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  1. From the RtL rules page 10 Emphasis mine.
  2. Blast is not a separate attack for each target. It is a single attack roll that gets spread out to many targets. So each goblin in this case can only be hit by the attack once, no matter how many times a blast includes them in its radius. Also it doesn't matter if any targets die during the attack, as the attack hits every figure simultaneously regardless of origins. Honestly adding blast was a waste in this case.
  3. To answer the question though, in that situation I believe the goblin would get an extra move action, and thus would have 5 more movement points to retreat with.
  4. Leaving them like that for now. You don't even notice the eyes really during play. I'll likely do them when I circle back and base everything. The rest of Descent arrived today, so my paint queue is pretty long now! You have made a rookie mistake. I would like to help address it. You left out of your items to paint ALL OF MY STUFF. Please make sure you correct this soonest ! I'm sure the two of you can come to a reasonable agreement over his fees.
  5. Yes, Hero A can use a move action to get the potion from Hero B and then immediately use it. The only items that need to be equipped are the ones with icons at the bottom, such as the hands. Everything else such as potions goes into a catch all bag of sorts that you can just draw from as needed. EDIT: Source if you wanted a more official answer
  6. I thought Runewars was a skirmish minatures game in the Terrinoth setting?
  7. For the first skill, only the hero spending the surge recovers health. For his heroic feat all heroes within 3 spaces plus Avric himself recovers the health rolled on the dice.
  8. Yes, I know it. But I thought the spot rule of RTL was an upgrade the spot rules of co-op expansions too RtL's release hasn't changed the rules of the PoD co-ops. and currently there's no FAQ entry to errata it. That said if you want to play with the RtL version of spot go for it. I'm leaning towards it making the monsters a bit more dangerous though.
  9. Www.Instagram.com/Ron.g.armstrongI can't get a hyperlink Wow man, nice. Also link for the lazy: http://Www.Instagram.com/Ron.g.armstrong
  10. If you already own a bunch of the Hero & Monster packs the Conversion Kit is a waste of money. Very few of the heroes have yet to be released and all of the monsters already have. The CK versions are also rather broken in some cases and not all that balanced.
  11. I think he means Print On Demand, aka the co-op expansions.
  12. Sounds like the golden rule applies here. Thus the player should get to choose the order they apply. I'd say removing the condition first should remove the condition's effect so Grisban wouldn't suffer any fatigue loss.
  13. Actually, the FAQ changed this. Grisban now removes the condition as soon as he declares the rest action, not at the end of his turn. So in some cases his ability would still be useful as his first action.
  14. Man Sadgit, do you do this for a living? That's some seriously good work.
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