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  1. Hi, My old DH core rulebook is getting used and i'm looking for a replacement. Any of you sighted a printed copy of DH updated to v3.0 errata? Best i saw is 1.0...... I would buy it in a heartbeat hehe Thx for the info!!!!
  2. Hi everyone, Me and my current gaming group are waiting for the next DH core rulebook release#reprint since we need and extra book and maybe plan to replace our old book if they include v 3.0 errata. Anyone noticed the current reprint just went back from On The Boat to In developpment??? weird
  3. Mostly what the others said. However i think you should get this new adventure: Black Sepulchre. It starts a brand new trilogy and I heard from friends and on the net it is a really good one, even the best published so far. Take a look at it.
  4. Seriously, DH is the game we're playing the most so far, but the rules are so full of changes that we have to keep a RT book in all our games for rulecheck. Here, a DH v3.0 reprint would be an auto buy for 2 books, replacing our old one. Anyone here in the same boat?
  5. Im only sending an idea here, one me and my player are talking about for a while. We think the Old World is really under detailed in the current edition. It would be awesome to offer a fully detailled Old World setting guide with poster map as the 4th Hardcover book of this edition. In addition, they could provide a small vault products for those components complementing the guide. The point would be to get a massive tome about the lore of the warhammer fantasy world. Could be even written as fluff only! This could incorporate Halfling, new monsters, new careers for neighboring realm to the empire (Bretonnia, Kislev). What do you think?
  6. Here is my list, i possess all the curently released products so i think i'm a good judge at how useful they are! To be honest, i think you should skip any adventure until you get these stuff: 1) Winds of Magic (wizard book + Tzeentch chaos god and Mutation rules) 2) Signs of Faith (priest book + Nurgle god and Disease rules, may go first if you prefer than the mage one) 3 and 4) Creature Vault (necessary for GMs to run a smooth game) and Creature Guide (excellent GM source material)... will add more monsters to your arsenal and is really useful once your start creating your own adventure. Personnaly i would start with the guide before adding monster components. 5) Player Guide (all the game rules updated and in one place is awesome, complete listing of careers, talents and powers is really helpful) 6) GMs Guide (good source material for GM to replace your booklet and have all the extra rules in one place, + listing of all condition, mutation n disease) OPTIONNAL NEXT: An Adventure (i think you should wait for The Witch Song which add 2 new careers, some spells, include creature cards and looks awesome), GM Toolkit (only useful for the GM screen and a few more hints are being a good GM) SKIP those: - Player Vault & GM Vault and let your players buy them if they want more cards or their own stuff. If your only beginning, i suggest you skip both Gathering Storm or Edge of Night for now. They are really good adventure with some minor additionnal material for any game, but there is plenty of adventures released so far in core set + sign of faith + winds of magic to support your first 12 sessions easily and they are really good. Hopes it helps you!
  7. I absolutely agrre with you. Its a really nice spot for adventuring diverse place!
  8. willmanx said: The 2nd edition of wfrp describes a really great universe, full of fluff in each supplement. I bought them to play on 3rd edition so to say. Please just compare the Tome of Redemption (2nd edition) with Tome of Blessing + Sign of Faith. One describe a lot of stuffs to make the Old World alive when the others are PCs RPG centered. Ya there's more fluff in the 2nd edition books. However one of the problems of 2nd edition for my group after awhile of playing was the lack of crunch. Every career felt too similar and there were so few talents to choose, all of which just gave plain 5% upgrade... boring!!! 3rd edition hit the point as more crunchy but not too much a la D&D horrible feats and powers bloat! Haaa and its Tome of Salvation if your talking about the priest book... tome of redemption is non-existent, unless you speak french like me which was the translation they used
  9. Je pourrais et même j'aimerais bien! J'ai ma gang de joueurs mais certains ont des troubles d horaires de ces temps ci! J'ai toute mes livres et cartes mais je suis a drummondville (45min de Montreal). Je suis generalement un DM depuis pres de 15 ans (jai 27) mais je suis aussi un solide joueur. Mon principe est d avoir du fun donc je m adapte si ton groupe est plus roleplayer ou rollplayer Reviens moi!
  10. hehe yay i found this too while looking trough amazon stuff. Kinda weird but hey... i got it asap. Never planned to invest on this one but for 7$ bucks it was an instant go for a GM Screen. Did not last long however because it was back to 25$ the day after! Guess they've made an error and we're the lucky one getting the benefit!
  11. These expansion will give you the careers, spells and blessing not found in the core set (or Player's Vault) in components form (cards/sheets)! You may still find these compiled in the tables at the end of your Player's Guide. If you get the WoM and SoF, you'll also get background and stats for the cults of the dark gods Tzeench and Nurgle, plus an aventure based on each. You'll get some new Tzeench and Nurgle chaos spells on cards too which you won't find in your guides. Also, you'll get a more specialized background book on religion and magic which add a few new rules and content. Basically, with WoM and SoF you get some talents, some dark magic spells, 20 careers, plus all the spells and blessing for every religion or wind of magic not supported in the core set or player's vault (13 each plus 3 more for the core set one). All of these are in card format. (You've already got these in the compilated table found at the end of the Player's Guide... so you only get new components there, not new content if you don't use components.) Hope it helps you! Happy WFRP gaming PS: Adventurer's Toolkit is the 3rd product were you'll get 10 careers plus some talents and action cards featured in the Player's Guide tables but not included in component form in the player's vault.
  12. I've got Signs of Faith and Winds of Change as new shiny addition to my growing WFRP 3rd Ed collection this christmas. So I've been sorting trough the content lately and oganising when i've figured i had no celestial wizard standup (all 7 others are there)... i've been looking everywhere thinking i've lost a chip but then i figured it was the same for Priest of Morr! Is it possible those two aren't available? So we've got every priest and wizard standups except those 2??? Anyone else found this? thx
  13. Hi everyone, We recently started roleplaying in the 3rd edition of the Old World and got the Core Set, Adventurer Toolkit plus Wind of Change expansion. So far we've played 1 session and enjoyed it but one thing one of my players who loves to play caster (thats the Wind of Change buyer ) noticed is the absence of hedge wizardry in this edition. He noticed it because he was thinking about rolling one for fun but saw none. (so we rolled something as a house rule with the apprentice career) I mean they even released a Magic Supplement but nothing on this yet but a few dark magic + tzeench spells. Is the hedge wizard an option removed? We know it makes you in danger of being hunted for heresy, but it was still a nice career options... Any info on this? thx
  14. Our gaming group talked about it recently. We do think the new Hardcover format will be awesome for character creation. We do like to get all our options in a single spot, especially when the card bloat will become high. So you think FFG will provide a table listing of all cards in their future expansion, granting us both the stats on cards and book format?? We also think that a WFRP binder could be sold, with all the tables on free pages or detachable booklet could be awesome for regrouping table. What do you think?
  15. Thumbs up Dvang for best answer!!!!!! You've took your time giving me great answer and i thank you. Let me add we've secured shipping for a brand new Core set box and Adventurer's toolkit!!! Thx to everyone who gave me feedback, actually FFG should thank you because we've bought! I've got high hope for this product since i do love their WH40K line and think they produce great contents. So far the comments and review interested us so we're looking forward to our first game soon. Already got a nice quick story popping out from a corner of my head... let's put this on paper! Wish everyone some great games! Thx
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