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  1. it also states in the book that revealed encounters can still be played as an ambush. Wax Cylinders just shows the hunters what encounters are on that location.
  2. no, it states in the rules that Encounter Vampires are played exactly like dracula. when Dracula is revealed, combat takes place on the NEXT dawn/dusk. so it works the same for Encounter Vampires. combat usually begins at Dusk (since hunters move in the day action). the only time it would occur during the dawn, is if hunters played the event card that allows them to travel at night. no, it states in the rule reference that a Vampire remains in play if it wins combat, or escapes (mist/bat form). in other words, you have to kill it to get rid of it. this only applies to the Vampire Encounters you fight, the Arusticratic vampire works like a regular event card. also if a Vampire escapes combat, it states in the riules that the Vampire encounter does not travel, combat ends and it simply remains on its location. "if one or more hunters is in the same location with dracula, combat occures after the time marker is advanced" so combat still occures during dawn/dusk AFTER the time marker is moved. did Dr. Seward move to dracula after he was defeated? or did the fight take place at a city with a hospital? if he was at the hospital and its dawn, all he can do is 1.) move to the attached city, or 2.) supply (getting an item card but no event card.) he would still have to move into the city to fight dracula. which means combat begins at dusk.
  3. A place to post pictures of your Painted Fury of Dracula Models! id thought id share what i did for my models to give other hobbiest ideas .
  4. well like i explained this is a "house" character to our Descent group. i merely was looking for the community's take on it. obvioulsy i cant make an official character unless i was a developer of the game hehe, i just wanted to make a vampire character and this is what i came up with. if you guys have other ideas for a vampire character id love to hear them, this is my first time making a Character so im not expecting to do it right the first time round.
  5. thanks for the reply everyone, yes the character has legal stats and has 4 points remaining, able to get a rank 2. i personally perfer the risk and having more wounds. but you make a good point about trading them up to the Conquest value. in all thank you very much for the feedback!!
  6. me and my friends created a program that uses the Official Character creation math/rules that will allow us to make our own custom characters. aside from adding pictures, you can also change the UI color theme (the Red outline). we may decided to offer it to the public so long as we arent breaking any laws in doing so. we decided that we wanted to have unique character abilities because we got tired of the vanilla Abilities that are in the Custom Character rules. im a huge vampire fan and originally wanted to do some sort of draining attack, however any type of heal/regeneration is really a touchy balance subject in RTL, so instead i decided to go with a fun utility type character. as you see Count Stravokov has to spend 2 fatigue to transform into one of the forms. each form being an actual ability (Charge is an OL Avatar ability that allows the Avatar to move double movement and attack). now he has to spend the fatigue to use the ability, and can only use one form per turn. so what do you guys think. does the character look balanced? keep in mind we only have RTL/WoD/AoD for the time being. but id like the community's impute to make sure he is within reasonable playing range for RTL campaigns.
  7. my friends and i recently bought Descent, and we are looking to purchase RTL this weekend to try the advanced campaign. we all read the RTL rules on the website so we are ready to play once we get the box, however we got into a minor argument concerning the "Special abilitys" listed at the bottom. for example, Necromancy is Listed both in the Rule book at the bottom under "special ability's", as well as being listed in the corresponding city in which you need to purchase the skill. we know that Necromancy was introduced in Altar of despair. our question is, would it be Legitimate to use this ability (and other listed ability's in RTL) without the AoD/corresponding expansions?
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