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  1. I've been wondering, if you have two basestars in play and a crisis card deploys a third... do you toss a temporary marker onto the board to represent it or is it not possible to have more than two in play at the same time? I'm playing without expansions if that makes a difference, thanks
  2. can boomer use her once per game ability to auto pass/fail a crisis card on a cylon super crisis? on the one hand it's a crisis so it should work but on the other hand it's not a normal crisis so maybe not... we decided it worked when it came up but I figure it'd be a good idea to know for sure next time around
  3. I just picked this game up and played my own copy for the first time after trying it out at a friends house when he was in town and after our first game a few situations came up that I didn't know how to deal with first off early on in the game the admiral had to deal with martial law and decided to become the president... the question was if he'd have to give up admiral to do so or if he could be both not wanting to bog down the game trying to figure it out for any longer we decided that it'd be passed to the next in line, since a decent answer now was better than a perfect answer the next day but for future reference I figured I'd ask secondly, one of the civilian ships was destroyed and when we flipped it to reveal what was lost there was no resource icon... do some civilian ships just have nothing in them? the third issue was how long william adama gets to hold on to the cards he gains with his once per game ability if he uses it on a crisis card. If I understand it right the crisis resolution is the final thing done in a turn, and each player has to discard back down to 10 at the end of each players turn. The question is if the discarding of the cards is just before the player turn switches or just after... would he get to use his ability to pick up all the cards then immediately have to discard back down to 10, or would he be able to use them over the next players turn before dropping them out? thanks all I appreciate any help I can get on all of this
  4. so what stops an AO-player from opening 1 gate, then surging every subsequent turn until the initial gate is closed? that would let them flood the board with monsters and raise the terror level fast, if the monsters run out the AO awakens, if the terror maxes out from outskirts monsters then the terror increases up the doom track instead initially the doom track would stay stagnant but after maybe the 3rd or 4th surge the terror will max out, meaning there's next to no allies left in play and additional surges are each worth multiple doom tokens... it takes a few turns to get caught up but once you are you can burn into the endgame and awaken the AO before you even get into double digit turns
  5. imo the person playing the AO should only be able to open a gate or cause a monster surge if the mythos card already has the gate location to cause these to occur... if they change the gate location then they shouldn't be able to cause a gate to open on someone or cause a surge
  6. err sorry yeah you do have to have the rewards card but it's free, they need your phone number and email to set you up... technically I don't think anything stops you from giving them false info just to use multiple coupons on multiple new accounts either, as long as they don't catch on I just went and picked up BSG for 26.21 with tax
  7. so I was looking around today and came across this coupon for Borders http://www.bordersmedia.com/coup/marwk4fri.html?cmpid=SA_20100326 it has quite a few exclusions but board games are conspicuously not on that list I know that I've seen the BSG board game there, as well as Starcraft... maybe a few others as well at 40% off list price, I think it's a pretty good deal if anyone's in the market for a new addition... especially considering that board games never really go on sale this might be a rare chance either way figured I'd pass word along
  8. lol it'd be a tough one to do so I wouldn't hold my breath... nintendo has the intel prop patent on what basically it comes down to sanity loss actually doing something in a video game you can look it up, they got that back in the game cube when they published eternal darkness... which was a great game loosely based on the mythos you can look at the patent at http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=6935954.PN.&OS=PN/6935954&RS=PN/6935954 you can read up a bit more on the game if you're not interested in running out to get it (and/or a gamecube/wii) here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Darkness:_Sanity's_Requiem oh and I'm with doctordr on this one, it's a nice hobby to get me away from the computer... plus it's like running a pen and paper rpg, but without having to frontload the work on making a character, learning a complex system and forcing one person to sit back and not play so they can run a game (usually me ) that being said it'd be handy so that I can play with some friends down in LA from time to time from here in the bay area
  9. omg my private message is broken! mageith, email me directly? @_@
  10. if you wanna order more than one deck for the cheap price, you can order them one at a time for 3 bucks just clear your cookies and make a new account for their site... you can even just make a ton of 1 time use emails since they only contact you with your paypal email or the email you provide with your credit card when you check out you could actually use this to order multiple decks with multiple accounts while still paying for them all from the same paypal or credit card, and have all the order confirmations sent to the same email but yeah... that's just me... I'm cheap
  11. I dunno if anyone has a use for these, but if anyone's interested you can make a custom deck of 54 playing cards for three bucks shipped at http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/playing-cards when you use the coupon code PLAY299CARDS on your first deck. You can select 1 layout for the back of all 54 and you can set up different layouts for the front of each card. The part that makes it relevant is that you can choose to print them without the numbers and suits, which would allow you to make 50+ cards to use as "custom cards" with Arkham. For example you could print these cards up with, say... Tibs characters plot cards... the only downside is that they're standard playing card size... or a heart or circle, but their sizes won't match up with the official arkham cards. Maybe not the most useful thing, but with 5 days left on the coupon code I'm sure at least someone will come up with something creative
  12. if you look at the icon for the otherworld it should look like a circle with a single line through it making it two half circles... after moving to the otherworld, you have an encounter on your otherworld encounter phase, next turn you move from the first half circle to the second and have another otherworld encounter. After that, on your following turn you move from the second half back to arkham, and can appear from any gate linked to the otherworld location you came from. if you're sucked into a gate because it opened on top of you, you are delayed so your would have your first encounter, your next movement is just used to stand up meaning you'd have a second encounter on turn two, your next turn you'd move to the second half and have a third encounter and your fourth you'd make it back to arkham
  13. after each mythos card is resolved, the first player icon moves to the left... think of it like poker, the big blind moves over on each new hand
  14. it'd matter in my games... my players like to play a cooperative game, but only if they can get competitive about it lol we keep a list in the box of "high scores"
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