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  1. I found the free Legend on the website and was able to download the PDF w/o any issues. This might be a dumb question but are you left clicking it or doing a right click and save as to stash the PDF on your drive? You might try the save as and then try opening it if you've not done that already.
  2. Well…when I play with my kids I don't move the Legend/story tracker on a bad guy kill. You know so it's easier…"for the kids". That said, it does seem to boil down to how fast you kill, what you kill when, and knowing when to skip killing all together. I'm still getting the hang of it with all the rules in play. I've tried the first scenario a few times, and I seem to do better when I calculate ahead where critters will be (allowing for some to be in the castle, etc)…but the wins have come right down to the wire and feel mostly lucky rather than anything done on my part.
  3. So I found a pretty cool hex map generator at: http://www.inkwellideas.com/roleplaying_tools/hexographer/index.shtml It kicks out a generic deal, but you can edit it appropriately. Now, it looks kinda basic'ish, but don't let that put you off--you can create your own hexes, etc. Within 5 minutes I was able to create a Battlelore template (with better looking grass) and the red dashed lines. I tried putting a screenshot in here, but meh, it wasn't cooperating so I'll have to try photobucket, etc. later. But that's besides the point, I was just going nuts trying to find a way to create maps easily--this fills the bill. Hopefully this helps someone else!
  4. I have a question that may not fit into this post, but then again it might...and it's possible to be too soon to even know this. But at any rate, here goes. With the announcement of the new core set (with new minis, etc, which means yes I'll grab it!) I noticed they were advertising the "Dust Tactics Unit Card Upgrade Pack" for upgraded unit cards. Does anyone know if that pack is "only" for points value and (maybe) putting a "C" on Knives and Grenades? Or will this have other stats updated on these units. I wouldn't mind buying the card pack (probably will), but if it only has one card per unit type I'm in a bind as I purchased multiple copies of some units to have larger standing forces. I hadn't even though of putting stickers on the cards (thank you guys for that!!!), but if it's "just" points it's even less of a deal for me.
  5. Well, I finally got my repurposed 100 Year War...now I have everything Battlelore. Now the hard part is wedging those last little guys into my box of plastic Battlelore goodness...and that's a problem I'm okay with having!
  6. Ah yes, well, I see paintbrushes in your pictures on BGG...that would require some degree of skill+hard work. Hard work I can do...any amount of this type of skill? Not so much. My ability with a brush, pencil, marker, and/or crayon is barely functional at best. I've tried to paint miniatures before...not pretty. My guys end up looking like burn victim's or contestants on "Who wants to replace Ronald McDonald!". No, I will leave this type of endevor to those who can pull it off. Besides, I'd be afraid to play with it after making it look so awesome!
  7. I ended up using Elmer's glue as I was just too afraid of glueing the stickers/banner posts to myself. I liked the glue stick idea and was rumaging around for one in our kids stuff when my wife informed me we have none, but we did have Elmer's glue. On a (weird) sidenote. It was ONLY the Bearded Brave and ONLY one side of all the banner post thingies. So...I'm not sure if something got on there from the factory or not, I've never seen that with my other BL stuff. Needless to say I'm a happy camper now though.
  8. Uh...wow. W...o...w.... I can't even begin to imagine the work that went into this, that is beyond words. I wish I had a tenth of the talent it takes to do that! They should hire you to do the Battlelore Collector's Edition! My hat sir, is off to you.
  9. Definitely check your local game stores. Back in August I was looking for this game, but hesitant as I didn't want to get involved with game that at the time the base set was pricey (for what I could find) and I wasn't sure I'd get the expansions due to availability. I checked my hobby store (in Idaho of all places) and lo and behold they had a copy of the core/box set. To my surprise and delight they had both the Dragon's and Creatures expansion sets next to. The reason for my delight? Wait...let me duck behind cover in case someone throws something at me.... The store owner said he couldn't move that product and wanted to clear itI got both the core set AND both of those expansions for $74.99...no joke. Needless to say I was quite pleased with myself!!! I've since tracked down a copy of all the expansions with the exception of the 100 year war. And I only missed that one due to my stupidity...I thought for some reason it was a Westeross expansion pack for some reason and didn't snag the last copy listed off Amazon. <SIGH> Oh well, I'll have to be astute and watch for the reprint that hopefully Fantasy Flight will put out.
  10. I may try the glue stick first. I've been holding off due to being really REALLY busy...and leery of glueing the stickers to myself. I may end up doing like one of each, but at least I have a good starting spotthanks everyone!
  11. I'll try the crazy glue suggestioncan't hurt at this point. It should be noted that this is only with the Bearded Brave packnone of the other ones have much of an issue with the exception of the corners coming up once in a while. I am lucky enough to have all the Battlelore products except the 100 Year War (here's hoping they reprint that one!), this is only with the Bearded Brave. The Bearded Brave pack actually has the stickers come completely off when I store them. It's really odd, I'll try the washing first then crazy glue these back on. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone!
  12. Quick question for you guys. I recently picked up Bearded Brave (yay!) but to my dismay I noticed that the the stickers don't stay stuck on the little plastic flags. My question is this, what do you guys do in this case? Is there a certain glue that works good to keep these on? I'd hit up customer service, but if there's a fix I can do to correct this, I'd rather just do it. Definitley not knocking FF customer service, they ROCK (imho). I've only had to contact them like 2 times (once for Runewars that out of the box had damaged mountains, once for MEQ funky miniatures), both times they were fast and awesome to deal with. For something like this though I'd rather just glue it, but I thought I'd see if you guys had a preferred glue that isn't too messy with the stickers. Thanks in advance for any insight!
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