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  1. Hi, I can't see the Wave 4 TIE/vn silencer in the app. Am I just missing it or is it missing indeed? Thanks.
  2. Hi, while 2.0 is great, sadly there were no missions neither in the basic game nor in the Falcon expansion. I hope there will be official missions, maybe a mission conversion kit or all new missions, maybe alongside new items and vessels for theatrical play. Thanks
  3. See, you don't have this trouble if you were able to install the MoM2.0 UWP-app on your Xbox and see all it's glory on your TV. Or on your Windows10 Laptop or maybe tablet. It doesn't matter if it is an UWP app. I don't understand that others here can't see the advantage here.
  4. Hi there, I don't have neither IOS nor Android devices and I won't buy one. But I would like to invite you, FFG, to bring this sure great game to those of us who own an XBOX One in their living room or an Windows 10 tablet or Windows 10 PC. For all of these plattforms you have simply release the app as UWP app. Then you have access to all XBOX One customers for example. Think about it for one moment - I would be glad personally :-)
  5. Hello, I just ask how many dial ID tokens for regular (imperial) TIE-Fighers are in one box of Star Wars X-Wing: Imperial Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit (SWX50)?Thanks for answer!
  6. Hello, so some of you have played with FFG mats already? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/products/x-wing-tm-starfield-playmat/ How do you like them? Are they playable or too slippery for the bases to play with? Greets
  7. Here you go: http://moseisleyraumhafen.forumieren.com/t4248-lego-schablonenhalter-aus-legosteinen Greetings
  8. Yes, definitely, an online version would not hurt the Board game. If I can, I play with the models n the table of course. But it would be nice if I could play with friends which life hundreds kilometres away.
  9. An official explanation, why the card board space play underground was abandoned. Things such as laser turrets, stations, containers, civil vessels as models. Mission compendium, maybe partly a collection of fan material. An official multilingual squad builder for Android and ios. Perhaps they give http://xwingcompanion.com a chance to be it.
  10. Now, I got three transports. Yes it's crazy, but couldn't resist the specs for the last mission from the Hoth campaign... Good chance I'm the only one?
  11. Fuertuvius

    Squad Builder

    Not yet a squad builder, but the author is working on it. But the app is already beautiful. X-Wing Companion: http://xwingcompanion.com/
  12. http://www.weltenschatz.eu/news/unsere-spiele-matten-sind-fertig-ab-nachster-woche-sind-sie-auf-lager-die-vorbestellaktion-beginnt/ Look at these... well, the second and third - no colorful nebula...
  13. Hi all, during our first game session yesterday, there rose questions about the battle phase, mainly concerning the dice pool. 1. Is there a battle dice cap? If calculating the battle dice pool, are the number of dice in the box (5) the maximum number of dice which can be rolled (excluding exploding ones of course)? So if you have a large army in a region which could grant you more than 5 dice, can you roll more or only a maximum of 5 (plus explodes)? 2. Khorne's "Bloodletters" upgrade card I don't know if that's the correct name of the card, in the german version of the game, it is named "Zerfleischer - Verbesserung: Krieger", but to the question: It is played like early hits, right? But unlike "Blood frenzy" the bloodletters don't roll again in the main battle, or do they? Thanks for answers. Overall, i loved the game, great map, multiple ways to play, definitely I'll play ist again! Best wishes
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