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  1. I just ordered the one from Feldherr... I’ll keep you all up-to-date...
  2. This week I finished Legolas: For more pictures:
  3. I went much better, I had just the bad luck that I got all the heavy monsters during the last quest. But it was a big improvement. Thanks for you advice
  4. Thank you very very very much. I’ll give it a try the next time!
  5. Yes I did and make another from these sets to try something else
  6. I’m struggling with the scenario The caves of nibin-dûm. I’ve done almost ten attempts without any success (solo play). Any advice? Thanks
  7. When not enjoying the adventures in Middle-Earth, I paint the miniatures. Normally I don’t paint miniatures from boardgames and I don’t like batch painting but for this game I made an exception. I started with the Goblin Scouts. Next one on the planning is Legolas. For more pictures: https://www.facebook.com/werner.kellens/posts/2665023296873280
  8. Great looking miniatures! Painting the eyes first can indeed help. I sometimes do first the base layer and wash on the face and then start the eyes. Maybe the admins can add a separate section for the painting. I started the goblins first because I had batch painting and after one batch a do a hero 😂👍
  9. I love it, just scheduled a recurring two week event with my local boardgame group
  10. Thanks I also just saw the video from Sorastro but I wondered if there was an official list!
  11. Is there a list of monster types, goblins, orcs,... with an image?
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