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  1. Kryyst said: Mechanically if every creature fired on ever turn then you'd be in a situation where 1 COG moves 12 enemies move and shoot, then 1 COG moves and those same 12 enemies moved and shot again. So after 4 cogs moved then all the enemies could have moved 4 times and shot 48 times. It just wouldn't work. That isn't what I want. I'm afraid of situations like: F. E. AI deck consist of 6 general , A, B, C carda, for a total of 24 cards If they aren't shuffled well, you could draw 6 B cards in you first 10 draws, than end up with a bunch of locust that won't act till cog's next 14 actions (and then you still have to draw them, after the deck is reshuffled).
  2. My main concern after reading the manual is that it's possible for a several locust just stand in the area of a cog soldier and do nothing for several turns, just beacuse you didn't pull out their AI card. Is this correct?
  3. Check both the FAQ and UFAQ. People answering question should too: Millitary bonus is not a resource, so your scout cannot transfer it from enemy barracks, but still you block all of its benefits, including the the +2/+4 strength
  4. They work and are placed just like building but they ain't one. If something affects building it doesn't work on Wonders and Great People. There are some Culture Cards that specify that they work on Great People and that GP is lost. The rulebook specifies when can you keep him: "However, great people have one significant advantage over buildings. If they are replaced (by having a building, wonder, or another great person placed in their square), they are held in reserve and returned to the player’s civilization sheet instead of being discarded." So if the city is destroyed or the GP himself is killed, you simply discard him.
  5. Yes. Why wouldn't? Check the rules for nukes it says cities other than capital (or something like that).
  6. Nothing says about the order in which you should do actions in start of turn. So why not?
  7. You can't give coins. Played yesterday, some of the promises: Romans gave Egiptians some trade, so that they will atack my Russian flag. Egyptians will use the technology (or was it culture event) that gives 9 trade and will give the 6 trade to a player that will give them 3 back.
  8. 5 or 6 is no issue, as I know the rules, but I can't find anythining in the rules that will support either version, so I asked if I've omitted some rules or what,
  9. Enemy flag is in my outskirts and I have enginnering. Can I build two flags and drop them on the enemy? Or do I build one, put him on the enemy, have a fight, than put the other? I know I can build both in the outskirts than simply move them, but I don't want to risk a "Stop Movememant" action being played on me.
  10. Well if they hadn't written that you can only move each marine once, everyone would know how this rule would work. And there would be noe confusion.
  11. I always randomly choose my teams. Only once I've discarded the tokens and choose once again, cause I got exactly the same teams as previous game.
  12. Muk2

    Favorite team?

    It's kinda shame with the green team, I don' t like playing them (I always choose randomly).
  13. I don't understand that either, and I usually just add the missing ones. Maybe they want you to go through the whole deck more often. In case someone counts that all the "claw gs" are already gone, and I know that next card only moves claws (thanks to the scout abillity) so now I know that nothing will move.
  14. There is a rule, that when you kill all GS and blip piles are empty you automayicly win the game, no mather the level 4 rules.
  15. Muk2


    Forgive me for asking such a dumb question. But what is this Silver Line (I know it's a group of products), but differents it from other games ?
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