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  1. deleted. Answered better in later posts.
  2. I'm not sure I understand why they have made a distinction between small and large ships with this new ruling. There are a handful of small base ships with significant levels of hull and shield. I guess the smalls don't really see the level of abuse with extreme damage mitigation that a few of the large ship builds do?
  3. That's weird, I don't remember GnR ever doing a cover of Poison.
  4. I understand that it would be a lot of work, but if one dedicated person chose to do it, an index thread could be created and maintained with links to all of the painting sub-forum's former contents. Truth is, it could be even more organized than the former sub-forum ever was. The maintainer could reserve the first dozen replies and then use them like pages in a table of contents to categorize the threads into groupings such as repaints, mods and custom builds. Then as people make new painting related threads, they could just drop a reply in the index thread to let the maintainer know that they have content to add. edit -- Never mind. Looks like somebody already beat me to it.
  5. You seem to be implying that gaining 9 affiliations is a trivial task. It's not. If a player accomplishes this, they have every right to attempt to beat the scenario in the manner that you suggest. Also remember that if this is in fact the preferred method of beating the scenario, ever player has an equal opportunity to attempt it in this way.
  6. I've run through a solo game or at least a portion of one multiple times to familiarize myself with the rules and components. I find this handy so when I present the game to friends who haven't played before or read the rules, I can present the game quickly and with reasonable certainty that I am giving valid information. As a solo play experience, however, I cannot really recommend the game under most of the given scenarios. A few of the scenarios such as Shoulder to Shoulder and Black Crusade lend themselves more to solo play as these are cooperative scenarios where all of the players are competing against the scenario instead of against each other. This allows you to strategize with your characters vs. the scenario rather than trying to figure out how a "smart" player might act in a given situation to beat the other players.
  7. You're on the wrong board. http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/forum/41-warhammer-40000-conquest-general-discussion/ is a much better place to keep up with the game. It's also an official FFG forum.
  8. I think it would have been more thematic for him to modify one of the opponent's dice rolls. It seems to me that the emperor is way too much of a turd to be so cuddly and caring for his own pilots. Now, causing the enemy to run into asteroids, messing with their piloting while they are trying to evade or making them whif an important attack? Absolutely!
  9. I think the designers have quite intentionally not given anything red anti-fighter dice at this point. Being able to fire at every single squadron in arc all the way out to long range might be a bit too much.
  10. That was much faster than expected, and your own website to boot. Very impressive. I'll download and begin crafting later today. Thanks.
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. I scanned these at 600 dots per inch. They look ok at normal resolution, but the grain of the paper looks really bad when you zoom in. Hopefully they will suffice. I can do a higher resolution scan if that will help, but this image is already over 7 megs.
  12. I double checked with all the fighters from wave 1, and they all fit just fine in the same size boxes as the core fighters. The B-Wings are pushing the limit and bump snugly into the lid when it's closed. Maybe an extra mm or two could be added to the height of that box to allow for a bit of error in the assembly process, but it isn't absolutely necessary. Anyway, I look forward to the updated boxes for the rest of wave 1. In the meantime, I have plenty of work to do assembling the boxes for the ships that already have hangar templates. As always, keep up the good work and thank you SirWillibald.
  13. The number of waves produced will be exactly one greater than the number of waves with good sales numbers.
  14. I've never seen a liar on the internet.
  15. Clear sleeves are readily available at less than a penny per sleeve.
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