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  1. Uncanny Japan covers some of the legends from Japan which could be adapted for L5R https://www.uncannyjapan.com/ The Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast. http://samuraipodcast.com/ This is a treasure trove of information, along with the Samurai Archives wiki , for varied subject son how samurai may have operated, details on economics (and why most of the editions didn't really bother with much detail), how samurai politics worked, and a bunch of other information that may be of use to GM's A Short History of Japan . While a little digging is required, some historical context for the Warring States era may give players and GM's ideas for adventure in Legend of the Five rings http://ashorthistoryofjapan.libsyn.com/
  2. TheWanderingJewels

    Scorpion bushi (or lack there of)

    Hmm. Well I hadn't expected the thread to do a discussion on Scorpion Philosophy. As to Courtiers, I've actually gotten a fair amount of social intrigue going on int he campaign I have been running. The players have been picking up court skills as they go and it's been amusing as they have been rolling REALLY well in those particular areas to the point they are giving the regular courtiers a run for their money. Right now I have a balance of Intrigue and Action as I'm having a bid for the local province's Governorship, leading to all sorts of shenanigans. so courtiers are viable, or court skills at the very least. And as to Scorpion Philosophy, I've seen these kind of arguments pop up before. I look at Bayushi's Promise to Hantei as perhaps slightly historically distorted. The Phrase as written is "I will be your Villain, Hantei." Which does not leave much nuance for the aspiring clan of sneaks and secret police, so people tend to suspect them of everything bad automatically, which can cripple work that needs to be done. So I added two words at the end, "When necessary." A very small change, but has lead to something of a change in perception of the clan as people have figured out there is a war of philosophies within The Scorpion they refer to as The Argument between people who think actively advertising being bastards helps general fear and giving the Clan another weapon to use in it's duties (and it's treatment of it's own peasants as psych war ops targets really does not help), and those who play it far closer to the vest, and only strike after gathering information about a problem in question, but otherwise seem normal samurai. And some of the bushi builds so far seem pretty solid, so I'm happy with that
  3. TheWanderingJewels

    GM and Player Resources

    The Tanki Yoriaku: Hi Ko Ben 'A Single Horsemen: The Art of Armor Wearing' this is a book written in the 1700's on the art of armor wearing for maximum comfort, utility, and some general tactics to consider in rather long and minute detail. While perhaps a bit pedantic to the modern reader, it is actually rather full of those minor details that role players like to get ahold of, and has pretty good information on weapon placement and methods of carriage by the average samurai & ashigaru, as well as detail on care of armor, methods of construction (there were about 52 variations on what is thought of as samurai armor), notes to consider when going into the field. it could be thought of as a field operations manual for the Average bushi. https://www.pinterest.com/worldantiques/tanki-yoriaku-hi-ko-ben/?lp=true
  4. I have noticed some Heian period ism's here and there within the art
  5. TheWanderingJewels

    GM and Player Resources

    A guide to shinto...erm...Fortunism. http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/shinto.shtml A guide to Period Clothing for different periods during the reign of the samurai (artists take note) http://www.iz2.or.jp/english/ Shinto encyclopedia http://k-amc.kokugakuin.ac.jp/DM/dbTop.do?class_name=col_eos
  6. TheWanderingJewels

    Scorpion bushi (or lack there of)

    hmm....might have to look at that
  7. TheWanderingJewels

    GM and Player Resources

    And My List of Ritual Elements
  8. TheWanderingJewels

    GM and Player Resources

    From the Beta Thread, my compilation of of Ninja Tools
  9. I just got mine from my FLGS tonight and after a 12hr day, my eyes are not focusing very well, but a question I have. I did not see a Scorpion Bushi listed in the base book. I can only presume that is coming later in one of the other books, as having a Shinobi class right off the bat would makes things a bit more interesting for the Scorpion.
  10. TheWanderingJewels

    Emerald Empire Previews

    Kitsune Impersonator? Interesting. Having a few spirit options would be nice to keep players guessing
  11. TheWanderingJewels

    Emerald Empire Previews

    I just looked at the blurb for the Cat in the Base book. As Cat translates as Neko.....we have the Neko Ninja. Not sure if it was intentional, but it is a sort of nod to Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo. Which is perfectly fine by me as the Neko Ninja were very effective
  12. it's on page 35 of the "In The Palace of the Emerald Champion" adventure, right hand column
  13. Yes but when all decks were tainted in very quick succession, it became obvious what it would do to the storyline. Tainted was pretty much the same as Corrupted for it's affects on the story. And it became "Oh look more Shadowlands creatures" because Every damned faction was using them for a time. They might as well have made A Thousand Years of Darkness start around that time. It got dull honestly and alienated quite a few players. And I'd prefer that not start up again..
  14. And people wonder why I had to Scorpion Clan Coup go off. And the Scorpion Won. It allowed me to ignore a lot of the card game silliness. And making the Shadowlands a player faction wasa horrible idea. It allowed "All Edge, no point" types to screw every other faction with a single tainted card in a deck. that caused so much of a damned mess