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  1. The reason for the benefit to navigation was because it would act like a warsbane geller field
  2. Just an Idea for more fundamental characters Cathedral Ship This ship spent a ortion of it's existance tending to the faithfull and spreding the imperial creed. cost 3SP Arching halls most of the ship is desinged to look like the inside of a cathedral -3 less room Glory of the Creed the ship is covered in paintings of saints and the Emporer +5 moral Spread the Word the ship still contains missionary equipment and relics +150 to creed Shield of Faith the people rely on faith to protect -3 o armour but +10 to Navigation (warp) tests and -5 to perils of the warp
  3. When they use xenos tech they still have the mechanicus replace as much as posible with human tech to keep it "pure"
  4. In every pc of the Emp he has these talon like objects that also show up occaisionaly on Marines. rules: probably along the lines of lightening claws plus 2-4 damage adn same for pen. loose the multi claw rules and give razor sharp. Any imput
  5. Let's not forget Force (not realy an upgrade but not realy a quality)
  6. people seem to forget that the banshie mask also has a small chance to cause damage as thenervous system reats to the feed back to violently so 50 per chance of 1d5 damage plaus righteous damage on 9/10 roles.
  7. MArines have to use Equipment available to themso I would use weaponse provided and add Force quaity to them
  8. An interesting idea of mine is that if you take the blood locust from creatures anathema and add minor psy powers like sense pressence ect.
  9. My Inquisitor is a Xenos Hubrys fanatic who is in love with the eldar. My campain happens during one of the unlikely Eldar Schism a mass war between the aspects (one of the aspects fell to corruption {dire aspect[decided to take the most surprisng one}). And the Inquisitor is treing to get them to cease the war.
  10. I'm thining that bansie should have feadback/fear or psy scream And mandi blaster should be auto shard weapons.
  11. I didn't think of using the dire aspect as a center for the aspects (yeah it's from creatures) so thanks for that.
  12. I have recently started to create a campain that involves the acolytes of a Radical(xenos) Inquisitor and am unable to find anything on certain aspects such as Banshie or Scorpion aspects. What should i base them off of? And How would I create them
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