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  1. but isnt in this way impossibile to prevent such actions for the heroes?
  2. i dont own IA, so i didnt play so ofthen like i do with Descent, so if somethings obvious please excuse me in advance. I know that in IA all events and stuff are secret for anybody but the Imperial Players, but when there are optional objective that are in the "reward" session, is still a secrets? Actual situation: we have played and win a mission on Hoth. We had toi defend terminals from beign destroyed for 8 turns. There was also like 4/5 doors that the IP had to broken in order to come closer to the terminals. At the end of the mission if the IP had destroyed ALL the doors on the map he will get (despite winning or loosing) an additional 2 influence as reward. now is this suppose to be a secret information? i mean is not an event(according on what is an event on the rulebook) is an optional objective for the IP. An objective that we should try to prevent it from beign completed if we were aware of it
  3. i noticed now, but can monster voluntary suffer fatigue? the rule just says "in case" they will suffer damage instead, but it dosent talk about voluntary getting fatigue. can you help me about this (we are NOW playng and the OL is getting restless about it XD )
  4. thanks dude i'm gonna check right now! ok i get that, but where is written? i could i miss such an important rule? (shame on me)
  5. ah ok so you were talking about two different subject. Heroes considered as monsters and monsters right? S
  6. wooo wooo! stop right there! Monster can do what? where is state that monsters can suffer damage to get extra movment=? thats totally new to me!
  7. I remember a line in the manual that says the Overlord can never force the Heroes to use their fatigue, even through effect like Dark Charm...but we cant find that rules again so maybe we are thinking about Descent 1... the issue comes out yesterday night when the OL plays the necromancer card :Treacherous Shadows. the text is the follow ""Play this card at the start of your turn. Each hero tests [WILLPOWER] . For each hero who fails, you may perform an attack with that hero as if he were one of your monsters. You can force him to attack himself."" our Skirmisher failed the test, and one of his weapon state: "After you roll attack dice, you may suffer 1 [Fatigue] to reroll 1 power die." So the OL want to use that perk to make a reroll.....can he or cannot? Heroes that failed are treaten as monsters, and monsters do not have Fatigue....but the OL uses a card that does not state the opposite (instead Dark Charms state it clearly enogh!) how does it work?
  8. I've buyied some of the heroes and monster collection pack. oath of the outcast, Crusade of the forgotten etc etc.. At first i though it only will be like reworked miniatures , like the Razor wings that now -THANK GOD- fit in their ONE square space! But i've noticed that heroes and monsters are abit -sometimes a lot- different from their "Conversion Kit" version. how it is work? Are like 2 different version you can choose before beginning a quest? are they update version that you are suppose to use to replace the old one? Making pointless the purchase of the "Conversion kit" ? - i mean, sure you can ignore the new expansion, but who really do that with a game like Descent? -SORRY- nevermind, i just noticed a paper inside the box that syas i'm suppose to Replace the old one with the new one.
  9. Sorry for bumping up the topic again. But what if a large monster get interrupted by an effect and he cannot be placed? He has to be interrupted before, after? he get placed in the fist avaible area?
  10. We have started for the first time our first mini champain - Manor of Raven. And Just to be clear and making long story short: -Dont the Heroes get money at the end of every mission except for the exploration cards? -There IS or there's NOT a market phase at the end of each mission? We read "additional reward" but still it looks really little to us, so we though we misunderstood something
  11. As we all know, when performing a move actions, a giant monster "shrink" to be considered a 1square figure and when he stop he'll expand again in a space ORIENTED as the OV prefers. Thats means a 4 square monster with movement 3 can actually end his movement 4 square away from his starting point, cause of this "orientation" manuver. But how many times he can do that each turn? Assuming he'll always get enough space to "expand" on the map, can he move 1 square, interrupt his move, expand and than start again multiple times? Taking the same exaple above, in this scenario the monster can actually move 6 space from his original square - way too much space imho- And when he interrupt/be interrupted during the Movement? Every time he stops he actually gain 1 extra space?
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