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  1. nathrotep

    If you already have the first edition stuff

    Thanks for your reply.
  2. Will you still get to play the new scenarios that come with the new expansion boxes, or do you have to buy them?
  3. nathrotep

    I hope they don't ruin it like they did with Descent.

    I have a side by side comparison of Descent that I wrote after playing both versions back to back using missions that were very similar. I have broken down all the set up steps, character selection, and the beginning stats as compared to the ending stats of each character, followed by the differences in both versions. However, if you have never played the first edition, it will probably not mean anything to you. The first edition was so vastly superior, (opinion; I realize that, but you would know if you had played it), that it's hard to explain to people that have never experienced it. And, just to clarify, my gaming group love's the longer gaming sessions. 8+ hours is perfect for us when we have all day get-togethers. I completely understand that many fans of the second edition love the shorter play time and much simpler mechanics, and I get that. But my gaming group also had trouble with the silly quests, limited options, and claustrophobically small dungeons. Once again, that may be all opinion based, but the first edition had huge dungeons with swarms of creatures attacking you the whole time, and you could actually die. It was more of a true dungeon crawl. In any event, to each his own. I will stick with the first versions of these two games, and also the many other fine products that my group loves, such as, Arkham Horror, for example. Fantasy Flight Games makes a ton of great games; it just bums me out when they so completely change a game during a re-issue that it no longer even resembles the concept of the original game. If anyone is interested in that comparison, I'd be willing to post it here.
  4. nathrotep

    I hope they don't ruin it like they did with Descent.

    I figured as much. Just from reading the info on this re-boot I could pretty much tell that it was going to be a mess like Descent 2nd edition. My gaming group all hated Descent 2nd edition and felt that it would also be more enjoyed by 10 year olds. We love the original editions of both these games, and have all the expansions for them. It's too bad that FFG is having trouble making the newer versions playable for the fans of the older versions.
  5. nathrotep

    I hope they don't ruin it like they did with Descent.

    After reading all the information that they've posted so far, I'm going to pass on this. While it does not look quite as bad as what was done to Descent, it still doesn't look like it will be as much fun to play as the original. I'd rather err on the side of caution this time around than waste money like I did with the new version of Descent.