but for the Malleus.) In regards to #2...that's not *completely* true. The Grey Knights are a strike force that is usually deployed in an offensive role, which operate for the most part out of Titan and Nemesis Tessera. The Deathwatch are more akin to a normal Chapter than Chamber Militant. There are worlds the Deathwatch maintain(Necron Tomb Worlds, for example, usually have a Deathwatch orbital station above waiting for them to awaken) security on, and in addition to the normal role of slaughtering Xenos...the Deathwatch also are used to recover Xenos technology/specimens for study by the Ordos Xenos. I'm afraid I have to disagree. While the http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Deathwatch Deathwatch deals with zenos, the Grey Knights are only mobilized for the greatest of Demonic threats. The Grey Knights are the ones you call in to cleanse a world under demonic control (more or less) so long as the world can be taken back without resorting to exterminatus. They deal with the big Demons. Just like the Deathwatch deals with large scale Xenos invasions http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Deathwatch Deathwatch article, W40k wiki http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Grey_Knights Grey Knights article, W40k wiki
  11. Rant said: Not all Space Marines are brain wiped. Actually MOST aren't. I think the Grey Knights are the only ones that do it as an all the time practice but I could be wrong on that. As I understand it, yes the Grey Knights are the only Space Marines to get brainwiped. Mind, the Brain wiping is voluntary, if you get invited to join the grey knights you have to go thru it, not sure what happens if you refuse the wipe, but I'm pretty sure you can refuse. The Grey Knights get brain wiped at the start of their training because they deal directly with Chaos and Demons, and anything from their pasts can feasably be used against them. So to prevent the Demons and Chaos in general from tempting them / using their pasts for psycological warfare the Grey Knights basically erase their own pasts. At least thats how I understood it from the explanation given in the Grey Knights novels.
  12. flightmek25 said: 2.) Maybe the Necrons are "awakening" due to the PCs medelling and they are not at full strength just yet. The PCs need to fight off quasi-Necrons while attempting to thwart the Necron's ressurection sequence. This is something I was contemplating, and the possibility that they may be weakened from other things (IE the environment/ type of planet prevents them from "healing" to a degree, or at least has resulted in a weaker form of the metal they're made from. I may still run with this. flightmek25 said: 3.) What if the players discover a one-time-use assortment of weapons that can turn the Necrons to mush? These will have to be either a.) short on ammo, b.) on the brink of failure, or c.) dependant on the environment they are used in. Again - you don't want to establish some kind of super-advantage the Empire can have over the Necrons or the adventure will scream cheese! something like this could actually work in a survival horror style of campaign, maybe the planetary governer, or his chief of security/general has a few bolters, but only a few and limited ammo... hrmmmmm......... I may do something with this as well
  13. Cool, thanks for the help and guidelines, maybe I'll hold off for a little bit, I can alter the current adventure to something a little more suitable atm. perhaps Ill hold off on the necrons idea I have for the Ascension book instead.
  14. Hey all, I'm thinking of writing a campaign (or at least the first couple of adventures) dealing with the necrons. Has anyone converted them yet? I do realize they're too powerful vs. PCs, but getting the players involved in a necron attack/emergence on one of the borderworlds of the calixis sector is something I'd like to try. I'm pretty sure tho that i can't just take the minis game stats and multiply by 10. So if anyone has any insight I'd love to hear your ideas. J24
  15. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them try the fireborn setting as an LCG. The rpg had a lot of possibility, and its a shame to see that IP go to waste.
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