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  1. Appologies if this has already been gone over many times in this forum, but since I didn't see it in the top couple of pages I thought I'd ask it again. I'm a bit confused on Luke Skywalker's ability and I want to make sure that I"m playing it correctly. The part that I'm not sure on is the "You cannot perform another attack this round". I was playing this as the YT-1300 couldn't perform another attack this round (which would be possible if you took both Luke Skywalker and the Mercenary Gunner). I've seen elsewhere on the web that it has been interpreted that you can't attack with any other ships in your fleet…which just seems odd. The only reason why I'd argue that it's the individual ship that cannot perform any other attacks is due to the first part of the card "After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediately perform a primary weapon attack." The "you" is referring to that particular ship. If you apply the "You cannot perform another attack this round" to your entire fleet then that means the first portion of that card would apply to all of your ships as well. For example, if your X-wing didn't score a hit Luke in the YT-1300 would be able to make an attack…and that just doesnt' make sense to me. So if someone could please let me know how to play this card correctly, that would be fantastic. Thanks!
  2. I just got the Wells of Darkness and found out that I got two Brother Glyr miniatures and did not get the Nanok of the Blade. Is there a way that I could possibly get that model? Or am I pretty much SOL? I honestly was kinda disappointed since Nanok looks so cool on the card!!! If anyone knows who I could contact or any suggestions that would be great! Thanks!
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