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  1. Avi_dreader said: kroen said: The first mythos card of the game is the one that discards all clue tokens from the board? I think I'd just forfeit and start a new game, what about you? I got it twice on my second turn, I lost both of those games. However, I was playing with someone else. I might have been able to pull it off if I was playing solitaire. I'd accept the challenge the mythos deal me. My name is RabiTampa, and I approve of this post. this ^ is what I'd say.
  2. I wanted to see, if like poker players, if you remember the worst defeat you've had. I just lost a solo game against Ithaqua. the three investigator enter portals at Black Cover, Graveyard and Woods (Another Dimesion, the Great Hall, City of the great place). The next mythos phase, I pull The Terrible Experiment mythos card. needless to say the terror level went to 10. A devouring of Kate Winthrop and Micheal McGlen and a insane Ashcan later, Ithaqua wakens. with a freshly equipped Monterey Jack and Bob Jenkins and a beat up Ashcan, I fail all but two Start of the battle rolls... the saved Jack's bullwhip and one that saved a lantern from Bob... yeah, it was a manslaughter. good fun though. But here a question that arose, if two or more monster ar in the same location do you fight them all in the same combat phase? I played it as yes, but what is the official answer?
  3. Yes. you must devote one hand to the bullwhip to be able to use it.
  4. i have not fought the Dark Pharaoh (Surprisingly) but It is a Lore check and combat weapons only help combat checks. I hope this didn't sound mean...
  5. I could I have forget about BoC. Jaklcide, all the tracks you mentioned, I use... also, you have good taste in music.
  6. ow, I found one of them. Here is "Shine" by Blue Foundation: www.youtube.com/watch
  7. Maybe some Blue Foundation... Yes, I know they have a track on the Twilight Soundtrack but I have the album "Sweep of Days" and it has some slow dark melodies on that Album. I would give a link but the good atmospheric track are not posted on youtube. you could check them out on lastfm.com though.
  8. Tibs said: www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/41787/the-complete-arkham-horror An outline of each expansion, with polls to show who loves which expansion the most, and how well they go with other expansions. www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/42411/arkham-horror-a-geeklist-game-review An extremely in-depth, detailed look at each expansion. There are polls here too. I have to say, the second link is the most comprehensive review I have every read for anything ever. I'm also bumping this so someone else might be able to read this thread and check out these links.
  9. I listen to a lot of the slower Interpol songs. its guitar driven, but the mood is very dark and slow. here is a couple track. www.youtube.com/watch and some Waldeck: I'll give your suggestion a try.
  10. oops, additional info. Philadelphia, PA. I travel a lot and am usually found from New Holland, PA to The Troggs Neck, Bronx, NY. I always tow around two Board games with me and Colossal Arena is one of them most of the time.
  11. you can count me. I love the game and made it favorite drinking/gambling game with my pals. It keeps us in check.
  12. Welcome to the game... i guess. This is a great game and it suprises me that a lot of poeple of not played. It's a great game creates great strategy and suspense (for a good group of experienced gamer) and is easy for new players to get into. Love it.
  13. thanks for the reply ricedwlit. I guess I'll stick with the first expansion only.
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