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  1. Nice pack. Bad packaging. As we did not have enough plastic to throw away. I liked the old boxes....
  2. I have not posted in a long time, but I just have to. I am not used to loosing again and again....but this quest seems too hard for me. I don´t play as much as I used to, maybe that´s the problem. I made 5 different decks so far and have not won in 12 games. It don´t seem to get the right mix of hereos. Brutal. If I manage to get to stage 2B, I have nothing to fight with against most of the time 2 enemies. And then I get to 3B and here comes the Chief. And what the hell is up with surge in this quest. One time I surged 4 cards. I hobe I win soon so I can get to The Three Trials.
  3. Nobody saw that coming......... same happened to Khazad Dum and the Sagas weren´t on time also. Just get used to it. At least it leaves some time between releases to play with your cards.
  4. I have cards from two core sets to give away. - The encounter decks from 2 core sets. - Heroes from one core set. - All the cards that are only once in the core set are missing. - It lacks some cards that are twice in the core set. - No Gandalfs. - Tokens and threat counter of one core set are there. (still in the original cut sheet) All comes in one core box or without it. For the shipping costs I will send it anywhere. I am from Austria.
  5. It makes fine sense. The action isn´t a travel action, which means you can travel to it outside that phase. If you want to have an active location at the start of the game you can use the West Gate action to make it active. Would also work if you place enough tokens on the active location with something like Legolas and wanted a new active location for your Blades of Gondolin to target. Only if the blades are on a different Hero and that Hero also kills an enemy.
  6. It seems he is using the new Pippin from the Saga Expansion. Do you find Master of Lore of any use with its high cost and the errata??
  7. Oh, I love the art again. Especially the now hidden Elf. But also the two event cards, and especially the Legacy, beautiful.Saruman is tricky, great design. Word of Command does seem to combo very well with him - though it must be kept reserved for Gandalf, haha. Just so much to talk about, very intriguing mechanics. Threat reduction has just been given new dimension. Elrond's Counsel works wonders in solo with the new Doomed cards. The Galadhrim's, on the other hand, in 3 or 4 players. And yeah, I believe we must be getting more Elves in this cycle. It is just about time. Lothlórien is close, and so is Eregion. You keep Sneak attack and W of command for both now. Cool! Now you can have 6 wizards in your deck which is very powerful. Make that nine wizards. Don´t forget poor old Radagast.
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