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  1. Collect and play both side, since it's for casual play with my spouse, I'm the only one providing ships
  2. 2 core, 3 of each fighter packs, 3 assault frigates, 3 gladiator, 1 additional vsd, 1 additional corvette and nebulon.
  3. Damage is when you get damage cards, just hitting the shield is not inflicting damage.
  4. Can we check anytime for fire range angle to see if a ship will or is in the bracket to fire on it?
  5. I'm un unlimited collector, that like giant fleet battles, that need it's toys NOW, and that for now is going on a limited budget, so snif, kind of depressed.
  6. Do you find it strange that the escort of fighters like the X-Wing are slower than a CR-90 or Nebulon-B frigate. When you compare the move that these capital ships do at speed 3 and/or 4 for example, they go faster than a X-Wing limited to the speed of 3 on the distance ruler. These can't keep up and are left behind when in fact they must be in front to screen the capital ships. When looking at Wookie Pedia, the corvette is supposed to have a lower maximum acceleration than the X-Wing T65 (the best known) It may be less apparent from the Empiree standpoint since the VSD are a lot slower than a Tie Fighter. But even a Tie fighter, that is supposed to be very fast, cannot compeat with a corvette at speed 4. I love the game, but found this fact to be breaking what we see in the movies Any thought?
  7. It prevent slipping up to a point but it still not perfect. For that I ordered a Gripmat from a Kickstarter project. This will be for my 36x36. Right now I'm using a felt mat with some rubber ciment spread on the back side so that th mat will not slip itself of the table. The HOTZ map that I have is for more Epic games since it's more than 6 X 3.
  8. With wing of war, I and 2, Sails of Glory, X-wing I will probably get into Armada also, but no Imperial Assault, my wallet and girlfriend would kill me
  9. The way to do it is not painting it on the mini, but doing it on the computer, print it on decal paper on your ink jet and the apply to the mini. I have done it for many of my mini for wings of war biplanes. It look great.
  10. I also got a p.a.c.k 720 with premade trays and 2 pluck ones and i just love it
  11. Already on preorder, 2 transports and 1 corvette, but that won't be for christmas
  12. I buy for mostly all of these reasons, I'am addicted to Star Wars, since 1977, being a collector of Wings of War, First and Second, it was so natural to get into this game to the fullest. I can create nearly all the squads, buy to fill my Battlefoam bag, will love the cinematic campaign because I like big scenarios and I'm thinking into painting 2 of my firesprays into Krassis and Scarlet, and my second falcon in a different paint scheme. I ordered 3 Imperial aces so that I will hae a wing all of the same color, for both ships, 2 transports and 1 corvette for cinematic play. I wait anxiously for the shipping of all of these, and my additionals wave 1 ships. Hope they arrive soon.
  13. On the site they just shown that these two are shipping now. The boat has arrived!
  14. Nilliom


    Right now Battlefoam are with Black friday sale 25% off.Just ordered another one for the Sail of Glory game that is coming soon.
  15. Nilliom


    I have battlefoam pack720 with there special x-wing trays and love it. Its expensive but it keep the mini safe. But I find that they have costly shipping
  16. Where is the battery situated and how do you turn it on or off?
  17. Imperial Aces is now to the Printer
  18. I don't think the problem of wings of war was FFG, it was Nexus the original company that was producing wings of war. FFG was only the distributor for the americas. Nexus died and another company took the brand : Ares Games
  19. Nilliom

    On the boat

    The Tie advanced and Y-Wing are shown as on the boat on the upcoming page!
  20. Got my y-wings and tie advanced today, and they all have the sept13 date.
  21. Nilliom

    Jan Ors question.

    The die count only on one of the attack, could be the first or second, thats your choice, but only one
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