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  1. I think I would just make an Imperial equivalent. I really don't like the Japanese digging up relics from their old Empire (of course my grandad fought on Attu Island during the war, so I'm biased already)... I've never seen the show, but from wikipedia what really set me off was the "Pulsar" Zeroes.
  2. Right now, I'd settle for the errata to be updated with BFK error corrections...
  3. I think it is not so much a question of "Can an Inquisitor have the right and the resources to wear terminator armor" as much as it is a question of "Does an Inquisitor have the necessary physical requirements to wear Terminator armor?" As mentioned already, Astartes power armor and terminator armor require a black carapace, larger build, etc. Unless your inquisitor has been augmented nearly as much as an Astartes, it isn't likely that they'll be wearing terminator armor simply because he/she lacks the necessary physical requirements, even if he/she has access to the armor. Even if an inquisitor may wield a set of terminator armor, that is besides the point. DEFINITELY NOT every trooper in a unit can be outfitted with it. 150 troopers with the armor? That is more than an entire space marine chapter's allotment of terminator armor. Only 1st company gets the armor, and probably not all of them. Considering there is only 100 marines in the first company, you are probably looking at around 80-90 suits tops. 150 is nearly double that. Tell your player to lay off the obscura!
  4. Hello all, resident Alaskan here. I'm looking to start a group for play via skype, with assisted visuals by maptools. Here are the times/requirements: May 20th (Saturday) @ 8:30 pm Alaska Time (9:30 pm Pacific) (subject to change but I'll try to post advance warning here if it does) Must have Skype with headset/microphone and Maptools (from RPGtools.com) (Current version of maptools that I have: 1.36b86) Slots available: Rogue Trader- Open Other Character Classes- 3-4 Open Recommended classes- Explorator, Void-master, Arch-millitant, Seneschal, simple and straight-forward stuff so I don't get too confused I am a first-time GM (of any type), so beginning players are welcome. First session will be introductions, software testing (first time using skype and maptools, so we'll want to work out all the kinks), character building if neccessary, and starship building/starting Profit Factor generation (from Into the Storm rules). Here are the character rules so far, if you want to write up characters in advance- Characters start at Rank 1, 5000 xp. Any non-xenos options from both the Core Rulebook and Into the Storm are permissible. Characteristics are on a points-buy system, with a starting pool of 100 points, with a maximum of 15 points in any single characteristic (thus, 40 points in any single characteristic before the life path). I will need a complete summary of each character's life path, including the options chosen within each life path entry. DURING THE LIFE PATH: Players must follow the life path during character creation, with one exception: I allow each player to choose whichever motivation they prefer without it affecting their character class choice. The character class choices is instead determined by the previous category: Trials and Travails. The character class directly below the chosen trial, and the classes adjacent to that class, are the permitted classes. If you need additional clarification, contact me and i'll try to explain it better During the first session, after we have determined ship stats and starting profit factor, I will allow a single acquisition roll per player. This can be whatever the players might want to start the game with, either on the ship or on their persons. Contact info: Email me at cannedflame2005 at yahoo.com for contact info. If you want to play, please post your intent to play and your desired character class. IF you would like to be the Rogue Trader, please ensure that you will ABSOLUTELY be able to play at the designated time... as the RT you will be the single essential character. If you don't show, the Rogue Trader character will be decided amongst the participants. If there is anything I left out, feel free to contact me with your questions, or post them to this thread.
  5. Thanks! Those are pretty good stats. Aren't they also spacecraft, like arvus lighters? Or is my memory off?
  6. In the other thread: "BFK errata collection", it is hard to find a simple compilation of the queries directly answered by Sam. Therefore, I took the time to copy them all and reformat them into a sort of unofficial FAQ on Battlefleet Koronus. Please, if you have any queries answered by Sam about BFK, I would love to post them to this document. I will continue to edit it as new answers are posted. For queries and questions, please refer to the "BFK Errata Collection" thread. Here is the compilation, reformatted for ease of reading. Hope it helps (to steal Sam's common phrase!): Tell me if I missed any official rulings that need to be in here- All answers provided via FFG_Sam [Q] Does the Bombardment Cannon should cost 2 SP or 3 SP? [A] Table 1-12 is correct for both the plasma accelerated torpedo tubes and the Nova Cannon. The Bombardment Cannons are SP 3. [Q] Voidsunder lances have a listed strength of 1, is this correct? [A] The Strength of the Voidsunder Lances is also meant to be 3, not 1. [Q] Is the warp antenna external or does it need one space as in table 1-11? [A] Warp Antenna should require Space: 0. [Q] Where or what is the Stygies pattern nova cannon (mentioned on pages 25 and 37)? [A] The Stygies pattern does not exist in the book, although Stygies undoubtably makes Nova Cannons. The Dominator should be equipped with a Mars Pattern Nova Cannon on page 25. [Q] Does the Avenger grand cruiser have 92 space (edge of the abyss) or 90 (battlefleet koronus)? [A] Winterscale's flagship the Emperor's Vow (a heavily customized grand cruiser) has 92 space. Other Avenger grand cruisers have 90. Both are correct. [Q] Exorcist grand cruiser and Mars battlecruiser: Of what type are the pre-equipped Jovian-class launch bays? Escort or Landing? [A] Landing. [Q] Only one Manufactorum possible or several (description says that each Manofactorum gives a +10 bonus)? [A] In the description, "each" should be replaced with "a". Only one Manufactorum is possible. [Q] Really only +5 achievement points for the plasma scoop? [A] That should be +25. [Q] Do assault boats get a +5 bonus for every additional squadron of friendly assault boats (which would be lo gical) or bombers (which is written)? [A] Assault boats. [Q] Eldar star cannon: Range 6 (edge of the abyss) or 4 (battlefleet koronus)? And strength 3 or 4? [A] The Eldar starships detailed in Edge of the Abyss are correct. So are the Eldar starships in Battlefleet Koronus. It's a big galaxy, and there are plenty of different classes and types of Star Cannon macrobatteries. [Q] Moral loss on npc ships: Is it hull integrity plus crew rating or hull integrity plus crew bonus (first digit of rating)? [A] Crew Rating Bonus. [Q] Moral loss through craftsmanship: It is written on page 17, that morale loss through installing inferior components as per table 1-4 is only temporary and may be regained asusual. But what about the moral loss through installing inferior macrobatteries or lanceS(which use table 1-5 instead)? [A] Morale loss is temporary for any inferior components, whether they use table 1-4 or table 1-5. [Q] Also table 1-5: It is said that two of the modifiers for Poor Craftsmanship should be chosen. One of the possible modifiers is however a positive one (lesser cost in shippoints). Respectively negative in case of Good and Best craftsmanship. [A] Ship Point and Morale modifiers are not among those modifiers that you can choose. You get those automatically, choose from the other categories. [Q] Battlefleet Koronus gives us the Mezoa-pattern Theta-7 Drive. It is described on page 31, but it is not listed on Table 1-8 (page 33). What are the Appropriate Hull Types, Power, Space, and SP values for this Component? [A] The Mezoa-pattern Theta 7 has the following profile: Hull Type: Transport Power: 44 Generated Space: 18 SP +1 [Q] An example of a ground unit from page 124, As I understand Power of a ground unit is modified by Tech Level. Also, damage dealt by said unit and its armour are based on Power characteristic. Why in the example mentioned above Tech Level modificer is not included in both damage and armour value? Shouldn't it be Attack 4D10+7 and Armour 14? [A] You're correct, it should be in the example. Thanks for pointing that out! [Q] How much fuel for the plasma/warp drives does a vessel have? [A] Ship's fuel for the plasma and warp drives is specifically left up to the GM, and generally runs out as the plot requires. If a GM wishes, he can have fuel be a non-issue. Otherwise, he can have ships need to refuel at the six month mark when they start to run out of supplies, or every four months, or every four years—whatever makes his plot more interesting. Likewise, the plasma scoop can be used to extend the ship's range narratively, the players know their ship has it, and thus they can travel far beyond the rim of known space into the depths of the Expanse. When it's interesting and thematic, the GM can require them to use their plasma scoop, and make it a tense, exciting experience. [Q] Does the Hold Conversion Landing Bay (from Battlefleet Koronus) have a power cost which replaces that of the original cargo hold, or are the two values additive? In other words, does a transport with a hold converted to a landing bay have to budget for 1 power (the listed for the Hold Conversion alone), 2 power (standard power drain for a main cargo hold) or 3 (the combined cost of a Main Cargo Hold and a Hold Conversion Landing Bay)? [A] You use the new power cost for the Hold Landing Bay, so yes, you only have to account for 1 power. [Q] Is it possible to combine Armoured Prow Component + Power Ram? Or Armour Prow + Reinforced Prow? Or Reinforced Prow + Power Ram? Or Armoured Prow + Reinforced Prow + Power Ram? [A] You can combine a Power Ram with an Armoured Prow, or with a Reinforced Prow. You cannot combine an Armoured Prow with a Reinforced Prow, or all three together. [Q] Do shipboard combonents that add to Hit + Run action in shipboard combat (barracks + murder servitors, for example) work on Boarding Torpedos? [A] This is a matter of common sense. For example, Murder servitors would probably work with Boarding Torpedoes, because you could fill your Boarding Torpedoes with Murder Servitors. However, a Barracks has to be transporting troops to give the benefits in the first place, and it would depend on the troops in question. Elite forces such as Stormtroopers, void-trained Imperial Guard, or forces along that ilk would give the bonus. But a Regiment of conscripts who barely know how to fire lasguns would probably be more of a liability than a benefit. [Q] Do shipboard combonents that add to Hit + Run action in shipboard combat (barracks + murder servitors, for example) work on AssauLt Craft? [A] See previous answer, with the additional caveat that Assault Craft are easier to survive in, and don't require quite the rigourous skill-set that using a boarding torpedo would. So in that case, your conscripts might actually be useful. [Q] Are the increased Ship Point Costs (and therefore corresponding increased cifficulty at acquisition costs) for Good + Best Quality shipboard components in Battlefleet Koronus in addition to, or instead of the usual -10 and -30 to acquisition tests for good + best quality. [A] The Ship Points modifying Acquisition Tests specifically apply to procuring either ship hulls or full starships. So if you're buying a hull, or buying a built starship, you'd modify the test by the Total Ship Point Cost. If you were buying the Component individually to install on an existing ship, you'd use the Acquisition Test modifiers for Good and Best Craftsmanship instead. [Q] If a crew reclaimation facili ty (reduce damage to crew population by 3 to minimum of 1) and a Bilge Rat Quarters (reduce damage to crew population caused by depressurisation by 2 to a minimum of 0) are combined, in what order do they function? IE: if a ship takes 3, 4 or 5 damage to crew population due to depressurisation, is it reduced to a munimum of 1, or a minimum of 0? [A] In the specific case of depressurisation, you'd reduce the damage by 5 to a minimum of 0. In other cases, of course, they wouldn't stack. [Q] The Hold Landing Bay says that the MCH components cargo capacity is 'substantially' reduced. And never explains what this means in game terms, like say loss of the Trade Achievement point bonus? [A] Yes, that main cargo bay component no longer exists aboard the ship, so the entire Trade bonus is lost. [Q] It is written that Fighters can spend 4 turns outside the carrier. What exactly does that mean? [A] They return at their own speed at the end of four turns, so if they spent four turns flying in a direct line away from the carrier, it'll take four turns to get back. However, if they are close to the ship, it may take less time. Thanks everybody for submitting your answers. FP135
  7. I agree with whitelycan: If I have more than one player that want to perform the same action, I let the player with the highest relative skill do it and let the other one assist on the roll, but I don't let them make two separate attempts.
  8. Thanks for the compliments, guys. Good points, Voronesh. It did smack of cheese to me, so I guess I'll skip "meeting encounter" and let them come up with their own backstories. Ideally that is what the origin path is for anyway, right? Intersections make good sources for ties between characters. I've been considering that perhaps just randomly giving them rumors isn't such a hot idea. Maybe I should just give them a handful of rumors (i.e. the whole list) and let them decide what they want to pursue. Or do you think for first-time PnP RPG'ers that would be too much at once?
  9. Now, I'm all for the logical discussion of interesting topics, but I still need help with my original topic. Does anybody want to take a crack at statting-out an Imperial Guard Valkyrie or a Vendetta?
  10. Hey all, starting a new group of RT and brainstorming some plot hooks. I would appreciate feedback if you want to give it! Adventure Outline: Rogue Trader Introductory Adventure Introduction: Recruiting A Crew Arriving at Port Wander for the first time, the characters meet each other in interesting and unique ways appropriate for their character backgrounds. Players are then encouraged to visit a few of the local places, looking for profitable ventures. For a map of the port, refer players to page 236 of Into the Storm. First Task- Find a Lead Description: Being the first time the players have arrived in Port Wander, they are currently relatively unknown and must find some sort of venture to embark upon. This part is intended to get them moving, keeping the action from going stale. On a station this large, there is sure to be somebody who knows something that might lead to profit... Plot seeds and Locales: 1. The Sprawls - In the Civilian Quarters of Port Wander, wretched and destitute scavengers live in desperate conditions. In their scavenging, they may have come across something of value to a Rogue Trader and the crew... 2. The Gilt Processionals - Vast and Labyrinthine markets. You can attempt to buy things here, but stay on your guard... 3. The Medicae - Top-notch amenities for those who can afford them. For the rest, there are smaller back-room services that offer more basic care. Go here to heal up if you become wounded. 4. The Stockades/Pressment Center - Those who have violated regulations or committed crimes are sent to the stockyards for sentencing, if they are not summarily executed on the spot. The lash, grueling days of hard labor in the stockade, or even a swift shot to the head are all punishments that can be delivered without trial for a myriad of crimes on the station (which is primarily a Imperial Navy base, and thus under martial law). Captains in need of crews can come here to persuade the warden to release prisoners to the captain as crewman aboard his/her vessel. Sometimes, inmates may hear interesting rumors if someone takes the time to talk to them... 5. The Void Docks - Docking parts are plentiful along the edges of the station, managing the offloading of hundreds of ships. The docks are also where minor overhaul work and replenishments occur as ships take on all manner of supplies. Here, overworked Administratum adepts check cargo, levy tariffs, and attempt to detect contraband. Port Wander also has larger Repair Yards on the underside of the station, where the skilled Void Wrights can repair damages caused by combat or accident. For small vessels, there are vast hangers that can be sealed against the void. For larger ships such as cruisers, nearby asteroids house repair facilities large enough to handle them. Transportation back to the station via shuttle is available on such facilities. In addition to these repair facilities, there are a multitude of bars and pubs for travelers, dock workers, and additionally even Officer Clubs for the higher-ups. Rumors are often started here, as the most recent arrivals tell tales of their travels. 6. The Halls of the Mechanicus - Normally closed to those outside the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Halls occupy a large blister-like extrusion of metal and sensor spines at the base of the station. Here, techpriests conduct research into the strange objects brought out of the Expanse. The Main Enginarium is not far from this hall, and its enormous reactors provide power for the station's various systems. With so many demands on its limited output, however, whenever a large draw occurs (such as something impacting the station's void shields) the lights dim across the station. Those with business with the Mechanicus can visit the hall to converse with the mysterious adepts, but those without a peer in the organization will not make it past the doors... 7. Crew Quarters / Barracks - Home to the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard respectively, both these locales are the common hangout of the military forces stationed aboard Port Maw. Security is tight, and entrance will only be permitted if one has a peer within the owning organization. However, soldiers are often a common source of rumors (though the rumor's authenticity is rarely consistent). 8. The Solstice Imperialis - Formerly a pilgrim vessel, the vessel once brought passengers to the station regularly for many years. However, on its final voyage the plasma drive failed to ignite. The resulting explosion claimed no lives, and the pilgrims regarded this as a sign of the Emperor's favor. Over time the vessel has become grafted into the station, serving as a home for various chapels and sanctuaries. Some of the station's most faithful and strongest souls can be found here. 9. The Underdecks - Walled away by new constructions, powered only by flickering and half-exhausted lights, forgotten by all: this is the life for many that make their homes in the wretched refuse of the port. Many of its inhabitants are escaped convicts, former pressed-crewmen, or even mutineers. Housed literally beneath the main decks, they rarely venture outside their lairs except to raid and pillage food or other easily stolen items, vanishing below-decks as quickly as they had come. Caution is paramount for anybody who dares tread here. Possible rumors (Roll 1d5 in the appropriate category to find a good lead) Ecclesiarchy Leads- 1. An Ecclesiarchy missionary has been searching for a ship and crew willing to take him/her into the expanse to find a group of heathens... whether to "educate" or "eradicate" them has yet to be seen. 2. A Ecclesiarchy Missionary has possibly uncovered a coven of Chaos living in the Underdecks. Finding a way to oust these criminals would do much to gain this Missionary influence within the Imperial church, meaning he/she might be able to reward those willing to attempt this task. 3. A pilgrim has come across the location of something valuable, but is only willing to divulge this information to one willing to take the pilgrim with them and share in the profit. 4. A pilgrim vessel has arrived recently, covered in blast marks and pockmarked with weapon-fire damage. The captain of this vessel is looking for an escort for the vessel when it next departs, to contend with the raiders that had nearly eradicated the vessel during its previous outing. 5. GM's Choice (pick one of the above options), except the rumor is a lie. Players must make a successful Inquiry test to determine the rumor is false. Imperial Navy/Imperial Guard Leads- (Roll 1d10 instead of 1d5) 1. The station's defenders need more manpower after suppressing a recent riot in the Underdecks. The ship and crew can either attempt to neutralize the rebellious leaders of the insurrection, or they can resupply the station's defenders with recruits from one of the worlds within the Expanse. 2. An Imperial Navy Admiral is looking to privately contract a ship and crew to deliver a shipment of valuable supplies to a beleaguered warzone planet in the Expanse. He expects that the planet has been blockaded to some degree, and a vessel lacking markings of the Navy might be let in. 3. A planet within the Expanse is resisting Imperial rule. The ship and crew can either diffuse the situation or enforce Imperial Law. 4. A chaos warfleet of unknown size is on its way to eradicate the station. Every available ship with weapons is being called upon to protect the station. Failure to answer this call may result in the ship and crew being branded as renegades and deserters. 5. A xenos incursion has occured on a distant planet in the Expanse. The military lacks the resources to confirm the rumor. 6. Pirates are harassing pilgrims and traders that pass through the Battleground. The military is offering a reward for their disposal. 7. A warship has been made derelict in a recent attack. The navy has limited resources at the moment, and is offering a lucrative contract to escort a salvage vessel to retrieve it. 8. A high-ranking officer has been assassinated. An Imperial Inquisitor has begun to investigate, but the culprit escaped into the Expanse. The Inquisitor needs a ship to pursue the culprit, and will handsomely reward any who show dedication to the Throne by attempting this task. 9-10. GM's Choice, although the rumor is a lie. Any player must make a successful Inquiry test to determine it is false. Mechanicus Leads- 1. An Explorator vessel has gone missing while attempting to find a archeotechnological dig site. The Adeptus Mechanicus would likely handsomely reward anybody who could retrieve the vessel, or at least deliver news of its fate. 2. A Magos Biologis has developed a cure for a deadly disease sweeping a planet in the Expanse. He must be delivered to this planet with utmost haste, and is willing to pay to charter a vessel for this purpose. 3. Techpriests have discovered the location of a powerful Archeotech cache. All their other vessels are preoccupied at the moment, so they need a trustworthy Imperial agent to explore this find for them, or at least to deliver a Mechanicus research team. 4-5. GM's Choice, although the rumor is a lie. Any player must make a successful Inquiry test to determine it is false. Underworld Leads- (learned in taverns, the docks, the habs, etc) 1. A scavenger has found a technological marvel of a map that shows the location of something not yet identified. Surely it must be valuable. 2. A trader is paying substantially if someone is willing to undertake "illicit" tasks for him. 3. A psyker on the run from the Inquisition has made his/her home in the underdecks. If someone were able to apprehend this renegade heretic, there would surely be ample reward. 4-5. GM's Choice, although the rumor is a lie. Any player must make a successful Inquiry test to determine it is false. IF A RUMOR IS FALSE -- If a rumor is false, but the players believe it, let it naturally play out. Let them decide to find somebody important to talk to, or find the "quest-giver", and then have that contact deny the rumor. Go back to square one! Maybe after a few false rumors, locals get suspicious or take a disliking to the profit-seeking group. Ambushes and bar-room brawls could be a fun distraction... If they detect the false rumor, then let them start asking around for rumors again immediately, avoiding the unpleasant detour. CLOSING COMMENTS This is my first attempt at really playing a seat-of-my-pants, adlib-centric, sandbox-styled adventure. I could use some tips on the Endeavor system, as I am a bit reluctant to make a bunch of pass/fail restrictions. Any ideas?
  11. Nice job on the Bassie stats... Since a Rhino is classified as Rare, I'd go with Near-Unique for a Land Raider as well. I might even be tempted to add additional modifiers since they are even more rare outside the Astartes (only the Inquisition uses a handful if I recall). If the players were near a world where the astartes fight and die on frequently, that might be different (i'm sure resourceful scavengers might 'acquire' a land raider if they move fast after one is damaged/destroyed... but I wouldn't deliver it to the players in "like new" condition). Valkyries are what's giving me a real headache. There are no stats for it in the Apocrypha, so I'd have to come up with stats completely and I'm not that confident.
  12. Ok, I took your advice on converting the vehicles from the Apocrypha. I've done the chimera first, since it is the most straight-forward, but I still need your input to make sure I didn't fudge some of the stats too far in either direction: (Some of the stats didn't convert over, so I had to fudge them myself. Let me know if you think I'm too far off.) Chimera APC- Type: Ground Vehicle Tactical Speed: 12m Crusing Speed: 35kmph/55kmph Manoeuverability: 0 Size: Enormous Armour: Front 30, Hull 20, Rear 18 Crew: 1 Driver, 2 Gunners Carrying Capacity: 12 Soldiers with Gear Weapons: Turret-mounted Multilaser (Facing F/L/R/B, Range 250m, Heavy Class, -/-/10, 3d10+3 E, Pen 4, Clip 100, Reload 3 Full) Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter (Facing F, Range 120m, Heavy Class, -/-/10, 2d10 X, Pen 5, Clip 200, Reload 2 Full) Basic Weapon Ports, 3 Each Side (3 Facing L and 3 facing R, See Special Rules.) Special Rules: Amphibious- +5 benefit to skill tests made for manoevering in water Ground Vehicle- This vehicle follows all rules for ground vehicles. Basic Weapon Ports- Passengers riding aboard the Chimera may use one of the Basic Weapon ports in the passenger area to fire one Basic ranged weapon carried by the passenger. Note that passengers may make Full Attack Actions even if the vehicle has moved. Availability- Scarce What do you guys think? I'm still lost on Valkyries/Vendettas, as well as the larger ground vehicles such as the Leman Russ or the Basilisk/Medusa/etc due to the scale of such vehicles, so if anybody wants to contribute, feel free!
  13. I will be able to give better feedback once it is OpenOffice compatible... too poor for MSoffice Looks like you are really dedicated to making this an impressive game aid! Hats off to you, sir!
  14. Does those vehicles have the same rules/stats as the rules as introduced in "Into the Storm"?
  15. Hello all, maybe somebody around here with a better memory than I can point me in the right direction: I cannot remember where I read vehicle stats for vehicles common to the imperial guard, such as chimeras, valkyries/vendettas and so on. Could somebody point me in the right direction (which book I must have seen it in and a page number)? I would be indebted to such a kindness. At least, I THINK I read them somewhere. I am not finding them in the DW or RT core rulebooks, Into the Storm, or BFK books. Did ascension have vehicle stats in it? Or perhaps a pre-published adventure for one of these systems? Thanks a bundle! FP135
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