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  1. No, they will not be compatible. It was posted in the beta announcement section. It would seem that the editions only share the d100 system and name most other things works differently.
  2. I dont think Enviromentally sealed is and upgrade per usual. Its just an armour that would be immune to certain weapons and eviromental effekts.
  3. If i remember correctly CG are a kind of Skitarii special forces of the Lathes. That would make them better than your average Skitarii.
  4. The Tech priest is the power source for his weapon, that also why he doesnt have to reload.
  5. Try to help him with background info without bogging the game down, like after a session. Exterminatus is only when there is no apparent way of salvaging a situation, examples would be Daemon Worlds, Worlds lost to Tyranids or Ensalver Infestations that are planet wide. A strong psyker with some backup? not even worth considering exterminatus. You send assassins perhaps and take him out so he can't destroy the planet, or send the PDF or other armed forces at his Xenos friends. You have to remember that Exterminatus is final in most cases, you cant use the planet for anything anymore. And the Imperium can't mass produce or terra form planets all the time (not even sure they can at all).
  6. Heres my take on it. As far as i know you can only buy up to your WP + CP bonus Psy rating, also it auto caps at 10. Blasphemous Incantation doesn't count towards this cap as far as i know, thus when you have capped your Psy rating you can buy BI and get more power for your spells, but at a price.
  7. Looks good to me, you have an upcoming waagh threatening af planet (possibly the entire system), the rest is pretty much mission/adventure hooks and background. The only thing that itches me is that they send multiple Kill Teams from the Deathwatch, id probably lower it to one Kill Team, as i dont think one world warrants more than one kill team.
  8. I would prefer an Ordo Xenos book as the next one, but Administratum wouldnt be too bad either as we make great use of Adepts. Actually i would also love a book or a series of book that focus on the sector and its sub-sectors, with information on prominent people in it/them.
  9. Id say i depends alot on the Inquisitor in questin, but i would imagine a person with that much power would be rather angry when he doesnt get what he wants. Also depending on the PC's reasoning for not following the order, the inquisitor may be convinced it was the right call to refuse the order.
  10. It looks like a stronger version of the Dark Heresy Iron Discipline talent since your "minion" only fails on a roll that shows doubles.
  11. Every line, with the exception of Black Crusade, have so far gotten their own bestiary eventually. It is safe to assume the same is going to happen for Only War. If you want more monsters now you will have to buy some of the other lines bestiaries. I doubt however that every major race is going to have a part in the bestiary as it makes no sense for the established setting. The setting as of now have Orks, Humans, Chaos and Dark Eldar, with stats for multiple monsters of each race in the core rules. You dont really need any more to make scenarios. Maybe they would include some Eldar because the Rogue trader setting is fairly close, but otherwise i dont think we'll see many more races come into Only War.
  12. Im pretty sure its not in the beta rules, but the same question popped up during the beta testing and i recall it being adressed in the weekly beta updates. I cant find said updates however since the beta forum got cancelled.
  13. I may have used the wrong terms, what i meant was that there used to be a beta forum and they would have an errata for each week of the beta. On page 69 in the core rules there is a table that says "Add one favoured basic weapon 10 points" and i think it means your regiment gets another favoured weapon, i might be wrong on this one though.
  14. I think thats pretty much it. You can get more favoured weapons if you buy it at Regiment creation i think. Also i believe that Heavy and Weapon specialist can choose favoured weapons as their kit. I would also suggest looking at the Beta files, but i cant find them anymore.
  15. No, i simply dont see the point in moving forward when we allready have 10k years of nothing to be explored and built upon. You can easily have multiple generation long story arcs happen before we are even close to reaching The End Times.
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