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  1. I was wondering if we could start a sticky to maintain user created material for AoR much like EotE has on its board. In any case, as a Starting point, I encourage anyone who has made a scenario to link it here. Thanks!
  2. So, a few declarations. 1. I am a new GM - I will make mistakes. If that bothers you, just hit the back button on your browser. 2. I will mainly keep to the published supplements for this campaign. If you have played through them all, you probably won't feel like anything is new. 3. There are a few new players in the group - power gaming will scare them off... so please don't. If the above seems agreeable, I am running a campaign that will be ~12 sessions. Hosted on Roll20 - voice over Skype. We start TONIGHT - 8PM eastern and will alternate weeks. Sorry for the short notice, but one of the crew jumped ship in the eleventh hour. Filling this spot on a first come first serve basis - so if you want to play, sign up quick. Link below. Link will be deleted as soon as one signs up. Edit: Spot filled.
  3. So, in a storm, my dog destroyed this book from my starter set. Dang it! Rather then spend $30 to replace it, is it available on PDF?
  4. Well, someone signed up from the site. Try again?
  5. Using Roll 20 as a means of keeping everything together. So, here is the join link: Also, I guess it should be noted that I am an "In Progress" GM - not new, but not experienced. I might make a few mistakes here and there, so if it bothers you, you can exercise your option to not join. :-) EDIT: Link removed. Table full.
  6. Having that itch to play again... It seems that Roll20 doesn't really have a lot of support for the game on their website, so I figured I would try here. Anyone want to join a bi-weekly Wednesday night game starting at 8 Eastern?
  7. A few more questions after tonights game. 1. I am looking at Gideon's ability. What is the timing for this? On Gideon's turn, he spends one of his actions to let another character interrupt a future Imperial Turn? He has been playing as he is interrupting a rebel turn to make another character go. IE: Probe droid activates. Before the action, Gideon activates and moves the target out of the way. 2. Deploying as the Imperial Player. I can deploy as many characters worth that I have threat, correct? IE: I can stock pile and then deploy one massive army in one swoop - as long as I have enough threat? Thanks.
  8. Also, how do the Rebels put Allies in play? Lets say they "unlock" Chewbacca. How do they get him to fight for them? I don't see anywhere in the rules that there is a way for the rebels to deploy additional figures.
  9. So, say I activate a unit of troopers, and they get defeated. Does the deployment card go back to my hand for me to redeploy?
  10. So, we just finished the introductory scenario. Can someone explain in detail how the next scenario is chosen? Do I just draw two from the deck and let them pick? Also, what happens if I have six figures on the board, but there are only 4 players? Do only four of my six get to activate? Please help, and thanks.
  11. So then... Is there a table for personal sales?
  12. Is there an option to sell gear back? If you want to ditch your old blaster for a new one, is there a means to do that?
  13. Added Lords of Winter to my collection. Still looking for help… Thanks in advance.
  14. So, I am looking to get more people on board and trying to start an AGOT league at my FLGS. I am looking to build two decks (Preferabally Lannister and Starke as they were the sleeves that I bought) for the purposes of demoing in the store. I scraped some funds together and came back with: 2x Core Sets 1x Kings of the Sea 1x Princes of the Sun 1x. Change of Seasons 1x Calling of the Banners 1x Epic Battles 1x Battle of Ruby Ford 1x War of the Five Kings So, I realize that this is pretty limited, but I wanted to have something more than just the decks out of the starter box. However, I am new to this, and I want two make sure I am building decks that can compete with one another on a casual playing field. Any help you guys can give me is much appreciated, and I look forward to your replies.
  15. So, I am currently trying to formulate one deck that can be played across the entire scenario existing story arc of the four quests thus far in the Hunt for Gollum. IE: THere will be no retuning of decks in between scenarios. Is there such a deck?
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