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  1. Tibs said: KH isn't a good first big expansion because it has no unstable locations. IH isn't a good first big expansion for a number of reasons, not the least of which is difficulty. Get DH first, and the other two will mix well with it. I enjoy all the small expansions for one reason or another, but KiY seems to be the most popular. With DH and KiY you can't go wrong. I have no advice for music though... but I kept seeing this get advertised on BGG: www.aklo.net/ Oh snap! That is absolutely bloody well PERFECT! Between CoC OST and those two albums it'll be more than enough. I must have them! As an aside, try out your favorite games with mood music sometime. It really does add a metric ton of ambiance. I am def leaning towards KiY or CotDP next. I personally don't really care for BGotW... I think I'll give our wallets a rest for a bit on the big boxes. At least until we've gotten a bunch of DH under our belt!
  2. So just to try and steer things back a little bit... I'm in some severe need of some AH themed music! Help? I have the CoC soundtrack (2005). your typical game with a larger group lasts 2+ hours. Does anyone else think that mood music really helps make the game? What other options do I have? Which expansion should I pick up next? Bigboard and Small? I have DH. I was thinking IH for big and either CotDP or KiY for small .
  3. Avi_dreader said: Wait what? What are you talking about with the cultists? They only have toughness one, even with Yig Second, are you implying that you used to play with someone who *stacked* environments? Environments don't stack, they replace each other when new ones come out (unless you make a weird herald or play a house rule). Yeaaah... I'm still not sure why they got rid of the custom avatars and never put a decent system in as a replacement. It annoys me every time I see multiple people wearing the same face. Whups. I meant 3 toughness and ithaqua for starters! Remember kids, don't drink and post! (Without checking your sources, anyway...) Hadn't I read on here that for the GOOs that modify the toughness of a monster, that monster counts for that many blood drops? And hence that many points worth of monster trophies? Hum, I guess my initial post must be TL:DR, since no one seems to have actually read it... Yes, My old group back east played it such that Mystic, urban, and weather would each stay in play until replaced with one of the same. Let me tell you, it ramped up the difficulty, fiercely. It also could slow the game down to a crawl. So... not to sound ungrateful, but could you maybe make a "Dam should buy KH" topic or summat? Y'all are clogging up muh thread!
  4. Avi_dreader said: Heh... I have a vague idea of where about 3/4th of the allies can be found. The truth is, I think it's generally inefficient to go ally hunting (if there's an ally I really want I'll trade for it at the boarding house, it's less time consuming). Even if you have darrell... I still don't think it's worth it. Anyways, I'd advise that you should know where a few of the best allies are (primarily for drawing Darrell or the Dragon's Eye), and that's it. When I get Darrell, I might send him after Mountain Man Murphy, or Professor Rice, or if I was really in the mood to be a cheap bastard, after the alchemy encounter, or the remove doom token encounter in Kingsport. Removing this latter temptation is one reason I removed the Kingsport board. That, and it bores me, and I hate how scarce it makes monsters in Arkham proper, AND how it dilutes the other two towns although I'll probably bump it back in for games against aquatic monster boosting heralds). Heh... I still think Dam's crazy for not buying it though (this is my preemptive comment, Dam, seriously, buy Kingsport already, no one will force you to use the board, Daisy, or Wendy). Oh, yes, I get players eaten as a tactic ::darting eyes:: don't believe those people who tell you I do it for fun ::darting eyes:: lmao! Consider me advised on the ups and downs on being devoured. M2 Is probably my fav ally in many ways. You could do SO much worse than having a guy nicknamed "Mountain" at your back. Though any who prevent Nightmarish are slightly more beneficial in some ways as I generally prefer hunters, unless the "party" needs otherwise. Basegame I've gotten very lucky and pulled him on numerous occasions, even without Darrel. (But then, thats what, a 1/15? Not bad odds, in this game.) This was less a serious consideration of tactics and more of my own personal curiosity. Sure, it's -easier- in many ways (And if only I had thought to count those cultists as 6's all those games with Yig! ) to hit up Ma's. But this is all personal curiosity as to how far I can "push my luck." I know it's all hoodoo, But I am -lucky-. Some people just... Don't have it? The owner of my last played copy wasn't exactly a fatalist... But he enjoyed the Lovecraftian ideal that we were all going to go insane and die! Lo and behold his shuffles never held anything but acrid death. (but then if you're stacking 3 environments...) AND SO! I insist on putting the last shuffles on all of the decks, just because I can generally charge them with that good mojo. (it backfires once in a while, but not often.) Silly? Maybe. But I'm sure everyone has their own little rituals. And when it comes down to it, no one can make or break a playthrough like I can.. (cept my Tammy, but she's in love with Mandy and seems to draw her in her pile often.) P.S. I was waiting till you showed up Avi, So I could agree with your Sig! wtf mate! at -least- they could make avatars out of all the investigators. How hard would that be, exactly!? P.P.S. Another Question for the board! I'm in some severe need of some AH themed music! Help? I have the CoC soundtrack (2005) but thats only 50+ minutes. your typical game with a larger group lasts 2+ hours. Does anyone else think that mood music really helps make the game? when I play BS:G I have the entire soundtrack, and it ups the tension and enjoyment SO MUCH. What other options do I have? P.P.P.S.! Which expansion should I pick up next? Bigboard and Small? If you bothered reading above- my lovely mate is getting me DH for teh Vday. When the itch comes back, what would be the best BANG? I was thinking CotDP or KiY for small and Insmouth for large. Mostly for the PS(s) though. I -hate- the insmouth board. (and that is totally not because I got eaten via insmouth look as Silas right as I was about to win our haggaring 4+ hour all expansion game ages ago, not at all) Whew! Thats it for now. Keep it coming! Read my top 5 Investigators/GOOs when I manage to get it posted! It'll be funneh! (hopefully.)
  5. @Dam RE Allies/unstables Now THAT is useful information. I hadn't made the correlation, thanks! @Avi_dreader RE getting eated as a tactic See, now it makes sense! We generally play pick by pile, so its fairly unusual that someone comes up with a handful of truly terrible investigators. Once I get DH I'll certainly try it out if the circumstances arise. Nice to see some answers from the established crowd! I suppose if none of you have it done already; it'll fall on me to do my own dang work on sorting out who comes from where. S'alright. I like projects! ... Maybe i'll even share!
  6. magnumopera said: off the top of my head you can only get specific allies, not random draws from locations I know for sure there's one in the graveyard and one at the riverdocks. Also for sure there's one in the lodge. Aside from those there are various allies available at most of the unstable locations on the main board. Yes... I'm aware of that... I was more of looking for a "Mountain" Murphey comes from the Graveyard(or was it the Black Cave?) and so on. Julia said: Most of the locations in Arkham and in the nearby town provides you the opportunity to make allies. Just consider the amount of allies the game offers, there is at least one Arkham encounter for each of them offering you the chance to have them with you. In the graveyard you could meet Father Iwanicki or Richard Upton Pickman. And so on. You can spoil the game (just surf in the Arkham Horror Wiki, open the locations and search for the word "ally"), but I really suggest you to explore the game (with Darrell or whoever you wants), you'll definitely have a great time! And yes, Darrell is quite good at getting allies! Now thats the stuff! I think calling it "spoiling" is a little unfair though. Its not as though this is my first spin around the board. Did you read my opening post? And searching every location for the word "ally" is still a bit too much heavy lifting. I imagine someone must have compiled this by now, somewhere. I do Luvva me some AH wiki though! Ive been reading back through the investigators I don't have access to at the moment. So tasty. It makes me want to hide my credit cards from myself.
  7. D'ah! Got one more in my brain before I pass out. Which locations (basegame or otherwise) provide ally cards? I want to try taking Darrel out for a board-reaping romp next time I pull him and am unsure where to come up on the info myself. Outside of reading ALL my cards that is (not likely.) Im not Not sure how productive it'll be for the team, but with a little luck I'd like to try turning him into an ally toting lolbeast for my own personal amusement.
  8. @Nephilim Doh! Such an unseemly oversight. S'alright, The AH manual might be comprehensive, bet well laid out out it ain't! Thanks to all for fast, kind replies thus far!
  9. Hey everybody! Longtime lurker, First time poster! While i've been a player in this lovely game for quite some time now I've always been just that- a player. Bigboard, every single expansion and some fairly hardmode rules! (my last group played it such that the 3 different environments would stack until replaced, you can imagine!) I recently moved to a new area and joined a board game meetup group. this facilitated my purchasing of my own copy of the game and spreading the word! As one of the few fully co-op board games its been very well recieved! If they didn't know who big daddy Cthulhu was before, they certainly do now! Just basegame ATM, but My lovely GF Tamara has hinted that DH is coming my way for Valentines Day! I introduced AH to her and was pleasantly surprised she loves the everliving bejesus out of it. (score!) Now that I'm the one expected to know whats going on- I had a couple of questions for the knowledgable folks around here. Sorry if any of these are face-slappingly obvious or answered elsewhere! Do spells, skills and allies count as "items" for the purposes of discarding during insanity/unconsciousness? my original thought was yes to the first, no to the others. I had never questioned this, But I recently read Richard Launius' house rules (#5) and that made me wonder. Maybe i'm over-thinking? they are house rules after-all. Can you trade spells, skills and allies? Skills and allies i'm almost certain are a no. For spells? I'd always been led to believe they were "a part of you." However I've seen some references to trading spells for fun and profit from people on these forums. This would be very handy as sometimes people who have no business casting -anything- end up with them. It'd be so much nicer to pass that DCoA or AI over to your 7/3 loremaster buddy! When you are in the first area of an outworld, do you have an outworld encounter? This one i'm fairly certain on. I'd never thought about it before I was the guy "running" the game. Looking over the rulebook there is nothing that says that you do not. So unless I hear otherwise I'm chalking it up to my old groups' house rules. To me seeing twice the OEs would be nice and up the difficulty a bit. if its somehow a no, i'm houseruling it in. How is getting devoured a tactic? Outside of Tommy and Silas' PS of course . This is less a question of rules and more of tactics. I like to think of myself as a strategically oriented gamer- but I haven't been able to puzzle out how getting eaten is beneficial? I must be missing something obvious. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and post ! I wanted it to be formatted better for legibility but FFGs posting doesn't seem very friendly. I've found this to be a courteous, thoughtful and interested forum from my lurk time here. I'm excited to hear back on these questions and very happy to officially make all of your acquaintances! Ai Ai! Cthulhu Ph'Tagen! **Blam** ...guess not!
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