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  1. Could I potentially use his ability each time he participates in a conflict or only once? Thanks in advance
  2. I was hoping to start playing in organized events. Anyone know where in the greater Seattle area of any events?
  3. Ok, great. I thought that was the case. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Have not seen this answered anywhere but what happens to a character that has no fate that has an event or effect that removes fate from it? Does the character leave play? Thanks in advance.!
  5. Dam said: redsimon said: Kane isn't mentioned in the new fluff yet, but I strongly expect he will be (in future HH novels). Don't confuse him with Kelbor-Hal, who joined the Traitors before Horus attacked Terra, as can be read in "Mechanicum". Wait, Kane leads the Loyalist Mechanicum in "Mechanicum", doesn't he? Been a while since I've read it, but that's my recollection, he's the one receiving the Imperial Fists and helping them get the armor and ammo to haul back to Terra. Yes, Kane is one of the characters in Mechanicum. I believe he was second to Kelbor-Hal in rank. He was extracted from Mars by the Imperial Fists along with much of the supplies.
  6. As for suggestions to priming the figs, I just used Krylon spray can for plastics. It seems to work really great and comes in a variety of colors. You can find them at Wal-Mart stores. I recommend washing the figs in a household detergent and drying first before spraying. Let the figs dry for several days before staring to paint them.
  7. That's right. The UGC's start in any hex with any of their related units while you can place the CC anywhere on the board. Preferably within command range of most UGC's.
  8. I'd like to see them make an Armageddon version of this game. Since this is based on the original HH wargame, it would be way cool to see them make one for the other Game. Then they can make an expansion that includes the chaos invasion of Armageddon!!!
  9. I will agree having other FFG games that this games is not up to the same standards of FFG games but overall, I am happy with it. I'm just hoping that FFG will be able to help me out with replacing the figs since they do such a great job with their own product support.
  10. Just got my copy of the game and quickly opened it to survey all the contents. To my disappointment. Some of the British infantry pieces were broken and one was missing its base altogether. My question is do I contact FFG or Nexus about geting some replacement figures? Overall, I am very pleased with the contents and can't will I can start painting the figs and playing.
  11. Probably means that they are sold out of their initial print run of the game.
  12. I pre-ordered this game over a month ago thinking it would be released in a short while. I cannot believe this item has been on the boat for soo long!!!!!!
  13. Only as long as they are going to move into a designated area declared by the order card. Otherwise, no. Thunderhawks only treat fortifications as breached when they are part of the combat. They do not remove any markers.
  14. Actually, on the 2 nd part of your question, yes, you can drop the Chaos marines off anywhere along the thunderhawks travel route to the Lions Gate Spaceport ( as long as it is a legal dropoff area). The only area in this case that will get the activation marker is the space port. The Chaos Marines can then be given orders later. Pg. 23 of the rulebook shows a very good example of Thunderhawk transport ability. There is even an illustration shown as well. We have been playing that since heroes do not count as units except only when given move orders they will have to count as one of the transport units but this is still a big question mark of course.
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