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  1. It is about exploding tens. Does the Initiative and the damage rolls explodes ?
  2. The L5R RPG forum is gone. Where can i find it, I have rule questions to ask but nowhere to post them. Thanks and regards.
  3. French GM of the 4th edition L5R RPG and players of 1st to 3rd, I hope you will keep Roll & Keep and make some books for 4th edition and not make a 5th with your strange dices
  4. Thanks for your answers .
  5. I saw nothing concerning ogryns on the latest errata.
  6. Hello, I have several questions : - does the lasgun variable settings can be used with bursts fire ? - does the hot-shot las weapons can use variable settings ? - are standard Imperial Guard equipment and armour adapted to ogryns and ratlings? - can the aim action can be used with auto burst, semi-auto burst, swift attack, lightning attack, called shot, suppressing fire ? - why does suppressing fire and overwatch overwatch provoke pinning tests and not semi-auto and auto bursts, basically all these attacks are bursts (this is a question I have always asked myself before with dark heresy, rogue trader and deathwatch deathwatch) - how many targets can be affected by suppressing fire ? - does fire damage ignores TB ? Because (especially in Deathwatch (tyranids) and Only War (big orks mainly) the very tough creature have mainly more chances to be fatigued and collapse unconscious than to die from burns
  7. Hello First I want to apologize, I have posted on the wrong forum ( I posted in house rules instead of rules questions by mistake (so if a moderator can move it in the right section). The second point is that I am the GM in fact . I have mainly game mastered DH, RT and DW, but I mainly know 40K through the role-playing game and I do not play the TT so I do not know if Imperial Guard equipment and armour are adapted to ogryns (or ratlings in fact )
  8. Hello Doe the ogryn can wear the armour provided to him by his regiment ?
  9. I have found the answer but I cannot delete the topic ^^;
  10. In the errata appendix, the exotic weapons are not listed. Shall I use RAW for their stats ?
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