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  1. I see under Crew Improvements that you can increase crew morale through things like giving them nice uniforms, but how do I increase my crew rating from a default (30) to (40) at ship creation? How do I do it once the ship is made and gameplay begins?
  2. Thank you for the list! This is great!
  3. Nice job! I will definitely be allowing these as options for my players. I particularly like the Chartist Capatain vessel, it is very fluff appropriate.
  4. You sir, win the internet, for making this utility. It has provided immeasurable aid to my gaming group. I cannot thank you enough. You should put up a paypal account where we can donate to keep the project going! I cannot wait to see it incorporate the Battlefleet Koronus changes.
  5. I am loving The Frozen Reaches adventure. I am running the game online via MapTools. The only problem I am having is the desperate need to show some of the art, images and maps from the game to my players. It would really help if I could purchase a .pdf copy of the book, which would allow me to screen shot/export art to help my players immerse themselves in the setting. Drive Thru RPG does not have it for sale, is there any place to get it or Battefleet Koronus?
  6. I just ordered it, **** shame that it came out on a Friday, now I have to wait until after the weekend to get it in the mail.
  7. Hello, Have there been any rules released for Launch Bays and Interceptors/Bombers/Assault Shuttles/etc for Rogue Trader? Our group includes a VoidBorn who is shooting for the role of Wing Commander of a fighter-wing, and so we'd like to know how to build a ship capable of deploying/supporting fighters/bombers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Cynical Cat said: Kyss is clearly sanctioned in some way, probably by Inquisition testing and conditioning, but absolutely nothing is indicated that she was ever a part of the Adeptus Astratelepathicus. And that's fine. It's a well established fact that the Inquisition, the Grey Knights, and the Astartes train and condition their own members. I'm not sure where the idea that Abnett doesn't include the Black Ships comes from. They're clearly present in his Gaunt's Ghosts series and psychic side effects, while not quite occurring as if one is rolling on the DH side effects table, occur fairly frequently in his writing. I can't think of another writer who has them manifest as frequently or spectacularly with telepathic battles blowing out windows and flipping cars, Heldane's spectacular detonation upon his death being higher end examples and the now somewhat cliche ice showing up frequently. On the insanity front the Alpha Pluses are outright insane, minor cultist and sorcerers frequently give the impression of being damaged goods, and the sorceress in Blood Pact is quite insane and her powers are portrayed as volatile and dangerous. On the stress front Eisenhorn almost killed himself unleashing the vortex of destruction. Only in Death shows some Sanctioned Psykers in truly horrific shape, physically and mentally, with their handlers regarding them like unstable explosives.. As for astropaths, the only one that I remember who could see had cybernetic eyes. The above is entirely accurate. The notion that Abnett does not represent the side effects, phenomena, danger and instability of psykers is false. As is the notion that he does not include the Black Ships. A major character in the gaunts ghosts is taken by a ship, another barely dodges it, a third comes back from imperial sanctioning in the most horrid condition imaginable.
  9. Interesting, I do not remember Eisenhorn mentioning that he spent time on a Black Ship nor Ravenor speaking of his Psykana training. Do you happen to remember which of their respective books this appeared in? I was suggesting that it does not appear like these Inquisitors have been sanctioned because neither of them display any of the truly severe style side effects like those found in the "Sideaffects of Sanctioning" section. We don't see any reconstructed skulls, unspeakable dementia, gothic dental probes, Emperor sex fetishes or horrific scarring. Are you guys suggesting that since they were of "greater will" that they did not need these "techniques" to be properly sanctioned?
  10. Are the prominent Inquisitors throughout the galaxy officially sanctioned in the same way that Psykers are as presented in Dark Heresy? None of them seem to suffer from the terrible maladies and side effects as described in the core rules. Is there some other process that the Psykana trains psykers of particular talent or will?
  11. Have any of the currently released sourcebooks indicated the frequency of a Ogryn or Ratskin being found in the Calixis Sector? Are there any native populations? Are they "popular" as bodyguards for Nobles across the sector? Further, have attribute modifiers been released? If not, what would you suggest they be?
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