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  1. Hey just found it! I don't no why couldn't find it last night. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/50579/complete-spoiler-list-so-far-base-full-corruption?
  2. I have been looking for quanity of each card cain the core set to set up a draft. I have more that one core set and may have given some cards away. I don't have a way to figure out how many of each card was in the core set. Thanks for the help.
  3. First win against the Genestealers! After several games I finally won my first. Solo game Teams: Purple, Yellow, and Grey. Destinations: Void Lock Teleportarium Wrath of Ball Chapel Launch Control Room (Activated the control Panel, added 1 support token to the room and rolled a 1 FTW!) I had some good draws of aliens and destinations, but I will take it!
  4. Every time! Card reads: "Each time Lexicanium Calistrius rolls a (skull) while attacking, he may immediately make 1 additional attack" So every time he makes an attack and rolls a (skull) he gets to attack again. It doesn't matter if it's his 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc..etc.. attack. Keep him suported.
  5. I am glad they are not rushing this out. I am willing to wait for the best product and experiance. Team Manager has potential for a great following. Here's to FFG getting it right.
  6. I have played three games now. All in a losing effort. But we learned from each one and just like other games the more we practice the better we will get. Tactics I thought would work in my first game is not the same tactics I used in my third becuase after experiancing GS moving and how hard in can be to activate and control pannel or a door. Looking forward to many more games. As a side note: My play group is trying to our options with little to no table talk.
  7. My wife gave Ingenious Callenges (IC) to me as a Christmas gift. We have played 2 player and 3 player of all the games. It's very balanced and fun to play. The rule book was tough to follow at first, but is understandable. There is 3 games in the box. Card game, dice game, and tile game. Play them single or all three. Good luck and have fun playing.
  8. myrm said: The rule is also in the Lord of the Rings game. It is supposed to help player interaction, independance and involvement by adding a level of doubt. By closing the hands the games is making a statement that there is supposed to be a level of hidden knowledge and uncertainty to deal with. So in summary closed hands are for a number of minor reasons a way of changing the game from being a solo game in this case played by multiple players to something with more interaction. I agree with the above statements. In my humble opion the best answer for the hidden action card is to inspire player interaction and communication. After playing other co op games where a player can take over and just tell everyone how play; the closed hand mechanic does not keep this from happening, but does help keep everyone involed in the decsion making. Great topic and veiw points!
  9. We had a great game today. 5 players: Gypsy, Gladiator, Valkri, Wizard, and Alchemist. It was a race at the end between 17 or 19 strength Gypsy, with no Talisman, and the Wizard. The Gypsy was had 4 different rolls to get to the Dungeon Lord and go straight to the Crown. (Even had the boots of speed) Couldn't do it. Wizard got to the crown through the inner region and randomaly drew the "Hand of Doom" and rolled a 5 killing the Gypsy. The gypsy almost lost her life to the hand while the others slowy converge toward the crown, but the lady luck was on her side after losing 4 turns and using fate to become the ruler of land. Nice day!
  10. I beleive you can only use a corridors once per turn.
  11. Also remember that you can only move twice one time from a corridor a turn. examples: Move ,Draw tile, Place corridor, move, draw tile, place other dungeon tile, do effects, end of turn. Move, Draw tile, place corridor,move, draw tile, place corridor, end turn
  12. I don't know if its a misprint, but I don't hear Krutzbeck complaining about it.
  13. pumpkin said: First game, character Lindel. Started off well enough, avoided a trap, found some corpses, but no real treasure, the problem seemed to be that my path was snaking up and down the board rather than towards the treasure chamber. A cave in slowed him down further, then a rotating room cut off his escape and led to a dead end. Luckily he found a secret door to continue his journey, and with about half the time gone and still a few squares from the treasure chamber, when he found an entrance to the catacombs. With a bit a loot and it being my first game, i thought it was time to get out and through the catacombs seemed like the quickest way out, due to the extra squares you can get on the random dice roll. I headed off into a clean area of the board and towards one of the exits. In the catacombs, found and killed a skeleton (first fight went ok, except when the skeleton landed a counter blow and every one of the five cards from the deck could be used, more shuffling needed, i think!) and got more loot, then found an exit close to a tower as the sun began to set. made, a sun setting roll and got to the final chamber before the tower, he was home and dry surely. Then a bladed trap came from no where and despite Lindel's re roll, killed him dead Good game though, good laugh! Great game! We have had so much fun playing this game. Also once you get quick at the set up of the game it can be played fairly quickly and be once of many games played at game night.
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