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  1. The level of errata is, to me, pretty low. DnD 4E currently stands at 121 pages, and unlike the WHFRP it is ALL errata not FAQ info/clarifications. The PHB1, which I updated last November, barely has a page without something penned in or pasted over the original text. It would be nice to be free/ be able to purchase replacement cards but it is not what I would expect a company to do.
  2. Just what I am used to I guess, I run a combat heavy game and I am not a huge fan of one player doing everything. Not just in combat, but anywhere. Having no PC that is that much better means every player has an almost equal input to the result. Having one hyper PC is a step below Deus Ex Machina, IMO,
  3. Well like most RPGs most of the rules are for covering combat situations, so IMO combat power should be balanced between careers. Outside encounter mode the balance is not so much required. Still, from what most are saying, the casters are close enough... which is good enough for me. So I will keep those careers in the deck when the players pick their three. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your opinions about RPG design and balance, very interesting. Irrelevant to my question, but still interesting
  5. Sweet, this is just the sort of stuff I want to hear. When reading rules it is so easy to get the balance wrong. Keep them coming
  6. Yeah armour is def a biggy, but only for the Wiz. As to quick cast, any Wiz worth his salt is going to max out on INT and Spellcasting training.. Because they are casters (and are pretty much stuck as casters for all their careers) they don't need to spread their creation/advancement points. Casters are just so different to all the other careers in that way. But my replies are all conjecture, and I don't want to seem like I have made my mind up already Outside theory, has anyone GM'd/played a decent amount of play time with a caster and how did you find them, power wise? Just thinking over, I may just sort my perceived problem with removing the casters cards from the career pile, then they won't pick 'em!
  7. GravitysAngel said: Don't forget that they also get spell failure cards they get to draw on a Chaos Star. Oh yeah, but does that balance out.. I mean in play? What I am thinking is to make any PC buy his Talents actions that are normally free. I think that would balance it, but play is often very different from a read through. But this is something that needs to be done a character creation, obviously. EDIT: I'll have another look through the spell fail cards now, but don't some of them effect all the players as well??
  8. Hi All, I have not played 3E yet, just getting my head around it. second read through. But it seems to me, now I have read the Wizard and Priest books and looked through all the career cards etc, that the Wiz and Pri are more powerful and flexible than every other career. They get a lot of extra stuff free, like their Talent and basic actions like cantrips. Is this right, for those that have played with them? And if so, is this on purpose.. I know it is a common fantasy trope. Even DnD up to 3e has the hyper powerful Wiz and Clerics, as long as you live through the crappy first few levels. Basically, is my rules reading perception correct? And is this just a Warhammer thing, suck it up to those players who miss out on picking the spell slinging careers?
  9. And I am going to ask another, related, question as well. Career skills: When creating a character you may chose upto 4 skills to train (for 3 creation points) which must come from your careers listed skills. To keep with my Messenger example he has career 4 skills, so he could train them all. Then he has the problem of not being able to complete the career until his next rank. Of his 4 trained skills, which he cannot train again until Rank 2, 3 are needed for career completion. This will delay his career completion right? If so can he invest in career transition before he completes? because then he is not wasting XP on expensive non-career skills etc.
  10. 42! said: The way I'm going to run it is that you can't layer armor. Partly because armor is really good as it is and layering would make it too good and partly because I'm going to assume that most armors already include various layers of material making it impossible to layer it any more - so for instance platemail isn't just plate over clothes, but plate with chain and padding, a chainmail would include either padding or leather armor to go underneath, etc. etc. This, if layering were allowed it would be mentioned.
  11. Hi All, The advances section gives different advance cost for buying talents, whether they are outside the current carrer or not. How can you tell what Talents are for each career? It is not listed on the card, as it says it is...unless: 1. If it is a talent that is not on the careers socket e.g. The Messenger career has a Focus and a Reputation socket, it would cost him more to select a Tactics talent. or 2. It is more Talent advances than the career allows e.g. The Messenger career has 3 Talents listed under advances, each Talent more than three would cost more. Thanks MP
  12. No they seem real good. They got back to me straight away and asked for my address for the replacement. Good service, it is just a pity that they chose glue for a RPG book. RPG books are heavily used and need the best binding. Glue is just not up to it IMO. Oh well I may take all 3 players books in to the binders and get them done properly as one big book and hope the GMs book can stand up to the abuse.
  13. Cool, glad to hear that they are good guys. I will not bother contacting Amazon but will try FFG. Calmed down a bit now
  14. Well I must say I am peeved (well another p word) with the binding on the books. I have read through the rule book once, and done a little flipping to trial some rules/learn them etc. Already on of the pages has almost totally detached and it look like more is going to happen. This is supposed to be THE book at the table, it should have exceptional binding, esp for the RRP of the set! But the binding is the cheap glue crap, no thread. And I need to vent ... AAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!! I spent a bomb on this! Anyone else with the same problems? I am not in the US but brought it through Amazon.com (nobody here stocks it); should I contact FFG direct and see if I can get a replacement? Or is their Customer Service as poor as their binding?
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